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Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon Him - Interesting Facts About the life of last Holy Prophet

Updated on August 31, 2016

Place of birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Interesting Facts About Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

1. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that first of all Allah created his “Light” and illuminated everything from earth to sky with his light. Ka’ab Ahbar narrated that when Allah created Adam (may Allah bless him) He put the light of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) into his forehead and this light descended generations after generations in his lineage, and the forefathers of our Holy Prophet were never stained with idolatry or polytheism, adultery and other vices.

2. Lineage of Holy Prophet is: Hazrat Ibrahim – Hazrat Ismail - Hazrat And Munaf – Hashim - Abdul Muttalib - Hazrat Abdullah and finally Hazrat Muhammad. When Abdullah, the father of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) attained puberty he was married to Amna daughter of Wahab bin And Munaf. Abdullah died before the birth of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him

3. He was named “Muhammad” meaning of which is; ‘most praised’. This was a unique name as this was never given anybody before. However, since his birth, this is the most popular name around the world.

The Childhood Of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

4. Hazrat Amna, mother of Prophet Muhammad narrates that at the time of the birth holy prophet(PBUH) all the idols bowed down. She found the holy child wrapped in silk. At the very birth, he was found circumcised.

5. Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) narrates that the night when Muhammad (PBUH) was born, he was himself inside the Holy Kaaba and he observed all the four walls of Kaaba performing prostration.

6. He was taken by Halima Sadia, a nurse for suckling. She says that Muhammad always suckled from one side and left another one for his foster-brother.

7. After some time, he was brought back to Mecca. However, when he became six years old, while return from a journey from Madina to Macca, Amina, the mother of Holy Prophet (PBUH) felt ill and died.

8. Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of the holy prophet collected him. However, when Muhammad (pbuh) was 12 years old, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib also departed from this mortal world.


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