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Inviting Faeries Into Your Life

Updated on May 25, 2017
RJ Schwartz profile image

Our world is full of amazing things, and researching them is almost as fun as writing about them.

If your one of the millions of people across the globe who believe in faeries and faerie magic, most of what follows will seem elementery. I hope you'll continue to read and comment; for I'm always an avid listener to others experiences. And if you're the skeptical type, maybe someone who is on the fence, or an absolute disbeliever, I implore you to press on and have an open mind for the journey; you just might discover something truly amazing. And if you're uncertain about what side of the fence you sit on, or have never been exposed to the wonderous delights of the world of fairies, then you should also trod forth with the steps of an adventurer embarking on a mission.

What are Faeries?

A faerie (also spelled fairy, fairie, or faery) is magical creature that is human-like in appearance and dimutive in size. The term faerie is often used interchangeably to describe all magical creatures, such as elves, gnomes, and sprites. This confusion arose from older terminologies in which the word also meant enchanted, when used adjectively. For clarity sake, the entire pantheon of magical creatures are mostly referred to today, as fae or fay or as creatures coming from the realm of the fay. This distinction is important, as some of the creatures erroneously lumped into the faeries category, are not creatures you would want to willingly invite into your life. I don't suspect anyone would line up to beg a goblin to share their space. It is also worth noting that the creatures of the magical world have been so distorted and mischaracterised in movies, books, and drawings over the years, many people aren't aware of their true nature. Faeries are usually portrayed as having wings, similar to insects. In actuality, aside from a few specific air-faeries, most were wingless. Faeries are magical creatures and can fly without wings, but during the Victorian era, they were given wings when drawn or sculpted; perhaps to make them more appealing. There are literally thousands of books available for the scholarly type to educate themselves on the many accounts of faeries throughout history, or one could simply commune with them and get a first hand account.

So, You're Still Reading....

If you’re come this far, you are likely wondering why it would be beneficial to invite faeries into your life. The answer is not too complicated, but somewhat complex as it develops. Inviting the faeries into your life will help you to reacquaint yourself with the natural world around you. Or if you've not had the opportunity to develop a relationship with nature, inviting a faerie into your life will provide you with a willing teacher and guide. Our ancestors were in tune with their surroundings on a level we simply cannot comprehend, as they depended on nature for their very survival. Today, most people have lost touch with nature or never had a relationship to begin with. Faeries are the essence of the natural world and can guide us with tender care into the wild. Faeries also teach us to relax, and they do so using nature; hence the importance of being close to nature. The natural world is filled with things simple, beautiful, amazing, and breathtaking, and collectively they are the greatest relaxation tool in the history of the universe.

Why Choose Nature?

Spending time in nature means so much more than cutting your lawn or watering your petunias. Leave your neighborhood and head to someplace where everything is green, the air is so fresh and sweet it feels like no one has ever touched it, and the only roads are from habitat to watering hole. Nature presents us with more health benefits than you might expect. Extended time in the outdoors is very positive. Your mental energy rises, and your stress goes down, plus you have improved concentration. You’re more focused, think more creatively, and you’re chances of an early death are reduced. Your short-term memory improves and you chances of losing your vision get less over time. All of these and more come from nature; so open your life to the faeries and let them show you how to connect with the natural world. All it takes is an open mind to begin your journey.


Becoming aware to the presence of faeries involves tapping into your primitive core; it means allowing your instincts to control your decisions instead of the fantasy stories you’ve heard your entire life. It means having the patience to wait for them to come to you and not try to hunt for them. It means using your imagination to search your local forest for potential faerie dwellings. Allow yourself to sink slowly into the faerie world through your subconscious, try to picture how things would look, and ultimately who or what creatures you will encounter. You can improve your chances by being in those places at either dusk or dawn and at the stroke of midnight. You can also have success on the fall equinox, as that is the day when the veil is thinnest.


Learn to become part of the landscape in the area that you were drawn to as a possible faerie place. Each time you go there, go to the same place and maintain similar behaviors. Let your mind wander and assume that the thoughts you have are driven by your intuition and you should start to feel a chance and hopefully an awakening of sorts. People have reported feeling very warm all over, or like a warm blanket was suddenly wrapped around their shoulders. Others have told of tingling arms and legs, sudden numbness, and rapid complete body chills upon their first epiphany. After this breakthrough, chances are high that you will begin to see movements at the far edges of your sight line. You’ll reflexively turn to find empty space in front of you. Again and again it happens as you turn hard over and over before realizing the faeries are playing a game and you are the “ball.” Don’t get upset, and try to stop turning to look at them and they’ll calm down. Each encounter will be different, and you’ll leave feeling entranced, uplifted, and both excited and positive about life in general.


As you continue your journey with the faeries, you can plant a garden or flower bed in your yard but it must be tended with utmost love. This shows respect for nature; something the faeries will regard very highly. The more you contribute to nature, the greater your chances are for a faerie to bless you. If you can’t plant a garden, you can leave food offerings outside (a list of faerie food favorites can be found in the appendix.) The faeries won’t usually eat the food, but will ingest its essence and be fulfilled. Faeries can evaluate people by their actions and deeds and appreciate it when people do things to reverse the damages caused to nature by industrialization and irresponsibility. Live your life like you depend on the environment around you to survive.


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