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Inspiration is the reason for my hubs!

Updated on February 6, 2013

It is His Blessings!

How thoughts formed continuously without any efforts?

I don't consider that i am competent to write even a few sentences. How i started posting in the hub pages is still a mystery to me. First of all, i am not familiar with computer nuances. Like a kindergarten kid, i ventured to understand the complicated machine called computer. With a feeble intelligence, i have left the attempts many time. I have marveled at this machine many times. In my younger days, i have seen typewriters being widely used in most of the offices and schools. Unable to choose a vocation during the year 1960, i ventured to learn the typewriting skills. I was slow to learn and this slow speed enabled me to type the letters correctly and without much mistakes. This enabled me to pass my typewriting lower grade with speed 25 words per minute since i took my own time to type them without mistakes. Fortunately i could complete the speed test in the given time and completed the second paper also.

Initially, there was lot of hesitation to try my hand in computers. I was quite new to the technology. I just know only typing in a key board. The editing of documents, formatting etc took a lot of time to learn. Some of my acquaintances have told me about blogs and posting. But none helped me to initiate. I first tried to put some ideas across through the blogs. I found that it is cumbersome to start. One day, I started typing on my pet topics like philosophy. During my younger days, I had developed a great taste to read philosophical articles, life of great people, saints and Avatars. Somehow I found stories and novels do not attract me much. I started with few words and interestingly, words and sentences start coming from my mind in continuous streams. I found that I have to keep pace with the thought flow and start typing it. Likewise, I completed my first blog post in Google and saw that it was published nicely. Then only I started reading the article which came spontaneously without any effort on my part!

This created a curiosity and interest and I started posting one article a day almost continuously for few months. I developed confidence but till now I am not sure how the thought patterns flow continuously as though from a vessel filled up with ideas. I found them reflecting many truths on philosophy. One day, I casually stumbled upon the hub pages. Here also I had some initial problems in typing the texts and adding photos etc., miraculously, everything fell in order.

Every time I start posting, I was blank with no idea or theme about the subject matter. Then a word or phrase will come in the mind. After typing the same I found that there was a flow of thoughts as before streaming in my conscious. I simply type them and finally read them after completion. I found the outcome interesting and reveal great philosophical truths. Till today, I am unaware how things fall in line without any preparation or thinking on my part!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Jennifer for the encouraging comments!

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 5 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      I really like this. I started typing at school when I was 14 or so and I am glad I did. Yes, learning on your own is a big challenge but also very rewarding. It is great to share your thoughts on Hub Pages and you are right, when you start - it just seems to flow. Good luck with your writing and sharing your great words with others.


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