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Interesting facts about Anne Boleyn

Updated on March 24, 2013

The real Anne

  • Anne was born in 1501 at her family home Hever castle in England.
  • Her parents names were Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard.
  • At the time of Anne's birth, the Boleyn family were highly respected. Her great grandparents including a mayor of London, a duke and an earl.
  • Anne was an animal lover. She cared greatly for all animals, but her favourites were dogs and birds. Her beloved and most favourite pet was a Greyhound, it is believed she named him Urian. In Greek, the meaning of Urian is 'from heaven'.
  • Anne was a talented embroiderer, and spent hours with her ladies, making bedding, wall hangings and carpets.
  • She adored fashion and jewellery. Always wearing delightful and creative dresses, and sporting beautiful jewels. Anne's favourite piece of jewellery was her famous 'B' necklace. The necklace was strung with pearls and a large gold 'B', with 3 pearls hanging underneath it.
  • Anne enjoyed poetry, which she shared with her first love Henry Lord Percy. They would often read poetry to each other.
  • Anne was a very passionate woman. She strived for her ambitions and would work extremely hard to achieve them. She was also a confident woman and very determined.
  • Anne met king Henry at court. Like many at the time, her parents displayed Anne in front of the king, in hope that he would take interest in her. This was a great way to gain power within a family.
  • Anne's sister Mary once had relations with king Henry, although he bored of her interest fast and later discovered Anne.
  • Anne and Henry kept their relations secret as he was still married to queen Katherine of aragon. They would write to each other every day in English and French.
  • At first Anne did this to please her father, Thomas Boleyn. She was already in love at that time with her lover Henry Lord Percy. She left him, and warned him to stay away through fear of the kings jealousy. She later grew to love king Henry, and their love was very strong and passionate.
  • Anne's title was Marquess of Pembroke. This included a monthly salary and land. It was contracted that after her death, her children would inherit all money and land that went with the title.
  • In summer 1528, Anne suffered from the 'sweating sickness' hyperhidrosis. Many died from this illness and Anne was extremely lucky to survive.
  • There is an old myth that Anne had 6 fingers on one hand. This coincides with her execution and accused witchcraft. Anne's body was discovered in Victorian times, and her skeleton showed only 5. A normal hand bone structure.
  • Anne was disliked by the English, and very unpopular among Henry's court. Henry's courtiers worked hard to bring down queen Anne. It was soon set up that she would face trial and most probably be executed for high treason.
  • Anne was charged with witchcraft, incest and adultery, and executed in 1536.
  • Anne and Henry's daughter Elizabeth the first, later went on to begin Queen of England in 1558 and reigned for 44 years, and was known as the virgin queen.

My opinion of Anne.

I find Anne Boleyn a very interesting character. She seemed like a very young, fresh, daring woman, who worked hard and reaped the benefits. Also very strong, and powerful within her own mind and body. Her interests were varied and she was very talented, which was quite rare in those times. I believe that she lived a life of pleasing others. She was pushed into Henry's arms by her father, she was bullied by Henry's courtiers, and then suffered a very unfair execution. I believe she was executed to suit Henry's needs at the time. He was the most powerful king in English history, and did what he had to do to further himself in his interests. poor Anne! She was disliked, and failing to provide a male heir for Henry did not go in her favour. Without Anne England wouldn't of had the great queen Elizabeth1st. Anne is a vital part in English royal history, and I for one am a fan.

Anne and Henry


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      Michele Travis 4 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      King Henry was horrible however, he did execute a lot of his wives.

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      Belle 4 years ago from staffordshire

      She seemed very strong and intelligent. It's so sad how her life ended!

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      Yes Dear 4 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I love the women of olde too...they seem so strong and many ways: more equal to men than we are now!