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Index of the Others 1

Updated on April 5, 2012
A real faerie photograph, top left corner.
A real faerie photograph, top left corner. | Source

A Medium's Passage 3

This is a continuation of a series of articles about my discoveries as a medium. “Other” is a term I use for any incorporeal being that I encounter or communicate with from another dimension.

Before I describe these beings, I should explain my perception of other dimensions. I sense each place, dimension, as its own vibration or resonance. For example, when I wish to communicate with my spirit guides, I reach out with my senses to the imagery I have created for the place they dwell. It’s like I have a large dial and I can change “channels” to those other dimensions by the way they feel to me, a click. Each dimension has its own feel, taste, or impression. Some of these places feel closer to here than others. Certain dimensions are home to many beings. Sometimes I sense singular beings than don’t seem to be in a dimensional home. Perhaps my antenna hasn’t reached that whole channel yet.

Index of the Others Part 1 of 2


Definition: A class of spiritual beings that are generally accepted as helpers to humanity. In theology, the celestial beings are classified into orders and ultimately work for God, or the greater good.

My Impressions: Angels exist. They do help people. I believe there is a hierarchy, though I am uncertain as to the correct sorting arrangement. Some act as spirit guides. Many can be called upon in times of need. They have distinct personalities, names, and quests or jobs. Some of the higher angels feel very powerful, like their spirit energy is compressed and there is a sensation of pressure to be near them.

DEMONS (Daemons)

Definition: A demon is a supernatural being that is malevolent, causing harm and destruction whenever it can.

My Impressions:

I have encountered malevolent beings. I tend to steer away from the terms demon and fallen angel. Primarily due to the connotations associated with these terms and my belief that some of it is inaccurate. I currently use these terms for evil or dangerous beings:

Demon, I use this term is for a truly evil incorporeal being; one that feels very dark, very old, and is involved in a grand plan of long-term destruction. A similar compressed feeling to an Angel is present only it’s very yucky. In my family many of us have been visited by an evil being that we called “the bad man”, he is a demon.

Imps, which are often defined as lesser demons, enjoy causing harm and destruction and often travel in pairs or small packs. They seem to cluster around certain people and often work in collusion with those people. I sense them to be about the same size and shape as humans, though dark energy emanates from them. They also work with demons.

Gremlins, I find to be short, squat, unattractive creatures, sometimes hairy, sometimes shiny, or sometime with wings. Again, they enjoy causing harm and often travel in pairs or packs. I haven’t met any who work with humans, but they sometimes work with imps or demons.


Definition: The incorporeal form of a person or animal that has passed on from this material manifestation to another place.

My Impressions: I have certainly met my own relatives that are deceased. I have seen the ghosts of deceased pets, including a horse. Certain ghosts even have scents or other signifiers, such as my grandfather and his cigars. They often visit and will usually come when I call upon them for help. I nearly always have a houseful from about October 23rd through November 2nd each year. I find these spirits to be gentle and helpful. For me, they are one of the easiest groups of Others to communicate. Many of them work as spirit guides.


Definition: The incorporeal form of a person or animal that has passed on from this material manifestation to another place; a ghost.

My Impressions: I use this term to describe a ghost-like being that has difficulty communicating and feels upset or unsettled. This is what I sense in a haunting. Phantoms frequently need help to “crossover” and may not be fully aware of their condition, being deceased. Often, I sense imps or gremlins affecting the Phantom, causing additional anxiety and discomfort to every being that is near, because it’s fun.

Sometimes, I sense phantom energy or a residual entity that is not fully formed. In these situations, a cleansing is all that is needed. When a violent episode has occurred, it can feel like the work of a demon in which case a group cleansing or repeated cleansing rituals may be necessary.


Definition: A ganglion-type creature that dwell in the closest dimension to us.

My Impressions: I have seen these Spiders as small as an earthly tarantula and as large as a two-story house. Some look like a big hairy spider and some look more alien-esque. I believe these creatures are the primary cause of ubiquitous arachnophobia. I have heard many stories from people I know that have been on the edge of sleep and thought they saw or were dreaming about giant spiders!

They are so sweet! They consume excess energy, good, bad, doesn’t really matter. They travel in packs of various sizes. They are easy to communicate with and as a group and can be asked to assist with clearing away bad energy. If you walk into a house that has a general feeling of gloom and doom, it is very likely it is overrun with Spirit Spiders trying to do their job.

Most of the spiders I have encountered have been good but there are some bad ones too. There are individual evil Spiders that travel amidst a pack of good ones and causes energetic damage when it can.

NOTE: Regarding Angels, Demons, Faeries (Faeries I next article)

I believe there is an overlap. I have discovered that the actions and impressions of certain beings have been misclassified. All of the beings I sense are complete individuals; as such they are subject to the same variety of weaknesses and strengths that humans are. I can sense Angel-Class beings and Higher Fae when they become angry or upset. I also sense the growth that occurs while passing through a difficult lesson and it happens very quickly. Humans and our society are prone to repeating patterns of unhealthy behavior, and sometimes still miss the point. This doesn’t happen much with incorporeal beings. Unfortunately, that negative tantrum can label a certain being as a demon or evil force when it is not.


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    • bborrello profile image

      bborrello 6 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Thanks kitty!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      bborello - Very good points you've made about the "others" who could indeed be benevolent spirits but get labeled with a bad rap because they may throw a random tantrum and some nearby person is involved or encounters the tantrum. A lot of the faeries get this bad rap as well. Lovely hub!