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Interpretation of Confusion: Crucifixion of Religion

Updated on November 28, 2012

Freedom has a very powerful meaning in the US of A! It also has many meanings, but generally means one has a choice to be who they want to be, say what they want to say and pick whatever belief system they’d like, among other things as stated in the Constitution. Unfortunately that also gives everyone the ability to have any negative opinion about others choices and voice them as well. In a not so distant past, it was good thing, it generated debate and stimulated thinking. In today’s environment, with some exceptions, it gives the people a sense of entitlement to criticize and demonize anyone’s choices. This brings me to the topic of this hub: Religion

Actually, it’s not basically Religion this hub is for, it’s to question actions of “non-thinkers” and thinkers towards this subject. Freedom of expression is a powerful “weapon” and should be used wisely, unfortunately it’s something everyone is entitled to and not always used by the wise. For every religion known to man, there is always the anti…for every good thought, there is a bad one. What is there to gain by acting against any one group of people or individual who chooses a path different than yours? You are able to have your opinions and choices in life but why act against someone else’s? Atheists, who attack nativity scenes, oppose any religious symbols inside government establishments or in public buildings in general, such as public schools or libraries…what is the actual gain?? Having a belief is a good thing….even atheists believe in something…even though it’s believing in not believing! It’s like routing for a football team….we’re number 1!’re team sucks…..”we” won!.....”we” are champions…things change a bit when the team is losing, it usually turns into “they” suck….but the point is, every team has their history, their colors, their symbols and it’s usually attempted to be passed on through the generations, and it usually works. Football makes you feel good, angry, joyous, frustrated, and gives you a sense of being part of something bigger than you, which is comprised of other people who share the same “belief”. The main focus is that it makes people feel good, a part of something, with a meaning and a common goal….so, on Sundays it is accepted and many times expected to be for Football, you put on your colors, sing your songs, join hands with your friends and family, hug and jump up and down whenever the team scores, you get to show off your team’s tattoo and wear the shirts, hats, socks, underwear, blankets and rest the of your team’s paraphernalia and there is celebration with food and drinks and it’s fun! Why? Because YOU enjoy it and it makes you feel good! In today’s society if anyone acts or has a negative reaction towards this religio…errr sports activity, you are being un-American and anti-social so….what is the difference between football and any religion?? Will anyone demand the removal of a team’s logo from City Hall because the local government is showing support for the home team??? I know, I know that it’s allot deeper than just comparing sports with religion if one is going to analyze human behavior….but the point is that it is not that complicated…leave baby Jesus and the three Kings alone, they are making your streets lively and actually gives people smiles rather than frowns…at least the majority of people. Don’t worry about what the scene stands for, it has different meanings to different people, you don’t have to like it, just don’t knock it! Then again I understand human nature, you’re biased towards what you believe – it’s like driving, anyone going faster is an idiot, and anyone going slower is a morron!

If one doesn’t learn and understand history, he is doomed to make it repeat itself. For many moons we have been in a classic rivalries of my team against yours, we have more championships or the better player or the bigger following, we have a much better play book and our coach is a winning coach..…..any of this sounds familiar? Unfortunately in the real world of religions and anti-religions and other religions all of the above apply but have very different effects on people, mostly negative.

Moral of the story…someone close to you probably wears a different color jersey than you, and he or she is still ok in YOUR play book! Let them cheer for their team; it just means it’s healthy for them! …….and it’s ok not to have a team!


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