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Insult Jesus?

Updated on March 10, 2010

Coversation between Jesus and satan

Foreword: this should be a power point presentation in full color and drama but I can not load the ppt file on hubpages so this is presented in html word form - my apologies. The following is an excerpt from a ppt that has been circulating on the web; mostly forwarded through emails.

One Day, Jesus and Satan had a
conversation and Jesus ask Satan what was he doing with the people here in the World...

Satan Responded :
They are entertaining me :
Teaching them how to do bombs and to kill; to use weapons; to hate one another; to abuse the infancy; showing the youth to use drugs; to drink, to lie and to do everything prohibited...
I am amusing myself very much!!!!

Jesus asked:
And after, what are you going to do with them?

After ...I am going to finish them all!! After ...I am going to finish them all!!

Jesus asked:
¿How much do you want for them?

Satan Replied:
Why are you going to love these people? They are treacherous, lying,
false, egoistic, and covetous! They will never love you really, they are going to
blaspheme and spit in your face, they are going to despise you and they will not have you consideration any!

How much do you want for them Satan?

I want all your tears and your blood!

Ok done deal!
and...Jesus paid the price of our liberty!

How do we forget Jesus!
We believe everything they show us, but we question everything that comes from him... People send jokes thruogh e-mail sending them to each other at a fast speed! But when the e-mail is about GOD, they people think about it twice sending it to others. People send jokes thruogh e-mail sending themto each other at a fast speed! But when the e-mail is about GOD, they think about it twice sending it to others. Everyone says they want to be with GOD one day.

A lot of us say: I believe in GOD, but what do we do for HIM!
To speak of Jesus is not a matter that the people want to hear...
They only come to Jesus when they are in big trouble.
When you finish reading this message.
Will you send it to somebody? Who will send this message?
Who will you send this too?
Just the same, don’t be afraid , my child, I will always be with you.
Even when you feel alone ...
Peace be with you ... Amen

What it should be.

First I do wish to acknowledge the presentation as well done, very touching, heart-warming at the same time inspiring, and even convicting. True to the word that the world we live in is not getting any better. As you can see all around you, the conditions presented are our present reality. Also take notice that at the end part is comforting, appealing, providing hope and assurance – in the end, the Lord will make things right. That is our hope and belief.

Secondly I think the maker of this presentation was honest to the core of his beliefs and desire to share what he thought might touch other people. I presume that this was done with the best intents; and that is to reiterate the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of mankind; that there is hope in Jesus; that He accepts all -encompassing whatever or whoever we are; that He is willing and ready to forgive if we come in faith with all our frailties; that there is no other way except through Him.

So, why am I reacting then?

My point of disagreement is – the part where Jesus asked satan how much should he pay for the freedom of mankind. To me this part does more harm and disservice to honest believers; worse – it’s even an insult to the Lordship of Jesus! I know the cost is unfathomably enormous, but it should NEVER be viewed in this light for the following reasons:

  • First, satan is never equal with Jesus nor this father of lies even come close to the Lord’s character. Notice in this presentation; the dialogue seem to suggest Jesus and satan are of equal footing, thereby deserving respect as the Lord. If you notice my writing – I do not spell satan’s name beginning in capital letter for he does not deserve my respect nor any believer either, even if that meant my being grammatically wrong. Remember – Jesus is Lord; that every knee shall and every tongue confess – that He is. And that the Father had put everything (even powers, thrones, dominion) under His feet. Placing satan in equal terms with Jesus is a lie and an insult to His divinity!
  • Second, that dialogue is theologically unsound because it does not present the true biblical concept of salvation. Yes, Jesus redeemed mankind by His precious blood – He paid the price, but not to satan. Never does Jesus nor any sinner ever owe satan anything. We sin against the law; the divine law of God, therefore we owe our transgressions to God. What Jesus did was – he satisfied the requirements of that divine law by standing (or dying) in our behalf. In a sense – He paid the penalty of our sins to God the Father, not to satan. EVER!
  • Third, the plan of salvation was decreed by the Father from the beginning, but in this presentation – it seemed that the Father have nothing to do at all with the redemption of mankind; whereas Jesus and the Father should be the main players of this drama. The emotional appeal was overwhelming but the facts and theology are flawed.
  • Fourth, it looks like satan is in control of world affairs – far as this presentation is concerned. To this I again disagree. No matter how bad things are happening around – God is still in control. He said – the earth belongs to Him, and He does not share His glory to anyone! If you believe that – there is no way that satan have any control whatsoever, satan can only influence or insinuate bad scenarios but he is not in control. The Lord even said that those who believe in His name can have authority over the devil.

Therefore, since God is in total control of the affairs of this universe – we can rest assured that no matter how bad things seem to be, God is orchestrating something good out of this mess. We can not see His great design though He had announced His plan for the believer; to prosper and give hope. I do not claim to know better, nor pretend that I know theology more than anyone else. Bad things happening to the world, even environmental changes – are products of man’s design. We are only reaping what we sow. Man is the only creature capable of disobeying His creator’s design. All living beings – animals and the like had been functioning as they were designed. Man exploited everything in his environment, even disregarding the very purpose why God has set him in this world in the first place. Shouldn’t we be more introspective? Think about it, you’ll feel better!


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    • leahcim profile image

      makoy 9 years ago from Maharlika

      thank you, i need more comments, i need to see my weak points and my strenghts. i am learning to write and use my head.


    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 9 years ago

      Good start


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