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Incarnation! The Evolution of Souls

Updated on August 14, 2015

A friend once expressed to me that she believed when she returned home to the other side that she would become this all-knowing spiritual being. My response was, “Wrong…you are still the same YOU on the other side…warts and all…so to speak. If you were an all-knowing soul, what would be the point of incarnating? You would be running the show.”

Souls have been incarnating since the dawn of time. Previous spans of humankind have existed, which are unknown to the majority of today’s population. New souls come in as the world’s population grows, however, younger souls are not incarnating as much at the present time. Older souls are coming in to try and bring about a higher consciousness, and instill a common respect for each other as well as our planet.

That being said; if you are here now, you are a brave soul, and it is likely that you are an enlightened soul, so please respect the knowledge and experience you have worked hard to achieve by presenting yourself in a beautiful manner to the world.

Before reading this hub, it is recommended that you read my hubs on Understanding your Spiritual Self and Karma and your Spiritual Self.

Laws and Elements

There are Universal Laws each soul must abide by, which effect and govern every aspect of a soul’s existence - inside and outside the realm of humankind. The more a soul grows, the more laws he/she is expected to respect and follow, just like humans. We do not place the same expectations on an infant or toddler that we do a ten year old, nor do we expect the same responsibility from a ten year old that we do an adult. Neither does the Universe.

With growth comes the honor of learning new Universal Laws. A young soul will typically only have one law applied per incarnation, with the amount of laws increasing (per incarnation) as that soul grows in Universal Value.

Souls want Universal Laws applied to them because it is a sign of personal achievement (souls never compete against one another). Every time a new law is applied to a soul, that soul is presented with the opportunity to master that law in their next incarnation. And if the soul fails the task, those teachings will repeat in following incarnations until the law becomes an innate aspect of that soul.

Elements of Incarnation

There are seven Elements of Incarnation that track and record a soul’s life span. These elements comprise the core of your Spiritual Self, and are associated with your seven major spiritual centers - or chakras as they are commonly known.

Your life is recorded through the Elements of Incarnation, and while your Base Chakra holds who you are at the time of your birth, you Crown Chakra holds your expectations for that life (who you hope to be when it ends).

And in between the other chakras hold the lessons and experiences necessary to advance you spiritually; with the Heart Chakra acting as the bridge that allows your achievements to travel to the crown chakra, instantly rewarding your Spiritual Self by enhancing your Intuitive Voice with new knowledge as you journey through your incarnation.

Base/Root (grounding) – Your spiritual truth (all aspects of you at the time of incarnation): How did you handle what the Polarity of Life presented you with? Did you protect your core or did you show weakness?

Sacral (desire/pleasure) – Impulse Control: Did you resist temptation? Did you allow your Intuitive Voice to lead you away from distraction, allowing you to make the right choices and discover your Life Mission?

Solar Plexus (emotion) – Intellectual Fortitude: Did you remain true to your Spiritual Self? Did your mind stay strong, and not bend to the words of others who might want to darken your light?

Heart (love) – Your Spiritual growth (the bridge of spiritual communication between your base and crown chakras): How did you give of yourself to help others? How did you love humankind? Acts based on love are the guiding force for spiritual advancement.

Throat (communication) – Faith: Did you respect your Spiritual Self and allow your Intuitive Voice to guide you? Did your thoughts, words and actions inspire others and lift them up?

Third Eye (intuition) – Life Mission: Did you stay true to the teachings you were mentored about before incarnation? Were you successful at achieving your Life Mission?

Crown (Connection to the Divine/Karma) – Your spiritual achievements (based on meeting your goals during incarnation): Did you protect your core and respect your Spiritual Self? Did you triumph over adversity and distraction?

Understanding your Value in the Universe

The more Universal Value (energy) a soul acquires, the brighter and higher his/her vibrational frequency, which effects that soul’s ability to help others. Within the realm of humankind it can best be compared to human insight and compassion: key elements in living a joyful and benevolent life.

Some humans find it easier to tap into their insight and compassion than others, allowing them to better comprehend the importance of giving to others. Their insight helps them contemplate the spiritual implications of their actions, and avoid pitfalls that might incur Negative Karma and Karmic Ripples. (See my hub on Karma and your Spiritual Self.)

Since your Value in the Universe is a reward for lessons learned in previous lifetimes, it is earned knowledge that you bring with you when you incarnate. This knowledge is stored in your base chakra (who you are at birth) and fed to your core to serve as a guiding force in the form of your Intuitive Voice. (See my hub on Understanding your Spiritual Self.)

As you journey through your incarnation, learning new lessons and interacting with the world around you, your value (energy) modifies and redefines itself. When you return home your value has hopefully increased.

