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Innate Intuition and Understanding

Updated on November 4, 2015
Lukas Plewnia via Wikimedia commons
Lukas Plewnia via Wikimedia commons

Everyone is intuitive and we often use our intuition without even knowing. We all have intuition but sometimes we see this as having super powers. Although there are certain individuals who are certainly gifted with spiritual abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance these are all forms of intuition.

Intuition is the ability to understand information without having to analyze it or really focus. The fact is that you use it daily. Intuition is basically trusting your gut, like a gut feeling or hunch. You are not exactly sure how you know but you know. Okay, so here’s some examples.


  1. Grocery store – You’re in the produce aisle and you see two ripe tomatoes but you feel like the one in your left hand is more fresh and tastier than the other one. So you opt for that one instead. This is a form of using intuition.

  2. Chores – You give your child some chores to do after their homework like cleaning their room. Something tells you or you just know they will not do the cleaning. 2 hours later you head towards their room and notice no cleaning was done. Now you could say you know your child well but you weren’t 100% positive. You trusted the information you felt. So again you felt the information.

  3. First Impressions – You are applying for a job that you feel you really like. However as soon as you are greeted by the Human Resources recruiter for the company you get bad vibes or negative energy from that person. You may get hired and within the first 6 months you notice attitudes and personalities were as just as you felt from the beginning. You’re now unhappy. Had you trusted your intuition from the start you may have continued looking for another place of employment. Most of the individuals who are unhappy in their job is because they don’t rely on their intuition and just try to focus on the job. You might not be right all the time but trust your intuition when it comes to first impressions. This doesn’t mean for you to judge someone based on how they look. Just trust what you feel about their energy.

  4. Lost Item – You lost a $20 bill in your car and you send your husband to go and find it. He looks and says he’s looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Then he comes back and you’re like did you check in the console? He goes back checks and the $20 was there. Okay you weren’t sure but you knew that he hadn’t checked all places. You also knew where it could possibly be located. You trusted your INTUITION.

  5. House Hunting – You are accompanying a friend who is planning on buying their first home. You visit a couple of houses but your friend is stuck on one in particular. They ask you for your honest opinion. The price is GREAT and within budget for your friend but upon visiting you feel something is wrong with this house. You let your friend know but they pass it off as you being overly analytical. 2 weeks later your friend finds out the home had some major issue like mold. They send you a text message and you were RIGHT!!! You trusted your intuition.

  6. Romance – You girlfriend is stuck in a love triangle. They ask you for your opinion on the 2 different guys who are interested in her. You immediately tell her you feel the first guy has issues and she might not mesh well with him. Then she chooses that guy. 6 months later they break up because of cheating or some other issue he had. Don’t you feel like telling her “I TOLD YOU SO?” So I don’t recommend telling her that but needless to say it is intuition that told you that something was wrong with that guy and they weren’t a perfect match.

  7. Friends – You are part of a psychic or development group. You notice a person in the group and privately message them. Your intuition tells you they can help you with your life or you can learn more about your spiritual path. You message them and before you know it you become realty great friends and you both learn many things from each other. You weren’t sure at the beginning but had you not trusted your intuition you would have never connected.

I could go on and on and provide additional examples but as you can see. At some point and time you have tapped into your energy or energy of others and utilized this amazing thing called INUITION. You can develop your levels of intuition by doing the following:

  • Compassion/Empathy – Be compassionate of others and their circumstances. Most empaths rely on their intuitive abilities to help others.

  • Listen – Listen to your inner gut feeling, trust what you hear. The worst thing that people often do is not listen to their first instincts.

  • Trust – Trust what you feel, hear, see, and follow through with making decision upon your level of trust. The more you can trust others and yourself the faster your intuition will open up.

  • Adaptable – Be adaptable to change. Many things in our jobs or daily routines may change at the flip of a coin. Don’t try to understand it or feel upset about it but just trust that it will work out.

If you’ve noticed now that INTUITION is much like having psychic or spiritual abilities. Then the light switch has turned on. You are CORRECT! Intuition is trusting the signs, symbols, information, gut instinct, feelings, knowing, and etc. Trust your abilities and use them to help you make decisions you need. If you are not sure just make a decision. Sometimes our mistakes often help build our intuitive abilities and stop patterns from repeating.


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    • manatita44 profile image


      3 years ago from london

      A very loving article. I like it. Peace.

    • profile image

      nancy sesler 

      3 years ago

      Would love to learn more :-)


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