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Internet spreads great Truths instantaneously!

Updated on November 9, 2011

Evil and Good are in the minds of human beings.

For the last few days, i was in no mood to post. I am not aware of the reasons. As i have already written a hub, "I write when i am inspired" holds good. To day i forced myself to open the hub site and go through some recent hubs. May be, it is an inspiration to start a new hub. Suddenly i thought that in a way, Internet has some plus points. As it spreads rumors quickly, in the same speed, it spreads the Truths of eternity also. Yes, Life is a mixture of good and evil and we have to partake the good and leave the bad. No doubt, internet is a great tool of technology and it makes life easier and we can share any idea in a quick manner. No need to search for a publisher etc., So many view our hubs. Hence it is not a bad idea to share some thoughts. I have read a passage from Saibaba's discourses. He says, "The knife is not a bad instrument". It is the wielder of the knife who pass on the adjective to the knife by its use. A surgeon may use it to cut a patients body deeply in order to cure a melody. The same knife in the hand of a killer performs a bad act. The knife can not be blamed or attributed the good or bad the act it performs". Likewise daylight enable many to engage in fruitful works. Some people conspire in broad day light to commit certain crimes against society. Hence the instruments should never be faulted. In good faith certain inventions were made by the scientists. But, if the user adopt the technology to evil ends, who can blame the technology? We have seen that atomic energy is put to great uses in the power generation etc., If the same technology is used for manufacturing an 'atom bomb' to annihilate an entire country, it is bad.

Evil dwells in the brain of man. In previous eras, there were demonic personalities, they were evil from top to toe. Hence they have to be removed from the earth for saving peace loving people. Hence God has descended on the earth to remove those demons from earth and to save humanity. But nowadays every body is a mixture of good and evil. Each one possess certain evil qualities. Of course the proportion may vary. It is not possible for the Heads of states or Judiciary or Police to remove evil from society. Hence God has to descend in human form to achieve this great task. Many such incarnations have tread on the earth. In the West, we got Jesus Christ who has transformed the way of life of many peace loving people. He assured them protection against Evil. He undertook on his own fragile physical frame innumerable torture and suffered crucifixion, shedding his own pure blood for the sake of humanity. Likewise in all regions of the world, many prophets and saints took birth to correct the mindset of people and to guide them towards God. The world has given birth to many a saints, philosophers and preceptors. Because of them only, the world has escaped complete annihilation! Rest in next hub.

Happy to see you All.


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