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Intent vs. Content - "Giving gold" in any situation

Updated on May 12, 2008

I've been writing a lot recently about corruption in politics and media. I've been doing it because promoting awareness of it is a Loving thing to do. It hasn't really been motivated by a desire for a direct Causal effect, although that would be nice. It's been a Choice for Love, and regardless of what happens in Causality, the structure of Creation states quietly and solidly that a Choice produces a corresponding result. It's a basic element of spiritual and metaphysical reality, and it's just true regardless of what Causality has to say about it.

This is true for the government types turning America into a police state. It is just as true for journalists who remain silent out of fear of some kind or another. Metaphysically, our Choices produce results. This means that the only way to succeed in life is to make Choices in accordance with Love. It also means that the only way to "lose" is to make Choices that aren't. Because nothing other than Love exists, any Choice for lovelessness is an illusion - and as you sow, so shall you reap. Choose illusion - get illusion. This is why folks of the caliber that Bush and Cheney represent cause their own undoing. The only winning strategy is to pursue an agenda in accordance with a Choice for Love. It doesn't matter how it's applied - although some applications are less immediately effective than others, and therefore represent a lack of Love - it just has to be Loving. Hypocrisy is the opposite of Love, because it's a shadow agenda. It blocks the path of Love by interposing a Choice for something else. And so it brings about illusion.

I'd like to examine fear for a moment, because it appears particularly relevant now. Remember the metaphors of the tree, and the target, that I wrote about in Marbles and Matchsticks? The target was a representation of the various states of consciousness, with the bulls-eye representing the True, Eternal state of consciousness, and each outward circle representing a lesser, more unreal and illusory state. Loveless Choices cause us to experience increasing degrees of illusion, by virtue of the nature of Creation.

Now here's the interesting thing. Fear causes us to make loveless Choices because we feel threatened by something in Causality. But Causality doesn't determine what befalls us - despite all appearances to the contrary - our Choices do. So when we experience fear of something "out there" in the world, and act lovelessly as a result, what we're actually doing is making a loveless Choice that brings us further out and puts us in danger of illusions of suffering.

This is because it's spiritually inappropriate to act based on something "out there" in Spacetime. It doesn't exist. It's only ever appropriate to act in accordance with Love, because that is the only thing that's real. It doesn't matter what we're doing, so long as we're acting in accordance with Love - and not hypocrisy by prioritizing something as more important than Love - we'll be fine.

So the important point here is to make Choices based on what's inside, our True Nature. Those Choices we get to project outward, and experience the results. That's our spiritual gift. It's what we were made to do, act upon the Love that is us, and give it outward. By doing the opposite, allowing fearful imagery "out there" to rule us, to determine our actions and influence our Choices, we're re-acting to a world that isn't real. We're saying that the Causality we've Created is real, and determines and shapes what we are. We're actually worshipping something that we have created, and becoming blind to Love. It's an idea that attempts to turn the whole spiritual order of Creation on its ear, and of course that's just another refutation of the Divine which not only created us, but exists within us all. And that, of course, is simply another Choice for illusion.

The only way we're going to make it through, individually or collectively, is to make Choices that are motivated by Love. Where my Brothers appear to lack that ability to Choose, I will attempt to fill the vacuum by supplying my own Love in remembrance of what and who my Brothers are. This applies to seemingly corrupt politicians, it applies equally to seemingly fearful journalists who demonstrate an apparent fear for their lives and personal safety by not reporting the truth, and it applies to anyone who has ever appeared to make a loveless Choice - myself included. In this way, I can "give gold", and supply something of value, something real.

And as I've already written, "giving gold" is the only way to fill a vacuum, whether it's a vacuum of Love or a vacuum of legitimate authority. My recommendation is that others do the same, no matter who they are or what position in life they appear to be in. It's truly the only thing that works. And where people seem to refuse to do so, I will attempt to pay their tab. What better way to invest in the success of my fellow man? And believe me... it definitely is an investment. Every Loving Choice furthers and strengthens every other Loving Choice, no matter what anyone else does. The only thing loveless Choices do are invest in illusion, which are a weakened position. QED. Everyone knows that, whether they're a conservative Christian fundamentalist or a revolutionary hippie.

What's needed here is a revolution. No, it's not what you think. It's not a political revolution I'm talking about. A political, Causality-based revolution would be an investment in illusion, and people are already doing that. It's been done! I'm talking about a spiritual revolution. Applying basic fundamental spiritual principles, acting in accordance with Love because it's the only thing that works, and worrying about the value of our own Choices rather than material outcomes. In other words, applying what we already know. It's time we started using our heads for once.

In the meantime, I'll keep writing as long as I have the option and inclination. It's one material way I can apply my time and energy into a Loving Choice (in a maximal way - because the risk involved is high and so it's an expensive investment), and that's what matters. Investing as much Love as we can, as fast as we can, is the name of the game. And I've done it for years, although admittedly not perfectly. So many of my Brothers are accustomed to taking the easy road, presumably because it's convenient. In the long-term, it's tougher and more inconvenient. Me, I'm lazy. I take the path of greatest resistance, because it's actually the path of least resistance. For those of you out there, I advise the same.


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    • profile image

      Present 6 years ago

      Thanks for the practical lesson on generating a "heaven on earth" via renouncing fear based choices & opting for love based choices.