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Inner-Connected Humanity

Updated on February 11, 2014

Which Are You?

Mind, Soul and Spirit

The mind, soul and spirit connection is important. In order to be truly human one must possess all three attributes. Our minds produce our thoughts. Our souls, our inner selves, give character to what we think and then do. These are manifested to the outside world in our actions. Our spirits' energy flows through our body. Our spirits keep us alive. While we are alive, we can sow kindness or discord. Because openness and honesty are taken for granted, we accept each other at face value. I expect when some one tells me that he is scared, for instance, he is telling me the truth. We are so connected to each other that the honest ones of us expect honesty. That dishonest ones of us expect dishonesty. We like to connect on a spiritual level with each other. The study of a person's personality trait and behavior type has been designed to help us better understand ourselves and others.

The Mind and Soul

These areas are so connected with each other that it is hard to separate the two. The mind is the part of you that thinks. Your soul is your inner person who acts. Your think an idea and you put it into practice. The ideas you think are apart of your personality. There are personality types for each individual. Through out the years there have been studies about different personality types. We have tried to discover how we are different and how we are the same. In the past several years, however, the historical personality types have been under scrutiny for not being broad enough to explain the diversity of humans who inhabit the planet. There are a great many variations in the known personality traits. These variations help us to be unique. Like fingerprints and snow flakes no two people are totally alike.

OCEAN - A Modern Personality Assessment

  • OPEN - the free spirit . The one who expresses feelings and opinions freely.
  • CONSCIENTIOUS - Thorough, careful,vigilant ones. This type of person likes a job well done and he does a good job for others.
  • EXTROVERT - Would rather lead than follow. They express emotions easily like the free-spirited Open types. They are the well-liked people person.
  • AGREEABLE - They are just that, agreeable. One thinks of these as easy going. They are helpful to others. Sensitive team-oriented individuals. Don't get carried away, Mr. Agreeable. You may go along just to get along. This isn't a good thing if a firm, correct decision is to be made.
  • NEUROTICS - Suspicious of others. Also sees the possible problems or setbacks in situations. They are observant to a fault. Maybe more conscientious than the conscientious type.

Interesting to note, there are 5 major personality traits out of at least 16 different types. Many of us have a cross trait of another type of personality. We are not all one or the other. For example, neurotics are thought to be negative people who need extensive therapy. While this may sometimes be true, there are the neurotics who are more sensitive to traits in others that the rest of us are. Therefore making them a bit more compassionate or in tune with those around them. This is not a negative trait. Some neurotic people exhibit calmness, not necessarily a neurotic trait, however, they also say what first comes to mind. Like the open individual, he can be very expressive. This exhibits an aggressiveness that others might not appreciate. This person who scores lowest on their personality profile can exhibit openness. This does not mean that they don't experience any negative emotions. There are positives and negatives in all personality types. Agreeable personality types are not always agreeable. It depends on the situation they are involved in. The discoveries of these varied personalities should enable us to embrace each others' humanity. It takes all kinds of people to make up this beautiful world. Enjoy being yourself and let others do the same. When you do this, It is more than tolerating others, it is acceptance. When you accept others you will enjoy life. This is the spiritual aspect of the good or God centered life. Take to heart the Golden Rule as stated in the Holy Bible. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," the gospel of Matthew chapter 7, verse 12, (King James Version).

Can you laugh at yourself?


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