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Is Astrology relevant in Election scenario?

Updated on April 18, 2014

Astrologically, the contenders for PM's post.

The Planetary effects on politicians of India!

In the present day scientific environment, the mention of 'astrology' evokes different reactions. Astrology is practised not alone in India but everywhere in the world in different forms. From the ancient African tribes to the modern day pundits, many believe in the relevance of astrology in human life. They assert that the events culminate due to the effects of planets and stars in the sky. Many authors have penned the topics of astrology, predictions, palmistry, numerology, Indian and western horo systems etc. It is not a wonder that the pocket books for each sign is sold in millions since people rely on the influence of planets.

In India, many people propitiate the gods whenever there is a shift of major planet from one house to the other. Mainly people fear the effects of Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. Even favourable planets like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus sometimes cause untold misery in the life of people whereas the malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu does lot of good to certain people.

When a child is born in a specific place on earth, the position of planets at the time of birth in the sky determine the fortunes of the child. The time of birth, place of birth etc determine the position of planets with reference to the star of the baby and the ascendant. Not all the people rise to become powerful man in their life. Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family but he rose to become the President of United States. Though he was upright, honest and hardworking, many attribute to his fortune, the disposition of planets in heaven at the time of his birth. Whether one believe in astrology or not, it is true that the planets determine the weather of the world. Many places are hot due to direct rays of Sun. Many places are extremely cold due to the absence of Sun. It is also evident that during full moon days, waves rise more than in normal days. Hence there is an unknown connection between the moon's rays and the waves of the ocean!

We are presently witnessing a great election scenario in India. We have mainly three candidates in prey 1. Narendra Modi of BJP 2. Rahul Gandhi of Congress 3. Arvind Kejriwal of AAP and the regional satraps who want to play important role in the formation of government in Center. Every one in India is aware of the influence of Narendra Modi in Indian politics. He started his life as a tea seller in trains. But he rose to become a Chief Minister in one of the industrialized states of India for three consecutive terms. How it was possible for him to rise? Many people point out his stubborn aim and emphatic victories to the combination of two planets in his horoscope! Likewise, an insignificant name in politics, Arvind Kejriwal has won 28 seats in the capital within one year of formation of his party. The other one Rahul Gandhi, happened to be the son of Rajiv Gandhi, ex prime minister of India who was assassinated in a bomb blast by Sri Lankan Tamil group. Each of the contenders have different backgrounds in life and the meteoric rise of Modi is a case point.

One's character, speech and dominance depends upon the way he lived his life. Comparatively, Rahul Gandhi is from an affluence family, Modi has started from scratch and Arvind Kejriwal was an Officer in Income tax department. Modi has joined the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak when he was young and he was a disciplined soldier of the RSS. By his disciplined ways he rose to become a student leader in RSS and entered the election prey in Gujarat to become Chief Minister!

Astrologically, the present time is more favourable to Modi, less favourable to Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. One famous astrologer has written that until May 6, the time is favourable to Modi but it is doubtful whether he will occupy the Prime Minister post! The astrologer says that one elderly man or a lady may become the Prime Minister due to the combination of several malefic planets in Libra. It is also predicted that there is threat to many politicians during the current period. The astrologer has ruled out the chance of Rahul Gandhi to become a PM. Arvind Kejriwal will lose his prominence in political arena but he will be a distractor to Modi and Gandhi. Hence, this election is sure to bring certain unexpected results after the counting and in all probability, Modi may not occupy the coveted post of PM>


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