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Influence of Shah Waliullah

Updated on October 10, 2012

Shah Wali Ullah was born on 21 February 1703 during the reign of Aurangzeb his real name was Qutub-ud-dinbut became famous as Shah Wali-Ullah his father was Shah Abdul Rahim who founded Madrasa Rahimiya in Delhi his father died in 1718.

In 1724 Shah Wali ullah went to Arabia to perform Hajj. He studied under famous scholar Sheikh Abu Tahir bin Ibrahim and returned to Delhi in 1732.

He believed that the Muslims were facing decline not because of weak leadership but because of Muslim community itself. He believed that many Muslims did not have complete knowledge of Quranic teachings. A major problem was that muslims were divided into Shias and Sunnis and fought with themselves. It was necessary to follow Islamic teachings into every aspect of life.

He worked hard to ensure that he was a role model for every Muslim. He translated Quran into Persian because many people were unfamiliar with Arabic and later his sons translated Quran into Urdu so more and more people could gain Islamic Knowledge. He wrote fifty one books in Persian and Arabic. He provided social Justice to the peasant’s. His most important contribution was to call together the divinities among Muslims and unite them for Jihad. He wrote a letter to Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali and joined with local forces they defeated the Martha’s who were threathing the Empire in the Battle of Panipat in 1761.

Madrasa continued to work even after his death with gave muslims the Islamic teachings. His writing give large number of muslims a chance to study their religion and understand its teachings. He gave Muslims inspiration to lead a pure simple Life. He told that Muslims had to concentrate more on basic principle rather than finding the difference which would lead them in the conflict among them. He tried to oppose Martha and unite the Muslim under a common enemy. Many future leaders were inspired by his teachings

And fight for the good of Muslim community.


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