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Interpreting My Dreams

Updated on July 25, 2011

Last Nights Dream

It Started with a three person team going to a house like a animal control team. My sight is the camera man,and we walk up to this old rickety house with a lady standing at the screen door of a screened-in porch. When she sees the men walking up she screams out snake... snake... and there lye's a Tan snake about 3 foot long. One of the men jump into this large puddle of water and wade across as the other two men go out of sight. The man gets to the snake and begins to try to obtain it but get struck multiple times before finally getting hold of the snake. The man is sitting down when the woman screams "another one".The man turns back to look and doesn't see the ten or so foot black python until he turns back around and it is face to face with him.The snake seems more curious than dangerous and the man is calm.A a starring contest ensues my line of sight changes and as the man begins to reach for the pythons neck I become the man on the ground. I grab the large black snake by the neck and begin chocking the snake, with it mouth wide it stretched back like its being over powered and have no other option.The giant snake does not try to rap around me or anything a python would do, so with the mater at hand I check on the other snake( The Small one).As I bring my left hand in to the picture I realise that what I have in the grasp of my left hand is not a snake but a cougar.Snarling and hissing at me with all the intensity of a large game cat and very difficult to control.My left side grows more and more heavy and I begin to think I have two very large and aggressive(even though one has shown no signs of aggression) animals in my hands why not make them kill each other. The snake will poison the cat(even though pythons are not poisonous) and the cat will rip the snake apart.I try to put each animal in a position in which they have no choice but to attack each other but the closer they get to each other the more difficult it is to control them.I believe they are close enough to attack but neither does and I feel the illusionof control changes and I wake up.

My Interpretation

The lady in the house is my mom, instigating as always,the tain snake is my dad. My dad and I have issues because... well I'm lazy and won't help him with thing he is doing.The Black python is my brother not really a threat but can be perceive as one because like the whole family doesn't take much to upset.My interpretation is I will be outside an issues in which my mother will pressure me into with my dad.My brother trying to calm things down with be attacked by me, taking the focus off my dad making him more agree and in an emotional since more dangerous(The Cougar). With attacking both my father and brother I will soon be overwhelmed and will loose a battle with my family that will either kill me emotionally, physically, or spirituality.

My Perception of solving the problem

I Have allot going on in my head, going back to school,wanting to own a business and of course the economy and other issues worrying Americans these days. I see This dream as a way of someone maybe myself telling me to leave as quickly as possible and stay out of family issues. Get away from the negativity and don't go getting into fights with anyone Just stay away from it all.

Tell me what you think, am I on the money or way off. Leave a comment,share with your friends and ask them to comment on this article as well,I would really like feedback on this.


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    • wizardjc01 profile image

      wizardjc01 6 years ago from Geneva,Alabama

      one question What Man on the porch? if your talking about the camera man that was my line of sight which mean that was how I saw the dream and that man inturn became the man on the grownd therefor giving way to the achknolegdement of that perseption nolonger being needed

    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 6 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Greetings Wizard --

      My observations: 1. Your dream opens with a "confrontation. 2. I believe the Python is YOU. 3. The small tan snake, turned cougar your brother.

      In the dream, your mother sees you approaching and hollers snake! The tan snake is 3-ft long, representing the three men approaching the house. I believe the man on the porch with your mother is your father.

      You found the Python to be more "curious than dangerous" -- I thought this was profound since this is not the "nature" of the Python. The cougar (your brother) does not want "conflict" with you, his brother.

      The three men are representatives of your issues: School, business, and economy. You have the characteristics of a chameleon due to your ability to manipulate circumstances and situations by understanding what prompts people to do what they do. Snake was "curious." The perception of your laziness is deceptive to others because your not "seen" as a threat but that is deceiving, as their lies your power!

      There you go! My two...okay...three cents!