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Intention of Demons

Updated on December 28, 2012

You will need this hub to understand some of my references to Wormwood in the other hubs. This hub's first paragraph is from page 5 paragraph 9 of "The Wormwood Letters", and its second paragraph is from page 28 paragraph 16 of "The Wormwood Letters."


1. The authors of the Wormwood Letters(WLs) are enormously intelligent with an insidious nature to match. Their objective with us is our destruction, and it is not just our possessions, health and lives they intend to destroy but mostly our spirits. In fact our possessions, health and lives may be left alone if this will secure our damnation. They are angels of Satan, who are bent upon our demise. In a general letter sent to his associates, Wormwood himself said:


2. "We are devils, and our purpose is to corrupt humans; corrupt their wisdom, discernment and intelligence; corrupt their morals, integrity and character; corrupt their attitude, joy and prosperity; corrupt their minds, lives and bodies.


3. "But how? Think! My loyal friends. Think! How do we prevent consistent love---in all its forms---from becoming as intrinsic part of their character, and of their instinctive behavior? How do we stop or weaken the nascent engines of constructive action? We do this by primarily corrupting their faith, because faith is the magnificent pillar upon which all Godly qualities exist, all noble goals are accomplished, and all remarkable structures are built. We must corrupt their faith, enervate it with pernicious sophistry, then infect it with savory toxins of disobedience, and finally, decay it with the somnolence of insouciance. Then, my faithful servants, their reasoning will be fallacious; their righteousness, odious, and their salvation, illusory. Their achievements will be paltry, their health, noxious, and their vitality, languid. Atrophy, reigning supremely, will effortlessly lead their inspired dreams and goals into quiet submission and torpidity; while indolence will open the unguarded doors of their undisciplined minds so faithless and sterile thoughts can enter to gradually bind their volition and obedience to a quagmire of helplessness.


4. "Yes! My fellow Warriors. We are demons, deceptive to our core, to the depth of our character. Deceit is the quintessence of our soul, and pride is the blood giving it life, breath, and strength: supplying speciousness with the oxygen it needs to burn a wide expansive path into the endless fires of hell."


5. The extraneous information attributes or affirms many reasons why the Word is first, but to understand why Wormwood himself would place the Word first, we would do well to understand more completely who Wormwood is. He considers not only us his enemy but also God, and an effective way to conduct warfare is to thoroughly know your enemy. So when Wormwood sends messages to his generals, and he, for example, calls God "magnificent", he is not praising God to his soldiers, he is revealing God to them; thereby equipping them with vital information they use to conduct effective warfare. Recently, Bryan and I were having breakfast with my parents, and I mentioned my surprise at how Wormwood can know God so well, and yet he not only does not love God but he does not even fear God.


6. My Dad replied, "Listen Einstein"---this is what he calls me when I'm being urged to think---"Open your eyes and observe: Knowing God does not ensure loving Him, and believing in God does not ensure obeying Him. Can't you see that? So it should come as no surprise to you that although Wormwood knows God very well, and believes in God very much, he neither loves God nor fears Him; therefore, why would Wormwood obey God? Furthermore, Sweetheart, it doesn't take much influence from Wormwood, if any at all, to get people to live their entire lives with that lethal dichotomy distinguishing their character." Then Bryan said, "Absolutely! And as far as fear of God is concerned, sin numbs that fear."


7. Paragraph 3 above states that sophistry is deadly because it weakens and corrupts faith, thereby opening the door to disobedience to God's Word. Hub#12.12( linked) at paragraph 13 compares sophistry with true faith, and how sophistry ignores Scripture. It literally leads millions into hell. Where does it get its power in this context? It gets this power when one turns his eyes away from Scripture, and when that happens it can begin to go to work. This is when sophistry will rationalize sin and produce lukewarm living. Paragraph 10 of Hub#12.14(linked addresses how sophistry uses John 3:16 against a believer by leading him to ignore the context of John 3:16 in relation of all of Scripture. God's Word, the Bible, is the Standard by which to live. When it is no longer considered this in one's heart, then sophistry gets its power. More detail is given on sophistry at paragraphs 10, 11, and 12 at hub#12.16( linked).


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    • profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

      Good insights! When the devil lies he speaks his native tongue. He's crafty, in that he works away at the foundations of our faith a little at a time so as not to be discovered. The devil is an insidious enemy whose attacks are designed to cause us to comprimise a little at a time. Our disobediance creates areas of darkness from which the devil is free to operate. It would behoove us to beware of lukewarmness as it indicates the work of the devil.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 4 years ago


      Yes, a little at a time like the story of the frog that can be slowly boiled alive. We can get used to slipping into sin a little at a time, and that can indeed be accomplished by eroding the foundations of our faith.

      Sorry it took 2 months to respond. I'm not getting notification of all comments.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 4 years ago


      Yes, a little at a time like the story of the frog that can be slowly boiled alive. We can get used to slipping into sin a little at a time, and that can indeed be accomplished by eroding the foundations of our faith.

      Sorry it took 2 months to respond. I'm not getting notification of all comments.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Yes, our faith must be strong and we claim His promises in His Word and believe them, believe Him, not just believe in Him, but believe Him. We must place our full faith and trust in Him and Him alone. I have been through many trials in this life, where the enemy has attempted to distract me, but I keep my eyes looking up to Him and not around at others. Yes, God would have us to be cold or hot, not lukewarm indeed! I for one, do not want Him to spit me out of his house like lukewarm coffee!

      Thanks for this insightful hub here. I see a lot of your hubs are concerning math, we I am not so great with up until Algebra and that is about it. LOL

      I am glad you incorporate God in your hubs. Are you a Christian?

      Voted up ++++

      God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 3 years ago

      Absolutely, Faith Reaper. Your son is a good example of the kind of faith you are referring to. He believed he would not need the surgery, and God answered his prayer. His faith inspired you and your husband to go to church. Well . . . OK . . . his faith and a very loud stereo.

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