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Invocation of Ganesha

Updated on September 30, 2012

A Poem of Bhakti

"Concerning the Ceremonies. Let the Philosophus prepare a powerful Invocation of the particular Deity according to his Ingenium.

But let it consist of these several parts:

First, an Imprecation, as of a slave unto his Lord.
Second, an Oath, as of a vassal to his Liege.
Third, a Memorial, as of a child to his Parent.
Fourth, an Orison, as of a Priest unto his God.
Fifth, a Colloquy, as of a Brother with his Brother.
Sixth, a Conjuration, as to a Friend with his Friend.
Seventh, a Madrigal, as of a Lover to his Mistress.

And mark well that the first should be of awe, the second of fealty, the third of dependence, the fourth of adoration, the fifth of confidence, the sixth of comradeship, the seventh of passion.

Further concerning the ceremonies. Let then this Invocation be the principal part of an ordered ceremony. And in this ceremony let the Philosophus in no wise neglect the service of a menial. Let him sweep and garnish the place, sprinkling it with water or with wine as is appropriate to the particular Deity, and consecrating it with oil, and with such ritual as may seem him best. And let all be done with intensity and minuteness."

-ASTARTE vel Liber BERYLLI sub figura CLXXV-

Assumption of the Godform

(Slave to Lord, sense of awe)

Thou Master of Infinite Strength, beast of mighty girth and power, I the little speck of generative aspiration do kindle a fire of devotion unto Thee.

With little freedom I the Servant of Thou the Beast do use every twig and stem of my service to kindle a great flame to set myself free, yea, to set myself free, with Thee the Master of All Who Overcome Obstruction!

With my whole being I quake before Thy coming, Thou ever-vigilant beast of sure memory! Every step of mine is set to echo Thy magnificent trials, Thou who hast overcome the Kali-Yuga.

By my little breaths do I praise the winds of thy magnitude, by the True Word Thou bearest upon Thine unbreakable back!

(Vassal to Lord, sense of fealty)

With words of power and fealty I dedicate these actions - I swear before Thee to make every action here in this Holy Circle an act of devotion, an act of identification, an act of pure will which fulfills our age-long love.

All folly, all wisdom, all action, all rest is hereby dedicated to Thee the Beast-in-Foundation!

All mistakes are a courtship unto success, and all victories are witness to your completion!

By all oaths and acts of devotion I have sworn, I swear to fulfill thy lore and legacy under the auspices of the Aeon, by thine Office granted by the Minister of Silence - so with my all.

Every act, every word, every deed within this Holy Circle shall be a dance in Thine honour.

Through these libations, incantations and dances I swear to overcome all obstacles to pure will!

(Child to Parent, sense of dependence)

With walls broken, waters crossed, guardians overcome, debts paid, or doors opened, Thou hast been with Me since the beginning.

My Ganesh! Thou hast dealt blows to every fiend who hath set themselves before me, though I resisted Thy love even so. Though I knew it not, Thou wast there to overcome through aspiration!

Thy strength is mine, and Mine is thine I have grown and known through Thee. For every trial has been a lesson taught by Thee.

The Horror of empty eyes is a little herald-figure sent by Augoiedes to teach us the royal art of

Removing Obstacles, to step through the Threshold. That is Thy Lust, O Ganesha my Ganesh!

My aspiration is as an infinite lineage to thy Seed within me! Yea, Thy seed within Me!

(Priest to God, sense of adoration)

Together we shall sweep across the globe in royal consummation, O Thou my Ganesh, World Elephant of the Aeons! Together we shall shew forth the glad word which Thou bearest - the obstructions shall be overcome by the combined effort of mine incantations of love and by Thine insurmountable actions of will!

Thou Ganesha, Thou shalt overcome all restriction, thou wilt become as a purple-flame of Elephantine fury! A royal feast shall be held in Thine honour!

The heathens of unbelieving sloth shall sleep a dreamless slumber! O my Ganesh of unstoppable motion, how Thou dost overcome All!

Ganesha my Ganesh! Thy memory retrieves all, and every grain of remembrance is Thine! O mine Elephant-god, how every action echoes Thy memory. Yea, echoes Thy memory!

(Brother to Brother, sense of confidence)

O Thou Ganesh of Elephantine Lust! Thy dorje of shakti commands the shiva of thy desire, and I am kin to Thy Seed!

There is no division between us, for thy mother is My Cup, and thy father is My Wand! Upon My Disc shall ye dance - for the waters, winds and fires of Thy creation hath shaped our mutual desire.

O Thou Brother-God! By my breath is this song made Holy unto Us, for it sings through all obstruction and frees us both for absolute movement about the Globe of Will!

(Friend to Friend, sense of comradeship)

For the wines of past intoxication have eased our speech, that we may bond Heart to heart. The meals shared have fortified our mutual love under will, that we may commence and fulfill the Yellow Pilgrimage unto the Sun!

Come, my Moving God! Come, and dine with me once more! Come, for the table is Set, and the slaves bring us a Feast of Experience once more, to heal the wounds of joyous battle!

My home is yours, and yours is mine. Yea, Yours is Mine!

(Lover to Lover, sense of passion)

O Thou Ganesha, my Ganesh, Behemoth-God! For countless centuries have we carried the burden with ivory tusk and mammoth girth. How my loins burn from the exercise of Our Love!

O Thou Grey-Beast, O Thou Ganesha, my Ganesh! For one kiss of battle have we smashed the walls of the citadel-restriction, that our lust might plunder the goods therein! How my tusk hardens at the memory!

O Thou Ganesha, my Ganesh, Thou Animal-God! For each thrust of Thy foot unto the Kingdom has my own step been quickened! How my heart bursts with every breath you take through my trunk!

O Thou Ganesha, my Ganesh, Thou Generation-God! For every sigh of the scribe hast Thou bellowed with leaping laughter unto No End! How the lust of union dissolves every cell of division!

Thus and not otherwise did I know the memory of the World-Elephant,

yea, the memory of the World-Elephant!"

(First printed in the Warriors LVX, Vol. 11 No. 1)


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