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Interpretation of the Jedi Code

Updated on May 17, 2014

The Jedi Code

There is no Emotion, there is Peace.
When we think about emotions as noted in the Star Wars Universe, we commonly think of the negative. We think of anger, hate, fear, lust and all the rest of the bad emotions that can make a Jedi fall. However, rarely do we ever hear them speak of love, happiness or joy. I found that to be truly odd. Because if we are talking about emotions, should we not be addressing them all? I believe we should.

If we look at the first line of the Code in a literal sense, it tells us to be at peace, we need to give up all emotion. That makes us machines, so that interpretation of this line is, of course, incorrect. What I believe this line of the Code to mean is that we need to be in control of our emotions. We need to experience them and acknowledge them and figure out how to deal with them...and I mean all of them, not just the negative ones. Once we can control our emotions (both the good and the bad) we can find the balanced peace that we astrive to be at. Peace is a balance, a way of seeing our emotions for what they are, but not letting them overwhelm our cognitive thought. This is something that we all work on constantly as new things bring about emotions, both strong and weak, and sometimes we are not always prepared when they come on.

There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge.
This, the second line of the Code is interesting. If taken literally, it might mean that Jedi know everything. Of course this is untrue. What I believe this line of the Code to mean is that a Jedi should never make an uninformed decision. If a situation comes up, a Jedi needs to know as much about it as he or she can in order to make the decision that works the best. This line of the Code also means that a Jedi is always studying, always learning, and therefore always growing so that he or she has the most knowledge at hand possible so that decisions can come quicker and more efficient. To accomplish this, a Jedi can continue with school learning, read books (how to books and such) and just generally pay attention to the lessons the world and the life in it have to teach. Knowledge, of course is one of this Temple's 3 Tenets.

There is no Passion, there is Serenity.
Passion is an interesting thing. You could almost call it an emotion, but it is not. Passion is a compulsion to act, something very hard to resist. But passion is not necessarily a bad thing. It is our passions that drive us toward goals, let our interests become realities and of course, drive us to mastery. However, passion is only a starter...good for the initial push in the direction we want to travel in. Discipline and dedication to these paths are what keep us sustained to our choices that we make. This is where we come to having serenity. If we use passion to sustain our paths, we border onto the nature of obsession, and that is what leads us down the path of darkness. Being calm and serene lets the Jedi see their path that passion has started us on and leads them to dedication to the path for other reasons.

There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.

This is an additional line to the Jedi Code. Chaos is life. There are no real plans in nature. When I first did my analysis of the is line I did not agree with it. My initial interpretation of this line was that without chaos, there can be no harmony to bring about. I believe I was wrong. I believe this chaos that the Code speaks of is the chaos within ourselves. Our minds are in constant motion both consciously and unconsciously. Now, while it is difficult to calm our minds while we are unconscious (i.e. while we are sleeping) unless we are experts at lucid dreaming, I do believe that we can put order (harmony) to our minds through discipline and focus (another of our 3 Tenets). Focus is essential for a Jedi in getting things done and when an individual focuses on harmonizing their mind, a whole world of possibility opens up. Calm your mind of the multitude of things running through it and you will be surprised at what a Jedi can accomplish.

There is no Fear, there is Courage.

This line is truly one that brings about discussion. Fear is something that is hardwired into us. It kicks in and lets us know when danger is about and provokes a fight or flight response in our survival instincts. There is no way to truly lose fear. It is an instinct that has developed in us since humans first existed. In this light, courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the recognition of fear and then continuing to walk forward through whatever situation or adversity provoked our fear response. Jedi know their fears, we all have them. What separates Jedi from some others is being able to look fear in the eye and still keep going. Of course, Jedi do not have this ability exclusively. You see it in many other areas and professions. For example: military personnel, law enforcement officers, fire fighters and so many more. They all recognize what must be done and continue to do what is right.

There is no Foolishness, there is Wisdom.

Here we have Tenet 3. Foolishness is a lack of forethought or caution (so says Webster's dictionary). This line of the Code tell us to think before we act. Never act impulsively, this can cause more damage than the time it takes to make a proper decision. Wisdom is something gained over time and through experience. A Jedi should always be about the world, learning and experiencing life as it grows and shifts. Always in motion is time, always growing is life and ever wiser does a Jedi who studies life become.

There is no Death, there is the Force.

There is a mystery that is death. Where do we go? What happens to us? Is there a place that we go? Do we go anywhere at all? Do our loved ones meet us in the afterlife? These are but a few of the questions that truly surround death. In this line of the Code, Jedi are not denying the existence of death. But I believe that our death is only a physical one. The Force, as we look at it is an energy. People, not only Jedi, are all made up of energy. This is proven by the fact that all humans carry an electrical charge. So, in this light, when we die, I believe that we return to this energy source. We feed the cycle that is life. Our power, our energy goes back into this pool/source to help feed life and let the world continue to grow. Personally, if the Force allows it, I wish to pass the majority of my life energies to my daughter so that she will be stronger in her life and her endeavors of serving this world. In this regard, my spirit will not have suffered death, but will live on in my daughter...who already possesses a piece of my energy just due to being born of my blood.


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