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Intuitions and Inspirations.

Updated on November 19, 2011

Ideas, intuitions and inspirations behind my writing!

Yes, it is intuition and inspiration which prompt me to write. I am really fond of writing on my pet subjects viz., philosophy, spirituality and Gurus. I experienced enough troubles and tribulations even from my boyhood. At that time, my hobby was to pick up some elevating books like the stories of saints and sages. I enjoyed reading Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Shri Ramana, Shri Rama Tirta, Shirdi Saibaba. Somehow I was attracted to philosophical books. I had great regard for Advaita (Non-dual philosophy) advocated by Adhi Sankara, a great saint who lived during 6th or 7the century AD. As a boy of 16 years, i was not aware how my interest grew in those sublime philosophies. It may be due to the agitations of mind and endless troubles in the family.

While I was pursuing my final year Diploma in Engineering, I came to know about one Sathya Saibaba through a newspaper article. I didn't subscribe to the views expressed by the author. Mainly I did not relish the idea that Shirdi Saibaba has incarnated as Sathya Saibaba since I have developed a great reverence to Shirdi Saibaba and i could not agree that Shirdi Baba has incarnated again in a new form. I thought that this is a bogus man claiming his identity with Shirdi Baba. But somehow my father had developed great faith in Sathya Sai form, though he was also an ardent devotee of Shirdi Baba. I argued with my father who pitied me for my ignorance of Truth. However one day I started reading a book about Sathya Saibaba casually, though I have no liking for this man with the bush hair. After complete reading of the book, which contained the life history, i started reading his lectures. Though outwardly I was unaware, an inner transformation was taking place subtly. When I was travelling by bus to my Institute, two people were arguing about Sathya Saibaba, one for and one against. Without my volition, i started arguing in favor of Sathya Saibaba against my own views at that time. Sathya Saibaba has started influencing me very subtly and it was my first experience which was so personal.

Now I have become an ardent fan of Sathya Saibaba. I started reading whatever literature was available on him. Then started the real encounter with Saibaba. He came to Chennai and I had the opportunity to go near him with the hope of getting some sort of blessing. Without my volition I asked him when I can visit Puttaparthi? I had never thought of the question and it blurted out of my mouth and Saibaba lovingly replied "Come during the first week of January. It was 7th January 1965 and i was blessed with a personal audience with Sathya Saibaba in his private room. Saibaba lovingly told me about my worries and about my mother who was bed ridden with mental depression for many years after my birth. Saibaba told me, "I will take care but he told me that there is no threatening for her life! I did not relish his assurance on her longivity since she was found to be a great source of worry for the entire family and we had undergone mental tortures due to her bizarre talks and behavior. Exactly one week after i returned from Baba, my mother jumped into a deep well in a bit of histeria. The well was narrow but contained more than 20 feet water. My mother was very bulky and it was a wonder that she didn't drown but was holding one end of a rope which was meant for drawing water. The other end was lying loosely as though somebody was holding it incognito. When my father and myself grabbed the other end of the rope, we could feel the weight of my mother. Due to some miracle she was saved with the help of a passerby who jumped into the deep well without caring for his personal safety. My mother was rescued and the miracle part is she has escaped unhurt. Then only i remembered the prophetic remarks of Saibaba one week ago.

Naturally my interest in Saibaba grew in an amazing way. I was hardly 20 years at that time. I had undergone many such experiences. Sometimes, Baba came in my dreams and he was conveying many ominous things. Though I could never decipher them, I found that these dream visits saved me from many a catastrophes. Thus my relationship with Baba grew and I am still keeping my inner contact with him very often though he is no more physically now. As I was maturing little by little, my faith in him as the in dweller of my heart grew mysteriously. Any sincere prayer to him said from the bottom of the heart bore fruit without fail. Then one day i thought of posting something about my dear Saibaba in a blog. That was my first post and it came out nicely. The funniest thing is I never keep any notes nor I choose a subject to post. Every thing took place at the spur of the moment and I was typing the post effortlessly and ideas started forming in the mind with quick succession. I found that it is not my effort or my ideas. Then I found i was posting intuitively with inspiration. Thank you for reading this hub patiently. Rest in next hub.

I am behind your actions.


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