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Infinite Power Within You

Updated on January 30, 2015



Discover Your Power

If you knew how powerful you really are your life would never be the same. Life itself is power. Everyone has been given infinite power but they don't know it. People have been conditioned to go into all kinds of directions because they do not know their true power. Some people are aware of the secret power hidden in the mind and they benefit greatly, but most people are completely unaware. No one need have a difficult life if they use this incredible power correctly.

The History

 Throughout history there have been giants who walked the earth. These pioneers went so deep into the mind that the information they returned with would scare most people. I will not go into those deeper secrets because most people cannot handle that kind of power. The information that I can give right now is more than enough to change your world if you use it.

Go Inside

Everything you need to know is already inside of you right now as an idea! Any answer you need is there. Any person you need is there. The jobs, the money, the house, the cars are all there. The only problem is, you have not been given the method to retrieve the information. The people who get what they want usually have a workable technique to get the right ideas. Actually, there are many techniques. Your focus should be to discover which technique works best for you.

The Technique

Before I give the techniques I would like to allow anyone who has strict religious beliefs to stop right here. The methods that I am about to present may not be acceptable to your religion. Religions generally confine people to a certain way of thinking. If it works, there is no need to read further. If you have been taught that there is only one way to live, and that is what you believe, then stick to that. We have no argument. If you want to awaken the incredible power that you were born with, let us proceed.

Deep Within

 As stated earlier, everything is within you. The only problem is, it is "deep within" you. In other words, you have to go deep to get the pearls. What are the pearls? Right ideas, genius ideas that you can receive that can revolutionize yourself and the world. These ideas come in all categories; the arts, science, medicine, sports, technology, you name it. If you already have an area of expertise, this information will magnify that area beyond belief. If you are ready, let's continue.

Your Power

After studying the most advanced thinkers, lamas, mystics, meditators, mental scientists, shamans and gurus, one thing is clear, most people are totally unaware of their inner power. Others are afraid. Why should anyone be afraid to explore their own power? If you have read this far, I will assume that you have the boldness. Very well, in order to go deep within the mind, we need to look at a level known as delta. Most people would identify the delta brainwave level of mind as the sleep state, but that is not accurate. Delta is a level of mind where the strange and unusual can occur. Anything of the sixth sense variety may be experienced there. If you combine certain strong thoughts, with desire and determination, miracles can happen. The impossible becomes possible. This is an area were personal experience is the only perfect judge. Some people don't have to blast through limitations, skepticism, the blocks or the ridicule set up by society designed to keep people in the dark. If you've ever had a prayer answered, nobody can tell you otherwise. This is really no different than prayer except you go much deeper to receive your answers.


You can find products that explore the delta state of mind. If you do, you will discover that you can keep your eyes open and ask questions with headphones on. The mind will synchronize with the delta level. Now the floodgates are open. Do you have a problem that needs a solution? Do you want to compose music or paint a picture? Explore knowledge of the Spirit? Program a new character trait? Superlearn a new language or exam information at an alarming speed? A promotion at work? The possibilities are endless. As you continue to work with this profound state of mind over a period of time, more and more marvelous ideas and events will be presented to you at your request. Plans will be revealed to you. The key to getting what you want is in your attention. Everything is already available. You don't create anything. The only thing that happens is your attention is placed on the right idea or location of whatever you desired. Then you have to go get it. Technology gives you the upper hand over the great thinkers of the past because you can reach the ideal state of mind almost instantly. So always remember and use the simple formula: 1) Desire 2) Location 3) Go get it. I will not give any specific suggestions here on the miraculous things that can be done with the mind. If you really have an interest in that subject, you will be led to that information. So for now, I will leave you with this famous thought, "anything is possible for the one who believes".


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