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How to be happy forever

Updated on June 5, 2012

Man in search of happiness

If I were to answer the Question - What is life?

My answer is Life is pursuit of happiness. All round the World people are working so hard to get may be one of the listed items good career, stable personal life, money, financial stability, mental peace, successful business, a good living for themselves and family..etc If you ask any person why he needs any of these? He will surely say, ”Because this will make me happy.”

So is happiness a destination, is it a final goal to be reached?

No, it’s not destination, it’s there within us, in all small things around us, the need is to feel it and live in it.

The fact is we undertand and try to win entire world and all its pleasure whatever we can, which ever way we can…… at end only to realize, that if we can only know ourselves, we will no longer need any other thing because we are the most precious.

Happiness within us

We can find permanent happiness only within us.Any happiness coming from outside is temporary .It is therefore that even President and Prime Ministers of different nation , with so much power, are not perfectly happy. That means permanent happiness cannot be found outside.So then it has be inside us.

Inside US!!!


Unbelievable ......Can it be that simple?

I know its hard to believe,but the answer is Yes.

If it's that simple why don't we all get happiness?Everybody should have been happy then?

God is very generous and actually wanted each of us to be happy.When we are born, we were all happy and content. Its slowly that we start to grow and come to know of the World around us and then we long for a toy, another toy and then another and the count goes on. The happy baby is now not that blissfully happy baby but a boy or girl with list of toys, which he/she wants to attain to finally reach happiness which was ironically, but his/her default state.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong in above process .Its a beautiful World gifted by God to us and we have to know it ,in order to live in it and enjoy it.It's all process of evolution. But then at one stage we have to come back to ourselves to find the eternal bliss of happiness, which is within us and our default state.

How to achieve the happiness within us?

To start with let me first emphasize that we are not body. I mean the body that takes birth and dies. We are energies inside the body.Till the time we as in energy is there in body, we are making movement and living . And when the energy goes out of body.The body is useless and we call it deadbody. As for Energy we know by law of Physics, that Energy cannot be destroyed.

All the energies are actually trying to attain state of stability i.e state of absolute happiness. The only way to attain all happiness,peace and stability is by merging into bigger energy state which already has these properties i.e by merging with Cosmic Energy(what we called God in spritual language).

How to merge us i.e energy into cosmic energy?

This is a stepwise process.We as in energy are residing in this body for a purpose. And the purpose is that, the human body is the absolute apparatus which will help us to merge with cosmic energy. Through various breathing exercises and meditation we can attain, the final blissful state.

However, how the body works and the various breathing exercises , will need more than one hub.I will be covering them in detail in my future hubs so stay tuned....


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