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Investigation Of The Resident Ghost "Esmeralda" - Diary Of A Paranormal Investigator - Part 3

Updated on February 9, 2019

Malt House Theater, March 25, 2016

The Legend:

"The Malt House Theater in Burlington, home of the Haylofters Community Theater, has a resident ghost, dubbed "Esmeralda" by the members. So many have seen her, but mostly we have strange things happen, lights flicker and go out (and often return on when we ask for it), and props are moved when no one is around. During a production of "Camelot" one summer, the director unlocked and opened up the theater to find that the candles on stage had been recently lit.

An actor standing at the back of the theater waiting for a cue during a rehearsal heard a low voice growl, "Get off my a--!" Other noises and general creepy feelings have been acknowledged, and the up left corner backstage is usually cold and clammy feeling, even when the rest of the theater is warm. It is generally accepted that she wears a long, blue Victorian dress, and she has never done anything really nasty. Once, when directing a children's show, some of my kids (who knew nothing of Essie) came in from waiting outside in the area behind the theater to say "a lady in a long blue dress was floating back there.

The Investigation:

When we arrived at the Malt House Theater, we immediately started looking at the theater windows to see where light and sudden drafts could come in and made notes of those particular places. While our team set up the equipment we would use that night, I went on a walk through with Lenore, our most gracious host. We went into the stage area where she said Essie had sometimes been seen. Our team set up a stationary night-shot camera fixed on the stage, while I went down under ground into the dressing room with Lenore.

She told me that the majority of the sightings were in the dressing room, and that one of her Haylofters members, Joyce, had told the story of the little girl coming from the waiting area where Essie was floating around. The building was old, and though Lenore could not tell me the age of the building, it looked to be Mid to late 1800 s.

We started the investigation in the dressing room of this very small building. Tim took the far end of the room where he started recording with one of our night-shot camcorders, and immediately started picking up orb movement. The rest of the crew started taking pictures with our digital cameras and using our emf detector as well as the IR thermometer, and our EVP recorder. We then split up into 2 groups. Anna, Diane, Tim, and I (Eddie) took the tunnel that ran under the parking lot.

Rick and Luis took the main theater. While we did not catch anything in the cavern when we went out to the catwalk above the dressing room, some interesting photos were taken. All in all, it was a very ordinary night in our eyes, but in many investigations you will not know how good a night you had until you look at the evidence you have gathered the next day. Tim had caught numerous orbs with his camcorder, and Luis caught some interesting orbs with his digital camera, but the shocker was the one I caught with my digital camera. What I caught was not a female apparition, but what appears to be a male apparition which nobody at the theater new existed. You can see the photo in the paranormal photos section under the heading Malt House Theater.

Ghost Hunting in The Walker House, July 30, 2016

The Legend:

The Walker House was built in the mid 1800's and was the site of the hanging of William Caffee who rode on his casket playing the death march with 2 beer bottles. There is much debate about whether the man he shot and killed was murder or self-defense. Since his hanging over the years there have been many reports of ghostly apparitions as well as footsteps and other ghostly phenomena.

The Investigation:

We met with the owners and their daughter whom has been sensitive to spirits for some time now, we toured the building and interviewed the owners. The only part of the building that has not been touched since the 1980's is the pub which was also the quietest room during our investigation, the owner told us of a medium that visited the Walker House and told him that there were 22 separate souls in the building at that time. We went dark around 9p.m. and split into groups, one group took the 3rd floor while the other stayed on the ground floor. We immediately started getting some activity in the area that was the front desk back in the day it was the same place where the medium said she would a man in 1800's clothing smiling at her.

We put an EMF detector on the desk and it started to go crazy, mind you there was no power in the building because it is under renovations we took pictures and caught orbs and mists. We also started asking the spirits to let us know if they were there and a rattling sound started in the front desk area followed by tapping on the wall, we made sure everyone was accounted for so there would be no question. Later in the night we sat in the hallway of the third floor because this medium said that William Caffee was in a certain room, about 5 minutes into the steak out one of our team members noticed that there was a shadow in my night vision screen, as we looked at it you could see the outline and could see that the shadow was in the kneeling position.

The shadow started walking towards us and you hear the footsteps you could also literally see the shadow getting closer, when it within 10-15 feet from us the EMF detector started going off again. We later caught what we assume to be the same shadow on tape again. This was a fantastic place to visit and has a different energy to it as well as being on the US list of historical places. The night was just an amazing opportunity for our group and we thank the owners. I have no doubt that The Walker House is haunted but do not get the feeling that these are unhappy spirits.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • KayleiRodriguez profile image


      15 months ago

      Picture for "Join ghost hunting in the Walkers House" IS SOOOO COOL

    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      16 months ago from Sri lanka

      It's amazing !!!


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