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Is Death all its cracked up to be?

Updated on March 1, 2015

My own near death experience

This is a story of my mother's NDE not my own as I've never had one, but I feel this is close enough to be able to experience one at first hand. She was a chronic asthmatic all her life and when she was in her mid forties I vividly remember her suffering a frantic attack. My father lay her down on their bed and didn't call an ambulance but in a quick thinking move called our family doctor who was a very good golfing friend of my father's and only lived five minutes away so would have been far faster than an ambulance. My two older sisters and myself were either dispatched outside the house or perhaps through total fear of the situation just moved out there. I can't remember.

Anyway the kindly tall Irish doctor arrived very quickly with a resuscitation pump and got to work straight away. My mother we learnt afterwards had in the doctor's eyes, clinically died.

She was revived and a side effect of this was that she lost every hair on her head over a few months. It just dropped out over a period of a few months. I recall her spending thousands on charlatans trying to quickly grow it back but nothing worked and she had to endure wigs and headscarves. After about a year it did naturally grow back. The loss of hair was presumably put down to the entire trauma of the experience.

I can't remember when it was but perhaps a year or so later, maybe only a few months later she told me of suddenly seeing and moving upwards into a bright white light. She didn't mention anything else about this (others as you'll see in later experiences have talked to others or seen others) except to say that she was intensely saddened to come to in our world again. That in itself is interesting to me as she was leaving a man, my father, who she just adored, plus three young children without another thought. That may sound rather selfish and I don't really mean it that way. What I do mean is that passing over as she experienced, albeit briefly, appears to be such a beautiful moment that no matter what state a person is at the time , that that's simply forgotten, or just not included at all. That's great to know because you can have relief that if a person's final moments are quite violent, say a car wreck, murder, fire or bomb blast, that that is instantly forgotten as they travel up this intense peaceful white light.

Other people's experiences

I saw a British documentary years ago on television on near death experiences and a few were very interesting.

The first was a girl who'd been totally blind since birth and was now about thirty odd years old. She was rushed to emergency surgery after suffering critical injuries in a car wreck. What was fascinating about this case was not that she saw a white light but for the most of the duration of her operation and given the severity of her injuries you'd have to imagine that the operation would have been done over a few hours or a lot more, that she said she watched herself being operated on from up by the ceiling and a corner of the room. You could perhaps argue that this was the extremely heavy anesthetic that she would have been under causing dreams or illusions but she recounted everything to the surgeons after she came to and was not only perfectly correct but she also detailed every tool that was used to operate on her. They did say to her that they had to revive her many times during the operation.

Another case was a youngish guy in his mid 20's who had suffered a sudden heart attack. He did go through the white light and said on his way he stopped to talk to a couple of horses. He said that all communication was simply mind to mind. I find this part quite interesting because i'm sure that you've had experiences where you've just thought of the same thing as the person you're with, or, they uncannily reveal something that you've just thought of.

Life flashing before your eyes

Many people experience their life appearing in pictures like a slideshow on a near death experience. I myself have three friends who've had this happen to them while nearly drowning. I very nearly drowned myself when I was four or five, waiting for my sisters on a river bank. Unbeknown to me they had gone to another place on the river. I was sitting on the top of a rock when I slipped in. I couldn't swim a stroke and so many years later I can still vividly see all the rocks and weed from way below the surface. I was incredibly lucky as there was nobody else at the river at all but it turned out that there was a bridge in the distance for cars to travel over and a man was positioned up there training a swimmer. He saw me go in and signaled for the swimmer to go save me.

But doing a little research on the net about life flashing before your eyes actually reveals that this experience happens to a lot of people having sheer accidents, not just drowning. One guy I was reading about says he was in the back seat of a car with his girlfriend and that the car was doing about 60mph when a car pulled out of a gas station straight in front of them. He says he wasn't badly hurt but remembers his entire life flashing before him actually before the car hit and he had blacked out. He said he even saw the smallest parts of his life that he would never think of any other day. This to me is interesting because if you ever read the details of someone involved in something like a bad car wreck they invariably say they remember nothing of it because they've blacked out. I wonder if this happens to everyone including of course those who die, so you are lifted up before your inevitable death in such a situation. This would ease a lot of suffering from those left behind if its correct.

Here's an interesting story and theory from a guy working in a coal mine about 25 years ago.

