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Inspirational Literature

Updated on May 28, 2016

Inspiration - Uplifting - Strengthening

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Having a consciousness that creates success in one's reality

The key is that whatever we are experincing is a result or a reflection of our inherant state of consciousness. We can expand our consciousness by inviting life force to come into every area of our responses to life, expressing as brotherly love and unconditionally loving response to whatever arises in our conditions.

How to bring more Life into our Life.

The key to life is Life, life force energy, love energy. If we want increase happiness and success in whatever areas of our lives, we have to invite loving Divine energy or Life Giving Energy into those areas of our consciousness. This will include a reupholstering of what we think we believe and replacing it with a rich knowledge of our source and mainstay which is Life Itself, inspiring through all experiences and increasing joy and success in whatever we venture to do, including an aspect of making this enterprise beneficial to the well being of all involved in our movement toward success and more life.

Having a Life Giving Consciousness

We receive and experience what we are giving and emitting into the universe, our lives, relations and activities at all times. Having a life giving consciousness is a good way to go about life because this consciousness will always attract back into our human realm of experiencing those positive qualities of being which are ours by Divine birthright. We are born to be richly joyful and happy and all of my inspirational spiritual material and literature is designed to infuse our consciousness with the understanding and deeeply close relationship with source life. If we want to increase happiness, joy, fulfilment in our lives, we have to be in a deeply enriching relationship with source life which is connected to is through the fabric our our consciousness andthere is no separation from it possible in all eternity. The only thing that separates us from the experience and quality of life that is ours by divine birthright is our habitual thoughts and fears and beliefs about the results we will experience from acting upon our intentions in Life. It is really important for us to assess our beliefs in relation to the areas of life we are experiencing struggle or success and wanting to grow in prosperity in when itis in alignment with our divine passion and what we are really here on this planet to do and express. Having assessed our beliefs, and this is a constant and continual process of being in touch with the consciousness aspect of our faculty of being, we then see how consciousness creates success and openings and the follow through of experiencing intended results. The goal and thenow present experience is to be successful in our expression while in an absolute knowledge and relationship connection that life itself is our sustainance and inspires us to act on our intentions and with new intentions.

Source Life

If we want to make our lives better in any dimension, this is highly dependent on our relationship with Source Life. All our talents come out of Source Life initially when there is the union of the Life in the ovum with the Life in the sperm. This infuses the Individual Being with all Its potentials for Life and Happiness. We can choose to live a life in relationship with Source Life. Then every day is filled with meaningful momentum building of our consciousness fabric - infusing more Life into our Consciousness in every detail of our expression.
There are individuals advanced in this way and I am one of them. We are here to inspire human growth and development into the Spiritual Life Spheres. As we are all enriching our Consciousness with more Life, and desire for more happiness on earth, so are the changes occuring that we long for as Life infuses our Being. Everything is Consciousness. The Consciousness of my words aid this illumination. As we expand together, our lives become more Full and Enriching on Planet Earth.

Source Life Enrichment Courses

These courses are designed to develop one's appreciation of Source Life. When we are stuck in life, who is it who is going to save us? It is Life Itself. Source Life.
Human beings at this time are able to absorb information via reading. The Bodhisatva is concerned with the Expansion of the Consciousness of all. Our inspirational literary material is designed to uplift and Illumine the Being of anyone who is reading it. These should serve as Gems of Inspirational Empowerment, Enlightening each day with new vistas of Life Creativity, the spreading of Joy, and the fulfilment-accomplishment of our Life-Passion Intention for this present and each and every day.
These courses are designed to help hs be richly joyful in every moment of life. This is Source Inspiration coming from one who is dedicated to uplifting human consciousness at this time. When we are all empowered in Source Life Inspiration, a happy world is inevitably the result - fulfilment and abundance for everyone is naturally the result in our world outplay of experience, relationships and lives.

Touch the Heart - Inspirational Literature by Max Larrieu

Inspirational literature is designed to infuse our consciousness with life-giving information and material - highly applicable and pragmatic to our human spiritual experience.

Touch The Heart - Spiritual Uplifting Material

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