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Some Things You Need to Know While Investigating Mormonism...

Updated on April 10, 2013


I am not a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Members of said faith are often refered to as Mormons or LDS, I am not. These hubs include ideas, concepts, and precepts that I was taught that may or may not be official church doctrine (people like to teach what they feel, often times not in line with official doctrine).

If you try to strike up a debate in the comments section, I will likely allow it if you are not racist, sexist, or militantly vegan. No threats, though I find condemnation a little funny. "F-bombs" will not be tolerated, even though it is my favorite four-letter word. Keep in mind this is the internet and people will say what they want to say, to whom, and when they see fit. If you get your panties in a wad, start a hub and tell people about your feelings.

Basic Beliefs

Whether you think this shit is true or not, here are some of Mormonism's basic beliefs.

1) We are children of God.

2) We are here to be happy.

3) We descended from Adam and Eve and no others.

4) Don't be gay.

5) Read and believe the Book of Mormon.

6) Pay 10% tithes.

7) Ignore all logic contrary to 1-6. Do not believe there is contrary logic. What contrary logic?

Intelligent Design? The Jury is Still Out.

Everyone I have ever met that believes in God gets a warm-fuzzy feeling from believing we are His children.

Problem with this concept is that I'm not really convinced there is a God. There is only testimony to His greatness and glory, all heresay that was often written down centuries after it supposedly was witnessed. What actual infallible evidence is there to prove God's existence? None.

I had one person try telling me that logic was not the point of religion. Religion encompassed the heart and soul, the feelings and emotions. It is not a math problem to be solved. This, of course, is the test to see if you can be manipulated with emotional reasoning. Emotional reasoning clouds logic, but as she said religion is not a logic problem. "Reach out to God with your heart, Science Guru. Feel with your soul, see if you can sense His love." What did I feel? I felt like an idiot. Why did I entertain her debate for so long? Regardless, I did feel like there was some intelligence out there, one that has an intention or purpose for me and my existence.

Upon reading a bit of psychology you, my dear reader, may discover that humans are quite often born with an ability to dilude ourselves. We are not Spock. We often times believe what we want to believe, even if it's clearly wrong. Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth-Fairy stuff.

So that feeling that there is an intelligence out there with some intention or purpose for my existence... Is that God? Or a more vague entity? Or multiple entities? Or is that just my brain tricking me into believing that we are more than we really are?

The jury is still out. Therefore I find "Agnostic" to be the most accurate adjective to describe my position on religion. I do have a chip on my shoulder against people that seem so certain of the "truths" they preach as there is no conclusive proof or disproof. Religious people irritate the shit out of me, but since atheists tend to mind their own business I tend to accept them more readily.

Character of God

One mistake that I make on a regular basis is even entertaining the debate that God exists. That is the first victory for any person debating for God's existence. Most will assume you believe that much if you are even debating past that. Don't make that assumption with me. And yes, I am a sucker that likes to take the bate beyond His existence.

Something tends to chap my ass about this whole God thing. Let's talk about God as described in the Old Testament of the Bible. He describes himself as a jealous God. He ordered the genocide of the Canaanites. He cursed an entire race for the sins of one man - on multiple occasions. He ordered individuals to have sex with other members of their family. God rained fire onto Sodom and Gomorrah. He gambled with Job's comfort and family - gambled with the devil I might add. God ordered multiple wars with countless millions lost due to prejudice and hate. He's vengeful. He's prejudicial. He's contradictory. And he's apparently broke.

Why on God's green earth would I worship him? He is a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive Father. Entertaining the debate that He even exists, why would I worship Him? I wouldn't. If I stood face to face with Him, I would spit on Him. Therefore, no more capitalizing his name and proper nouns. No more motive for worship even if he is proven to exist.

Excuse me while I go wash out my mouth of that nasty taste all this religion talk has put in the back of my throat.


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