" I had an accident in a coal mine when a piece of machinery pinned me against a wall. The accident happened so fast and my life flashed right in front of me. What was interesting about this was that my brain must have thought I was going to die as all this happened so fast. It seemed like quite a long time but i really have no idea how long it was. My workmate removed the piece of machinery that had me pinned against the wall. I did have some damage to one leg but wasn't ever in any danger of dying just that because of the speed and possible seriousness of the accident my brain thought I was about to die. I recall seeing lots of events in front of me that happened from a very early age and then up."

Here's another:

" When I was a very young girl I was riding my bike going down a road when going around a corner a car was coming the other way and going way too fast. I recall everything going silent and time slowing right down and even though I was very young I saw all these images of my life flashing in front of me. I don't remember seeing any images of family or friends just images of me living my own life. I now don't recall what i'd seen, but just the experience. The car came skidding to a halt inches away from me and I can still see an image of the terrified driver."

Its curious to me that in a lot of these experiences they mention time slowing down. When I was sixteen I had a very nasty car crash. I was driving and I had three friends in the car with me and we were in city I wasn't used to driving in. It was dusk and I went right through an intersection where I was meant to give way to other traffic. I only saw the other car driving through on my right side when it was way too late. It was a heavy British car and we hit it hard on the front fender. This is a long time ago now and I have to say I didn't see anything flash before my eyes but the horror of this crash seemed to take about an hour. I remember seeing the couple in the front both turn towards me just before my car hit them. What happened was that we hit their fender but then we glanced off them so my car then spun in a semi circle. The force of the hit was so great that my drivers door opened up as the car had twisted. We were spinning around and the car then leapt up a very high curve. My body had been half thrown out the door at this stage with my head down by the bottom of the door. With incredible fortune my two friends in the backseat had seen me falling out and grabbed me back in, otherwise I was facing certain death as my head would have been the first to hit the sidewalk as the car was mounting it.

Now all of this like any car crash probably took less than 5 seconds from the time of impact to the time the car finally came to rest - perhaps even less. But like all the people in the examples it was like absolute slow motion. You can remember every tiny detail. The movement of someone else's eye, the objects flying around. I wonder why that is.

Clairvoyants - Can they really contact people that have passed over?

Clairvoyants generally get a lot of bad press and I think for many of them its actually well deserved. Folk will usually only go to a clairvoyant when they've got a problem and the clairvoyant is well aware of that.

Generally those problems can be isolated into just two: Relationships or money. So working on either of these can be very easy for the untalented clairvoyant by asking the right questions. For example, for a young person its more likely to be a relationship question and for an older person, a money problem. So to say to a younger person " In a year's time I can see a man in your life in a dark suit " the clairvoyant has just won the woman over as that's just what she wanted to hear. Adding the year on, buys the clairvoyant time too. The same type of answer for the poor older person would apply too "I can see a lot of money in your life." Its sad to build people's expectations up like this when its not true, but on the other hand it does give them hope and probably pulls them out of their current desperation. Of course, it all could be true anyway. A bad clairvoyant is difficult to prove unless they are obviously bad.

On the other hand there are a handful of extremely good clairvoyants. My wife who wasn't my wife then, we were purely friends, gave me the name of a clairvoyant to go and see a long time ago, but I've always been curious and hadn't seen one before.

She operated out of her kitchen in a very ordinary little house. There were no closed curtains or any other formality, we may as well be having a cup of coffee and a catch up.

First she astounded me by telling me a quite a lot about my past that was deadly accurate. After this I asked if she ever contacted 'spirits.' She said of course she did. She said she had a man with a limp and she laughed as she said "She wont be as bossy as the current one." At first I was really puzzled because I was struggling to find anyone I knew who had died that had a limp. But then I realised it was my father. My father died when he was about 70 and had had quite a slow cruel death over six months. He was very active and a keen golfer. He'd gone for a trip to Hawaii with my mother for a few months but before he left because he had ear problems on the plane he'd gone to the local doctor and had his ears syringed. Any flyer with the same problem should take careful note of this because we didn't know what had happened to him until he had an autopsy. What happened was that almost as soon as he got to Hawaii he developed extreme headaches. My brother in law visited him about two weeks later and noticed that his mouth had gone down on one side and his left eyelid was drooping. We thought it was Bell's Palsy but they said no it wasn't. He underwent so many tests and was in and out of hospital for his last six months. At one point they over medicated him and his leg was permanently numb below his knee. With this, of course, he had a severe limp. What the autopsy threw up was that when he had the syringe in his ear, the doctor had punctured his eardrum. When he got to Hawaii, being a keen swimmer he had a swim and picked up an infection through the punctured ear drum. This then went straight to his nervous system and over that last six months started shutting things down for him.

