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Inclusive or Exclusive: Why Paradise Would Be Ruined

Updated on January 29, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

There has been a trend of late

In today’s ultra modern world, a trend has risen over the years that has altered the way many in western society think. It has started slowly, deceptively but now the rush to be inclusive has taken over many institutions, including education.

There seems to be a need to make sure every one has their rights and are allowed to live their life they way they see fit regardless of how the majority in society feel. This inclusion attitude has also entered the church and there have been some denominations bending over backwards to accommodate those who do not want to follow the rules.

Paradise at risk

This idea that everyone, including the church, must be inclusive has some ill side effects. Most people love the sound of the word paradise. This term sparks images in one’s mind of a peaceful place where there is no sin, no crime, no hatred and everyone gets along.

Paradise is defined in Miriam-Webster’s dictionary as “state of bliss, felicity, or delight” or heaven. God defines paradise as a place where there are no tears, sorrow, mourning, death and as a place where evil people will not be allowed to enter.

Yet there are those people who would want to see the inclusive trend to be added to paradise. If they could be successful, then we would see paradise’s dynamics changed to include those who feel they have the right to live as they please and be allowed to enter this pristine region.

Paradise would not be paradise anymore

As described above, paradise is a place where people go as a reward for their righteous living, their obedience to the rules, and where they can find rest from the sinful behaviors that take place in the world throughout history.

If the inclusive trend were allowed to alter the entrance rules into paradise,how much of a paradise would it be? By allowing sinful people into paradise, paradise would not be a place of bliss but just another extension of life on earth.

There would be sin, crime, disobedience corrupting paradise and making it a punishment and not a reward.

Rights not right & wrong

At least that is what it seems. There are those organizations and individuals who think people have the right to practice their preferences without discipline, punishment or correction.

These supporters of rights think that less than 4% of the population gets to have their rights over 96% of the population. But all rights do is remove right and wrong from society. Advocating for the rights of the minute minority only opens a door that is difficult to close.

Drawing the line would offend many and be hypocritical. These new boundaries would also not be fair to the majority who have lived their lives correctly and have obeyed the laws.

The last group would also be quite upset that they would have to share paradise with the same people who have ruined life on this planet. But to the inclusive supporters, that is okay because we cannot hurt the feelings of those who refused to follow the rules.

If the the inclusive supporters could change the entry rules into paradise, then paradise would cease to exist and everyone would simply get more of the same.

Right and wrong matter

Unfortunately for those who dislike the idea that there is a right and wrong standard, that there is a good and evil standard and that there is a moral and immoral standard, right and wrong not rights matter.

Without right and wrong, we cannot determine who is living correctly and who is not. We cannot make corrections to the lives of children and teach them how to live in society properly. We could also not block anyone from entering paradise.

Those that live correctly and obey the rules, would end up having meaningless lives for anyone could enter the land of bliss. Nothing in life would matter for paradise is available to all.

That is not right and it is not paradise. Those who live correctly receive no reward and those who do not receive no punishment.

There is some good news

Paradise is not run or owned by those who support inclusiveness. God owns it and he makes the rules on who gets inside. He also is not influenced by the ever changing attitude of mankind or the laws they construct to make sure those who do not want to follow the rules are included in earthly institutions.

If you want to know who enters God’s paradise and what it will truly be like, you can read the passages in 1 Corinthians 6 and Revelation 21. Those rule shave not changed since the beginning of time.

Eden is described as a paradise, yet when both Adam and Eve sinned, they were evicted from their land of bliss. Do not expect to enter God’s paradise if you are not truly following his rules of salvation or those that govern the believing life.

Governments, churches, legal organizations, and so on, cannot change God’s rules and let people into paradise who do not meet God’s standards. God’s paradise, God’s rules.

Oh, God is inclusive and will let everyone into his paradise. BUT first those wanting to enter the land of bliss must shed themselves of their sins. Sin is not welcome into paradise or it would be as corrupt as Earth is right now.

Paradise cannot exist if corruption is allowed to enter in.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      2 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for your comment. I hope you continue to enjoy the articles I put up and spread the word to others to read them.

    • Jack Jenn profile image

      Jack Jenn 

      2 years ago from Nelson Bay NSW Australia.

      Hi David,

      Another good article and one thing we can all rest assured in - when Jesus opens His book of life there won't be anyone there who doesn't deserve to be there.

      So many these days following the 'anything and everything goes' rule and will only get worse as the day approaches.

      My best regards David,



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