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Interpreting Integrity

Updated on September 6, 2013

In a world full of discord, uncertainty and chaos, we see an image of our group consciousness, which is the culmination of our inner thoughts and consciousness or lack thereof, in some cases. All the events, actions, and circumstances we see swirling all around us on a daily basis are the result of our everyday thoughts, feelings and emotions from the level of consciousness in which we reside.

It is so very true, the saying, “you create your universe with your thoughts.” Thoughts are based on the E-G-O, the “Edging-God-Out” of which Dr. Wayne Dyer so clearly communicates in his internationally publicized books. Consciousness, on the other hand, has nothing to do with thought. It is in the innate dwelling of the Spirit part of all of us that would bring about a unified, worldwide shift in the order of the universe, if we were all so mutually inclined to allow that depth of transformation.

We were all born with a purity, an innocence and yet an innate wisdom that throughout the years of existence on this earth, seems to be buried under all the paltry, trivial, and human-sided views of how the “world should be.” We forget as we grow older that we are to truly view the world through the eyes of a child, in order to have a more fully-conscious, fully-evolved, and fully-connected universe in which to thrive. There is a huge difference between being childish and being child-like. The concept of being child-like is that which I speak of here.


To Be "Child-Like", not "Childish!"

My Grandson, Adam...the perfect example of being "Child-like"....
My Grandson, Adam...the perfect example of being "Child-like"....

If we were child-like, we would never lose the awe and wonder and trust we see in the beauty of the world around us. We would never lose the ability to love unconditionally, to accept without prejudice nor to help without question. We would never be self-centered, nor would we have a desire to compete, nor to feel superior to another.

We have been trained by parents, friends, environment, media images, etc., to sabotage our innate greatness. To bury our child-like ways, to walk around with our eyes “wide shut” to the real purpose of our existence. We forget to live in integrity; the state of being that enables us to walk what we talk, to mean what we say and to live a life of high moral and ethical standards. We are so quick to panic, to F-E-A-R (which means “False Expectations Appearing Real”) that our impulsive actions in the midst of fear most times end up being all for naught. They end up hurting another, as well as ourselves. They end up sometimes destroying events or happenings or relationships that had no reason, whatsoever, to be destroyed in the first place.

That leaves us ending up in deep, heartfelt regret for something that we never needed to really do in the first place. Ask me, I am the expert, I know all this from real-life experience. In cases like I stated above, the most we can hope for is a truly loving, forgiving being on the other end of our impulsivity to be there for us. It’s sometimes hard to believe we are worthy of being forgiven. Ask me, I know this, too, from real-life experience.

As a person who all her life has struggled with the need to be perfect, I have learned that being my own worst enemy is a total waste of energy and destroys me from the inside out, from wreaking havoc on my health, to damaging my sense of self-worth, to destroying any sense of emotional well-being I tried so hard to achieve, to harming relationships of many kinds. The need to be perfect derived from my ego, not from the innate Spirit in which I was born. The Spirit part of all of us is the part that is closest to God. It is the part of us that deeply knows what integrity and honor and self-worth and self-respect truly means. It is the part of us that we seek to return to along this journey, on our way back to whence we came. It is the reflection of the Highest Greatness we can become, the image of God Himself, in Whom we were all created. My intention for this journey I have chosen is to strive continually to be the best image of that Greatness that I can be.


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      8 years ago

      Very well done, good job Mom! :)


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