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Inspiration of Job

Updated on May 4, 2013

Even though he slay me, yet will I trust Him is a familiar passage from the book of Job. Familiar in the fact that we may not know the verse, but, we may be living what the verse is saying. The idea of the individual named Job is that no matter what befell him throughout the book, he looked to the Lord and praised Him. A lesson that I am learning in full magnitude of force and efficiency, and yet I have not befallen everything that Job went through. He lost his whole family and everything he had and yet he said, even though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. God did not cause those horrible things to happen to Job, but He allowed them to happen. God was in his life through the midst of the pain and suffering and when we endure and hold steadfast to our faith God enriches us and blesses our lives mightily with rich rewards of his favor.

Now, a lot of people often ask why would God allow all these horrible things to transpire? Why is God allowing the murders, terrorism, molestations?… The list goes on and on, why is God allowing it? The truth is God does not interfere because of our freewill, the only thing He does is step in and make sure the enemy will not go too far. Satan has a short time and a short leash. Everything Satan does he has to ask permission for. And, yes, one could say, well then why does God allow Satan to do all these horrible things? Well, I could answer that question with what I think, but, the truth is that God’s mind is far beyond mine. God’s thoughts are far beyond what I can conceive. The evil that befalls us today will glorify God and strengthen us tomorrow. God see all the possibilities. God see all the outcomes and, even though He slays us, I will trust Him. Job understood the fact that God’s ever presence and ever watchful eye is upon us. If God allowed His own Son to suffer and die on the cross, we need to trust that all that is happening in our lives will lead us to some sort of reward and happiness. I may not understand it right now, or even twenty years from now, but God knows what He is doing and my task is to put my trust in Him.

Yes, I know it is easier said than done. I know that if I am faithful He will reward me with love and grace, even when I fail. I turn to sin and I fall prey to the traps that are laid before me like everyone does at one time or another. I could blame Satan for the evil that is happening because of my choices, but the truth is that no matter the circumstance I need to not only trust God, but that most of the time I am a victim of my own devices. Things may go wrong. My vehicles may break down, my water heater may go out, my well may run dry — all those things that happen are probably not Satan coming in and attacking us. Now, I am not saying that it is beyond the realm of possibilities that Satan can come and distract us with all of the daily stuff, but what I am saying is that things do happen naturally as well. I am not going to blame the devil for my water heater going out, but I am going to trust that God will help me have the money and the knowledge to repair or replace it. We can blame Satan for people going into movie theaters and killing people or for bombings and murder. Those things are not a natural occurrence. It is true that the people behind those actions must still make the choice, but naturally (most of the time) people’s conscience tells them what they’re doing is wrong. The Holy Spirit of God, the breath that formed us, is within us all and tells us not to do the things we do, and when we ignore the prompting of the Spirit we fall into the trap of sin. Satan is the motivator behind death. He was behind Cain killing Abel, and now, when people strap bombs to themselves and kill innocent people for their god.

I do not stay faithful to Christ because I am going to be rewarded, but I do stay faith because of the reward that He promised. I know that the previous sentence contradicts itself, but if you read between the lines you would understand what I am saying. I try to be the best Jesus I can be to everyone because that is what is in my heart. I would like God to reward me with money and stuff, but that is not my motivating drive. I trust God will keep His promise that after I die, if I am faithful and true, that I will find myself in a place where there is no more tears or suffering or pain. I want to go to that place called Heaven, that place where I will enjoy all the riches and favor of God forever being with Him in His presence. Why else would God send His Son and promise those blessings if those things were not within our grasp to attain. He never said that it would be an easy road. Being away from the kingdom of God, where we are supposed to be, and living in a world that is in Satan’s grasp, we are bound for heartache and strife. Saint Paul tells us that we are strangers and aliens and that we are not of this world. Our minds need to transcend the flesh and blood of our mortality and look and focus on the soul, focus on the part of our being that will remain after we are food for worms.

