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Interesting Koi fish meaning and symbolism

Updated on August 14, 2011

There are millions of people nowadays fascinated by different tattoos and one of these tattoos is the Koi fish. The reason for that is Koi fish meaning is really interesting because it symbolizes many wonderful things in life. This is not uncommon since eastern cultures like Japanese and Chinese often find meaning in most pictures and images. Since koi fish is an important hobby for these cultures, it’s no wonder that Koi fish meaning has different meanings and symbolism.

Koi fish meaning can be traced back to the Chinese although the Japanese are known to have given this special breed of fish due attention. According to the Chinese, Koi fish meaning represents bravery. The Koi fish, according to the Chinese, bravely reach waterfalls by swimming upstream. In the event that the fish gets caught and lands in a cutting board, it bravely faces the knife with an attitude better than a Samurai warrior. Koi fish meaning has also meaning for fish swimming downstream, it symbolizes the fish as being successful and has overcome many challenges .Actually, the original Koi fish meaning tells of a legend where any Koi fish that has made its way into Dragon Gate of Yellow River becomes a dragon. Because of that myth, koi fish meaning was always associated with worldly desires and advancement.

In Japan, Koi fish meaning was often linked with masculine properties. Because of this, the annual Boy’s Day Festival shows various colorful koi flags for each son in the family.

Koi fish meaning is fascinating since it symbolizes courage, worldly ambitions and even prosperity. Japanese koi fish breeders recognize the fact that it takes some money to maintain a koi pond. Koi fish are costly and breeding the fish would entail expenses. Rich people in eastern cultures have big gardens with koi ponds. Because of this, koi fish meaning is associated with prosperity and good fortune. Some individuals even buy koi fish painting and have koi fish tattoo on their bodies. Truly, koi fish meaning is associated with good virtues and good quality of life.

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