Why Souls Share their Universal Value

Souls exchange Universal Value on the other side much like the human race exchanges money, however, it is an exchange of energy in the form of knowledge and experience rather than bills and coins. The process is better equated to tipping rather than paying for services, because sharing value is a way of helping or showing respect and appreciation. Unlike money, you cannot purchase someone’s value, and no soul expects to be “paid” for doing favors for other souls. If a soul chooses to share Universal Value, he/she simply offers it and the value is immediately transferred to the other soul.

The most common reason for sharing Universal Value is to help another soul who is about to incarnate. The soul may be trying to advance by taking on a more challenging Life Mission, but lacking experience or value with an Element of Incarnation.

Example: A soul has sound experience and confidence in dealing with six of the seven Elements of Incarnation, but is lacking experience in Impulse Control (Sacral Chakra), which will be a necessary factor in achieving his/her Life Mission. Another soul, who has successful experience with impulse control, can offer his/her value in that area to help the incarnating soul achieve mission success.

Sharing your value is always rewarded with increased value from the Universe, however, this is not why souls share their value. A soul can ask for their value back after their friend returns home, but no one does this. Giving or sharing your Universal Value is a wonderful expression of love, and souls never want to reclaim an expression of love.

Choosing Life Missions before you Incarnate

A soul will choose a Life Mission for a multitude of reasons. However, most important is that soul’s ability to achieve mission success and return home successful. There is no ego involved in choosing a Life Mission, only an earnest desire to experience, learn, and grow.

Once a soul decides on a mission, he/she usually chooses a friend to serve as Spirit Guide for the incarnation. Spirit Guides watch over souls during incarnations to help them avoid danger and pitfalls that might otherwise prevent them from achieving their Life Mission.

It is common for a soul to seek out a Mentor for an incarnation; someone to counsel the soul and map out his/her incarnation to help the soul achieve mission success.

If you have earned the achievement of learning a new Universal Law during an incarnation, you will be counseled on that law before you incarnate. The Polarity of Life will ensure that you are allowed to experience the comprising elements of that law so that you can learn and grow in spiritual knowledge.

The more you experience, the more your intuitive wisdom evolves, allowing you to take on more complex and far reaching missions. So if you are living a complicated life with big responsibility wherein others are depending on you, consider yourself an experienced soul; one who felt confident of handling the life challenges you now find yourself engaged in. Do not lose faith in yourself; if you stay connected to your Spiritual Self and allow your Intuitive Voice to guide you, you will be successful.

New souls have little intuitiveness to guide them. They do not have the navigational system that incarnates with a soul who has accumulated Universal Value over the course of many lifetimes.

A soul’s first life is usually a kind and peaceful life in which they are given all that they need to navigate through a non-challenging experience. Unfortunately, the free will of man can turn an early incarnation into a tragic event; and if too painful, a young soul might choose not to incarnate again.

Guides and Mentors

Souls who choose not to incarnate often become dedicated Spirit Guides. A dedicated Spirit Guide will serve many souls over the course of his/her evolution. These guides care deeply about those incarnating souls placed in their care. Souls often use the same Spirit Guide for multiple incarnations.

While new souls are assigned a Spirit Guide, advancing souls are allowed to choose a friend or request someone to serve as their Spirit Guide during an incarnation.

If mentorship is needed, a soul can approach a Mentor for guidance. A Mentor is a soul who also chooses not to incarnate. Mentors watch over a soul’s incarnation much like a Spirit Guide. However, Mentors operate more as a spiritual advisor and focus on the soul’s Life Mission.

Mentors are chosen to assist with incarnations based on their area of expertise. These are highly skilled and respected souls on the other side. Having a Mentor assist with an incarnation is an honor.

Advanced Souls have advanced Spirit Guides. Just as souls grow in experience so do guides, and as Advanced Souls choose to incarnate for complex missions with far reaching implications for humankind, an advanced guide is necessary to lead them through the complex and often painful elements of such an incarnation.

While a new soul will have a Spirit Guide watching over him/her during an incarnation, an Advanced Soul will often have a team; a Spirit Guide and Mentor, as well as other souls who hold specialized areas of expertise that the Advanced Soul may need for perseverance or even recovery from setbacks. All of these intelligent, loving, and experienced souls stand by, watching closely - dedicated to presenting the Advanced Soul with all the tools needed to achieve the mission at hand.

Advanced Souls and their Life Missions

The more experienced a soul, the more that soul is able to see beyond the ego-centric value system humans place on one another. Advanced Souls possess the ability to cut through the clutter of distracting chatter that diminishes us and placates our insecurities, keeping us from realizing our true potential.

Advanced Souls often incarnate for the good of humankind, and are willing to take on complex missions with far reaching impact. They are willing to endure hardships that most of us would pity them for.