At this time my father had been dead for about five years. What was interesting about what he was saying was that he mentioned the word 'bossy' that sealed it for me because that's a very old word only used by his generation and he and his sisters used it a lot. The clairvoyant was way too young to have that in her vocabulary so I knew this was genuine. Also when he said " she won't be as bossy as the current one," I knew he was talking about my wife at that time. She really was quite an awful person and we just didn't get along for the life of our marriage. So this ended very happily with a divorce which will sound odd, but I ended up marrying my current wife who's just fabulous and my ex wife ended up marrying a very nice guy and they seem to get along fine.

But anyone who's religious reading this will be interested to know that my father went to church about five times in his life and one of those times was his funeral and one of his last words was "If you can't have a laugh up there then I don't want to go." So for the religious purists amongst us it looks like it doesn't really matter if you miss a few Sundays (or Saturdays) and they must be having a laugh up there too.

My sister in law's father in law died a few years ago and she went off to a clairvoyant some time later. She asked through the clairvoyant what it was like? He said something very curious. He said "I'm getting used to it." So it must be quite different up there as to what we imagine it to be. He also said "I don't know why everyone's so fussing over the ashes" So in other words just relax down here.

But getting back to what my father said "She won't be as bossy as the next one," proves that up there they can see into the future and if they can see into the future then its almost certain that they can see into the past as well.

If you do go to a clairvoyant, a very good one, will like my example, pick up traits of the person they have with them. A really good one will also pick up possibly their name and when they passed over. But look for snippets that only you would know about to see how genuine the clairvoyant is.

I remember my father talking about a wife of a friend going to a clairvoyant a long time ago now. The clairvoyant said she was going to become a sculpturist. She had never picked up a piece of clay or ever thought about this in her life. But, curious, she went to classes and within only a few years became a leading and renowned sculpturist.

Seance's and do they work?

If you've never had a séance before they can be very revealing. What you do is write down the alphabet on a piece of paper then cut the letters out. Form the letters into a circle with an empty diameter gap of about 18 inches. You can only do this with two people or more. Light a candle away from the table where you have your letters, close the curtains and turn a glass tumbler of about six inches tall, upside down. Place the tumbler into the inside of the circle of letters. Next, you and your friend or relative should place just one finger of one hand on the top of the tumbler. You should both concentrate deeply on the fact that you are about to talk to someone who has passed away. If you make a connection, which normally takes just a few minutes, the glass will start to move. You can then ask the spirit questions and it will answer by going from letter to letter.

Personally I find seance's very chilling. I think they're just too close to the spirit world for comfort. I've only being involved in a couple. The first was when I was perhaps about 16 when my elder sister got me involved. At that time it was like a trend (about the same time as fondue and everyone was having a séance). I remember it working and being completely astonished at the glass moving on its own. So was my sister. Of course we both accused each other of manipulating it and then knowing each other well, realised that yes, it was moving all on its own.

The next time I had one was with three other friends on a quiet night. We'd had a couple of beers and someone suggested it. So we set it up and the glass started to move. My brother in law's brother was one of the group. Someone asked 'who are you.? The spirit spelt out his name, which was the same surname as my brother in law's brother. He rose up from the table and turned the light on. He was literally as white as a ghost and fled the room. I thought that the name spelt out was probably his grandfather or even later so couldn't see why he has reacted so quickly. After thinking about it later though I realised that it was his brother who had been killed falling off a horse on their farm about ten years earlier. The other two in the group didn't know him that well so wouldn't have known about the brother at all. That was proof enough for me that seances are very real.

I've never had another one since.


If you've had any interesting after life experiences, or, near death experiences I'd really like to know more. Can you please use the Comments section below to tell more.


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    • JerryFisher profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry Fisher 

      6 years ago from Wellington

      I agree totally with you but would wish that scientists resist making an opinion in this area.

    • OilfeldWorker profile image


      6 years ago

      I say who really knows if a bright light means the end of a brain's life. In many instances, scientists have made claims they believed to be true, until they discovered new facts that refuted those claims.

      Secondly, it seems to me that if people have survived such experiences, then they would not be able to come back to speak on them because they'd be brain dead, because, according to said scientists, the light would've meant their brains' deaths.


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