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The Conception of Reality Through Consciousness

Updated on January 5, 2013

Pale Blue Dot

Influenced Conception of Reality Through Consciousness and a Universal Quantum Intellect

Doing research I came across a book called (The Way of the Explorer by Lunar Astronaut and Paranormal Researcher Edgar Mitchell); Mitchell had an experience while returning to earth from the moon on Apollo 14. This experience is known as a Savikalpa samādhi state which is when the mind is only aware of the Spirit; and not conscious of the exterior world or physical environment or body.

A Look Into Enlightenment:

I have looked outward into the abyssal ink blue darkness sprinkled with the light of kindled fires twinkling like far off beacons, a billion stars and around them countless worlds of rock, gas, and ice. Worlds unfathomed by man born of both fire and ice, of flames which burn eternal. On the crystal sands of a sparkling beach bathed in the soft white light of a distant dying star, multi-legged silicon creatures wade in the seas of liquid fluorocarbons as they splash against the shoreline. Massive diamond crusted cliffs loom above as metal plated beetle like insectoids climb over massive rocks flipping them on their sides to reach under them and feed on other small creatures which thrive in the darkness. Predators like a four legged fungi lumber slowly over the landscape, and above balloon like whales on sails float by using helium bladder sacks to keep them aloft in the clouds of Titan like Jovian worlds.

I can look into the eternal depths of force upon which the very powers of creation froth and foam in states of static energy existing in coherence as in one state or another. I have been Alice when logic and proportion have all gone to bed. Being neither here nor there but everywhere all at once. As if I may be the cat that is both dead and alive. I am both in the world the infinitely small.

I have drawn upon the gravity of far off stars to propel my craft from one end of the galaxy to the other as I fell into the center of a massive cloud so brightly aflame with a trillion suns that it did almost blind me, and at its center the gateways to hell themselves stood agape as a void of impenetrable blackness. There as I did approach the light did fade from me as it seemed that time stood but still around my craft but remained constant from my own point of view. I was aware of a great distortion as around me space seemed stretched to the point that it formed completely around me to warp into a straight singular line. As the darkness and this sense of stillness grew I felt a pinpoint focus and pushed into it and then a great flash of light shot outward in a blast of stupendous force rushed outward in all directions. There I stood upon the deck of my craft having traversed the spans of the universe in one singular moment. Through the force of gravitational quantum entanglement I aligned the matter within myself and my craft to the core of a black star using a gravity tractor and I fell straight through. By entangling with a black hole I traversed the hole and burst through the other side as the distortion created a gravity bridge.

Down the rabbit hole we find the very cord upon which the entire fabric of our universe the very code of its existence is written; the holy grail of all that is. The GOD equation; which will describes and unify the principles of physics from the infinitely largest like the universe itself to the infinitesimally small quantum equations which tie the universe together. Inside you feel the fluctuations of fluctuating energies buzzing within the particles which make up your physical body. You sense the connection but are only just aware of it on the very outward flecks of your perception. You pay it no mind but the particles within your body are already reacting to quantum fluctuations that are acting in response to the much larger world that we are all aware of as our reality. It is this resonance or vibrational aligning in the quantum reality that is in tune to the universal consciousness.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      3 years ago from now on

      OK cow flipper, you have thoroughly enigmatized me. Now I will return the favor...BIOCENTRISM

      Biocentrism is a new “Theory of Everything” proposed by American scientist Robert Lanza. Biocentrism declares that present theories of the physical world don't work, and can't ever be made to work, until they fully account for consciousness & life


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