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Intuition - Knowing beyond logic...some thoughts about book...

Updated on January 29, 2012


Intuition….What is it? Lets see. Acording to OSHO, intuition comes from nowhere and it’s a part of the heart. It is like a superior phenomen. People with open mind have good intuition, and closed minded people have a mind that its closed in the boarders of the rationality, where the intuition can’t come. Osho says that mind works with things that we know, and not with the things that it don’t knows. In the case of the intuition, it works with unknowing, with the things that cannot be known. The secret of rich life is unknowing, it is the life in itself.

Head, heart and body...

Our individuality is compoused by three things: head, heart and body. We divide ourselves to understand our human been, because we are just one. Every part has a function. The mind or the intellect is the function of the head, the instinct is the function of the body, and intuition is the function of the heart. An wised person is that one which creates an echilibrium between head, heart and body. The instinct everytime is correct, it always shows to us the right path and also the path which the univers follows. The intuition opens its doors through meditation, which is simply a knock knock at the intuition’s door. Also the intuition makes a person more wised.

Osho says that you must understand what I am saying, and not to learn what I am telling you. If u listening to me, you go with me. Keep in to your mind that the human been don’t know anything. The essential thing remains unknown for us people. When the mind isn’t busy with things, thoughts, then its exists what it is. It is simply the truth.

The man is like the onion, and the art of living is to clean the onion and to reach its heart. When the rationality fails, only the intuition can work out.


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