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Irrespective of events, I am Happy - Sathya Saibaba.

Updated on August 18, 2013

We all depend on events very badly.

“Irrespective of events, I am happy-Sathya Saibaba! This one line has prompted me to delineate on this hub. We sadly depend on events. Yes, without events our life will become desperate. Yes, we are accustomed to events greatly in our life. How long you will be staring at the ceiling of a room? We need changes badly. It is said by some great man that ‘change of work is rest’. Man has been programed to perform actions. Even thinking is a mental action. Breathing is one type of action. Though breathing and thinking seems involuntary, but they go on continuously. Otherwise we won’t survive. Many people complain “My mind has become blank”. But they are not aware that a blank mind is always better than a thinking mind or chattering mind. Yes, there is a constant chatter going on inside our mind. Unfortunately we are not able to control it. Hence the saints and philosophers recommend ‘meditation’ to calm our mind which is full of thoughts!

For some people life has become a monotonous one. Why? They follow the same routine everyday religiously. They are caught up in a rut. Of course, we need discipline to become punctual at our places of work. This definitely requires planning and time management. Hence we follow a fixed routine every day. But sometimes, it is inevitable to change the pattern at the same time keeping our time.

Now let us revert to the assertion of Saibaba. He has said, “Irrespective of events, I am happy! This clearly shows that he is not depending on events for amusement. Whether events takes place or not, he simply is not concerned at all since he is only a mute witness to them. But we are all concerned with favorable events to take place every now and then. Hence we are mad after events. If some events brought failure, we are anxious to set right the same. Either way, we want events to keep our mind engaged. A silent mind has become anathema to man. But he is not aware that the ancient sages strived for hundreds and thousands of years in deep meditation to silence the mind. We must understand that the thoughts are disruptions in the calm surface of the conscious mind as winds cause the waves on the ocean surface. Imagine a pellucid lake in a thick jungle. Even the winds do not touch their surface due to thick growth of vegetation all around. Throw a small pebble on the surface. The pebble causes waves on the surface and reaches unto the outer periphery of the lake. It is only a small pebble but it has disturbed the calm surface. Our thoughts are like pebbles thrown on the calm surface of inner consciousness. Hence each thought causes us agitations whether it is a good or bad one.

Hence, the only solution to remain calm is to avoid the maddening thoughts. Thoughts arise due to food and environment. A minute portion of the food is converted as thoughts. Hence many preceptors teach us to eat only soft food which is called “Sathvic” in Hindu scriptures. Which category of food falls in the description? Whole grains, a little milk, honey, buttermilk, green leaves and vegetables all constitute Sathvic food. When we consume such food in moderate quantities, our mind gains composure. Try eating hot chilies, fried food, and fast food full of masala or oil. Then our mind loses the balance, we tend to get agitated. Why? Our digestion system is so designed to adapt to foods which are easily digestible and which will convert into energy and strength. The second category of food needs longer time to digest. Lot of undigested waste is produced inducing gas formation, irritating our bowels etc. Naturally one becomes restless and angry when they consume tasty fried items full of hot chilies. There is a third category of food which has been prepared long back and refrigerated. It is kept in the fridge for few days and the required quantity taken out and heated before consumption. It may be meat items or certain vegetables too. After consuming such items, one tends to become lethargic and sleepy. Hence, those who are intent to lead a calm and peaceful life should try to avoid the second and third category preferably. We should adapt such pattern of life which will refine our mind which will lead to cessation of thoughts. When thoughts become lesser and lesser, you will enjoy more peace and calmness. Thoughts are really deterrents to peace.

Saibaba in contemplation!


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