God had told Adam and Eve how to live life and what they needed to do to live a life that was in His goodness and presence, but instead the enemy came because of his jealousy for us and took out of that garden that was in Eden. And, because of the failure of our first parents, we now live lives of strife and suffering. We have to break our backs and toil and sweat to get live our lives. We will not have peace until the battles between good and evil end — the war has been won, the end is already defined, the promise complete, but the daily battles are still real and have great fury. Satan hates God, hates His people and everything just and good and holy. He watches us and studies us waiting for us to make mistakes and waits for us to trip over the traps that are he sets before us by our choices so he can hurt his Creator. We were all, angel and man created by a loving God, and in that complete love God allowed us to choice our own paths to either righteousness or pain.

In Job, he is called the Adversary, the one who opposes us, the enemy of our souls. The only being we should hate with all our souls is Satan himself, but the true Christian has the love of God within them to love our enemies. Of course, I do not love Satan, but I also do not hate him — in truth I pity him. I hate the things he does and I hate all the evil that he inflicts, but really he too is a victim of his own devices. He is his own worst enemy; he hates everything because of his hatred for himself. I know the closer I get to God, the more the Adversary fear me, the more Satan fears my presence on this earth. That is why he tries to hurt me and cause me pain so that I will not help My God and my salvation bring people to Christ’s joy and love. Satan should fear us every morning when we put our feet on the floor ready to combat him and defy his every move. We should prepare for the daily war while we strive to look for peace.

I often say that I am a man of peace that is meant for war.

We are targets for Satan. Satan wants our souls, not to have them but to rob them away from God. He does not like happiness and joy — he hates everything that his Creator represents. We need to stay focused on the love that God has and not allow our enemy to steer us away from that love. God never allows anything to befall any of us that we cannot handle. Even though He slays us, he loves us still. Even though we suffer we need to trust in Him. We are never allowed to get to the point in our lives that he are helpless or hopeless — we may feel that was at times, but it is our minds that get us to that point. It is Satan intervening and preaching to us that we are lost — and when we listen we are, but when we trust God with our hearts we know that He is there.

I do get sad at all the horrible evils that happen across this world. I get so depressed some days with all the negative news bombarding us. I know that I must live until it is my set time to not live. I will live my life, some days failing some days trusting and hopefully getting to the point where I can just trust Him without wavering. I will have faith and hope and I will continue to be the best man that I can be in all circumstances and strive to be a better man every second of the day.

I cannot control what is happening in the world — that is God’s job. I do not have the capability or the heart to do what is necessary or needed to bear the whole world’s plea and suffering. It takes me every ounce of courage just to live in peace in my own little piece of this vast world. I need to trust God for my small portion of this planet that was allotted to me from the Almighty. I will try to glorify God with my life, my family, my job and my writings — with everything that I have been entrusted with.

When Jesus returns I hope I hear the words — well done, good and faithful servant, enter into joy today. Here are your keys and here is the deed to your portion of heaven. It has already been paid in full for all you have done by keeping My name holy.

The truth is, that my deeds alone are a lifetime of failures and sin and I cannot see God looking at me telling me that He is proud of me as one of His children. But yet He loves me still and still gives me grace and time to change and knows that I do my best. He wants to bless us with holiness and joy in this world of evil and wickedness despite how many sins I commit as long as I come to Him an ask for His mercy and try to be the best man that I can. I need to focus on his everlasting love and affection. I need His arms to be wrapped around me always and forever.


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    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 4 years ago

      PS voted all except funny, and sharing.

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 4 years ago

      Amen IK! Job is such a powerful book and you have expressed much of it here and applied some of it to what is taking place in your life and it is relevant to all of our lives who are of the family of Jesus.

      "If God allowed His own Son to suffer and die on the cross, we need to trust that all that is happening in our lives will lead us to some sort of reward and happiness. God knows what He is doing and my task is to put my trust in Him"

      The above really jumped out at me on reading through your hub. Let us see the wonder and salvation that came from the death of Jesus on that cross even though all thought it was a travesty. And yes, even Satan thought he had won. And so it is for us too many a time. So much good comes out of what appears to be a travesty at the time.

      IK its good to find a hub by you on these pages again. Praying/interceding for you right now, that the struggles will ease and that the Lord hears your cry and sees your heart, that loves Him. God Bless. (we know He hears our prayers and sees our hearts!)