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Is COVID-19 Prophesied In The Bible? Can We Break Prophecy?

Updated on June 5, 2020

On one particular night, I had a dream, while I was in my little cocoon, in a home that felt like a cave because of the COVID-19 lockdown. In the dream, I saw the word COVID-19 popping out of the biblical text, indicating that it’s a prophecy. A prophecy is a prediction about the future.

Many historical events have been prophesied in the word of God, and needless to say, many have been fulfilled. However, prophecies were broken in God’s word, too. Let’s take Jonah for instance, he was asked to prophesy to the rebellious people of Nineveh by God. His prophecy predicted that Nineveh would be overturned in 40 days, but the people of Nineveh responded to his prophecy by crying out to God. God decided to cancel the prophecy.

Elijah the prophet prophesied a devastating prophecy against Ahab, a wicked king of Israel. However, Ahab goes into a state of mourning and cries to God for deliverance. God decides to cancel the prophecy. Let’s take another example: Hezekiah became gravely ill, and Isiah the prophet brought word from the Lord to set his house in order and prophesied that he was going to die, but when Hezekiah cried, the Lord changed his mind and cancelled the prophecy.

God broke the prophecy because of Hezekiah’s tears. Moses, on the other hand, did not cry when God asked him to die on the mountain because, unlike Hezekiah, he was fed up with the people of Israel. Moses quietly died without asking for an extension even though God had prophesied that the people of Israel would forsake God.

Are we feeling bad when the prophetic world events come to pass? Or do we quietly wait for rapture and leave the world behind as Christians? Because if we cried, God would listen and break the prophecy written in the book of revelations.

Did God know about the COVID-19? Is it prophesied in the Bible? The Bible talks about the four horses: the white horse is the horse of deception, the red horse represents conquest through war, the black horse is famine, and the pale horse is the horse of sickness.

A pandemic has changed the way we work, think, learn and produce. People are afraid to step out without being over cautious. The world has changed and adapted to the fear of getting infected. The number of jobs lost due to Corona virus could total 47 million across the globe. According to the ILO report, it is the worst global crisis after the Second World War. The estimated death count because of the virus is 393,760 and the number infected is 6,735,174.

The world is slowly working its way to the end. I think we shouldn’t just pray for salvations so as many of us go to heaven in rapture, but also pray for seals and judgements to be cancelled. The people who are left behind may never see the harsh realities of the sorrowful days that are prophesied in the Bible if we stand in the gap, and pray that it never come to pass, like in the days of Jonah.



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