Advanced Souls will even ask other souls to incarnate with them and impact them negatively to ensure they experience the hardships necessary for their incarnation to be successful.

Example: An Advanced Soul may want to change the way a human atrocity is playing out among mankind. That soul will incarnate with the intent of experiencing the same suffrage he/she opposes in order to achieve the validation necessary to rise up to change the manners of the world.

Supporting souls will only agree to incarnate with abusive intent as a way to contribute to a mission they believe in, but lack the courage or Universal Value to try on their own.

Souls who carry Karmic Debt will agree to incarnate with abusive intent as a way of relieving their debt. However, these souls incarnate knowing that they will be repeating the same pattern that they are carrying debt for. And although these souls have immunity from Negative Karma associated with their betrayal to the Advanced Soul, they can increase their Karmic Debt by repeating that behavior on others (which is highly likely).

It is a special soul, who happens to be struggling with an Element of Incarnation that agrees to do this because they are agreeing to an incarnation that can set them back in their own spiritual evolution…what a brave and loving soul.

Souls incarnating to instill negative impact often incarnate as family members or some other anchoring capacity in the Advanced Soul’s life, allowing them access to the Advanced Soul so that they can achieve their mission.

This is one of the main reasons for family strife. It is also why it is so important to forgive those who transgress against you, and consider them teachers in your life. That said; it is important that you exit any toxic or abusive relationship. A guiding rule should be: once you achieve the insight to recognize that a relationship or situation is abusive, the lesson has been learned and it is time to thank the Polarity of Life and move on by cleansing your core and embracing your Spiritual Self. (See my hub on Cleansing your Core.)


Do not assume that every cruel person in your life was chosen by you to abuse you. It is far less likely that this is the case. However, always remember that your Spiritual Self will emerge stronger and wiser after exiting a painful situation, as long as you do not allow the experience to damage your core. So always be grateful for the experience and opportunity to grow spiritually.

Returning Home

Everything that you do and experience from the moment of your creation is recorded in the Hall of Records. It is where you review your life to rejoice in your triumph, as well as learn from your mistakes after each incarnation. Life reviews are held in the Hall of Records so that you can look back on other lifetimes. This is especially helpful if you are developing a pattern that is holding you back or incurring Karmic Debt.

Once you return home, you review your entire incarnation, where you experience the impact and ripple effect of your words and actions.

It is where you are blessed with experiencing the impact your love and joy brought to others, and the Karmic Ripples your energy inspired.

If your incarnation is considered successful, your Universal Value is increased immediately. You leave the Hall of Records with it. The Universe instantaneously nourishes a soul with the deserved value. This is a process of rejoice and recognition, rather than a ceremonial tribute where a status label is assigned to someone. Labels do not exist on the other side, only admiration and respect.

Just as the Universe rewards goodness, it will diminish your Universal Value for bad behavior and poor choices. No soul gets away with anything. Universal justice always prevails, so if you caused pain to others, you will experience the exact pain you inflicted.

If your words and actions harm others and damage their core, causing them to work harder to achieve their own spiritual goals, you will return home carrying Karmic Debt. And you will be tasked with making amends in your next incarnation.

A man who battered his wife once spoke of a NDE wherein he experienced every second of pain and humiliation he inflicted on his wife. Every slap, shove, and unkind word was relived with him as the one being battered. This is what those who misbehave can expect during their life review.

If a pattern repeats itself over several incarnations and you seem “stuck”, you can request re-education, which shows an earnest desire to improve. If you are granted the privilege of re-education (not everyone is) you will be re-taught the spiritual lessons that eluded you in prior incarnations.

Re-education is only the first step in making amends. You must correct those ripple effect(s) that resulted from your actions. You will be presented with challenging circumstances in your next incarnation that will help you achieve this. (Another example of how life happens for you, not to you.)

Once you complete this journey of reformation, your Karmic Debt is forgiven and you are freed. Your heart is lighter and you can move forward with your own spiritual growth and evolution.

Closing Thoughts

Many of us are experienced souls who have obtained the insight and spiritual growth necessary to navigate the complexities of life with minimal faltering. However, if you stumble, what matters most is that you recover, embrace the lesson and move on.

Do not worry if your past holds memories of poor choices and disrespect towards your Spiritual Self or others. What matters most is that you start listening to your Intuitive Voice and allowing it to guide you. Remember that it is the voice of your earned wisdom intended to be a guiding force, so let it do its job. The Polarity of Life will provide you with ample opportunity to right every wrong in life so you can return home successful and move forward with your spiritual evolution.


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    • kredmond123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Redmond 

      4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you for your kind response.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      4 years ago

      Very interesting spiritual thoughts, how wonderful if these insights are part of our journey to higher planes. Thank you for sharing.


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