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Is Divine Denial of Negative Reality a Godly Ritual?

Updated on June 19, 2017

The most powerful Christians are those who pay little attention to the negative reality in their lives and affairs. To such believers, the things which are seen are products of illusions or carnality, which is the outward expression of man’s natural consciousness.

The genuine world is that of the spiritual realm. Christians who possess the divine consciousness understand and clearly discern the things of the spirit.

According to biblical doctrine, Christians are encouraged to have faith in God, regardless of the negativity of the world surrounding them. They are not to believe in negative appearances because God originally created all good. Whatever appears to be a negative power is just an illusion. God didn’t ordain it; neither will he sustain it.

To deny negative reality is to understand that God originally created a perfect world, one that still exists but is unseen by natural minded humanity.

Advantages of Divine Denial

The practice of divine denial is the activity of denying the negative conditions in your life. Instead of Christians acknowledging the problems afflicting their lives, they do the opposite. They powerfully affirm that their lives are full of health, healing, happiness, and wholeness.

When performed immediately after a negative appearance, the divine affirmation has an almost magically impact upon the condition or circumstance that is tormenting us. I’ve, along with other Christians have experienced complete reversals of trouble.

Good things would happen:

  • Problems would be solved
  • Diseases would disappear
  • Needs and desires would be fulfilled
  • People would feel an overwhelming sense of joy and freedom
  • Questions would be answered
  • Faith would increase by leaps and bounds

Disadvantages of Divine Denial

The activity of divine denial isn’t looked upon lightly by the natural minded person. People who don’t understand divine denial will most likely mark one who practices the ritual as insane. This is totally acceptable on their part. Not recognizing the invisibility of true reality, a non-spiritual person is not expected to react favorably of the practice.

Divine denial is not for those who love to be liked and praised by others. If you are easily ashamed by doing something contrary to what others expect, then you are not fit for the ritual of divine denial.

The most significant fact about divine denial is that it pleases God. Those who practice it acknowledges that God is in control of negative situations and circumstances, which are not real. What real is revealed by pure faith in the invisible creations of God? When such faith is activated, the invisible become visible.

Developing Divine Mind

To bring the invisible into reality a believer must develop the divine mind. He or she must first acknowledge that what is negatively seen is untrue.

Next, he must study the reality of the invisible world in which God created in the beginning. Obtaining the King James Version of the bible and studying the elements of the original creation will go a long way in creating a spiritual mind.

Once the spiritual mind had been established, you are ready for the ritual of divine denial. Negative circumstances will come. However, you must deny them the reality of existence and claim the reality of the original creation. Do this consistently.

In the Position of Power

You will be amazed when you see negative conditions disappear from your life and are replaced by a reality separate from that of the natural world. Each episode of sickness, lack, and limitation, fear, and despair, when challenged with divine denial, vanishes from our lives. Instead of experiencing powerlessness and victimhood, you will experience a sense of power and mastery over negative conditions, situations, and attitudes.

Divine denial is a weapon which can be used when your life become overwhelmed with the ups and downs of negative reality. Only those who believe in its power will be able to prevail over darkness and live a life consisting of love, praise, and gratitude.

Are You Still Believing in Natural Reality?

Negative Reality as an Illusion

Do You Deny Negative Reality in light of God's True Creation?

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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 5 months ago from Australia


      I'm not being cynical.

      I believe in God and the spiritual realm.

      The suspension of disbelief is an underrated ingredient in the appreciation of literature, art etc. It is faith with a small f.

      Divine denial as you put it is similar to Faith with a capital F.

      By ruminating on faith in this manner we can come to a better understanding of Faith itself.

      It may help the disbeliever if they can understand that faith is actually an integral phenomena to human experience. They might see that they too are practicing faith without being fully aware of it etc.

    • Hmtrio2 profile image

      Stevie Glenn 5 months ago from Minneapolis

      I don't know exactly what "suspension of disbelief" means, but I would think it means setting aside belief in illusions in order to enjoy a movie or two.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 5 months ago from Australia

      Interesting hub.

      I've never heard of divine denial but I guess it's another way of explaining faith. The word faith is sort of over used to the point of becoming numb.

      So I have to say, if you can figure out new ways to explain faith, it can't be a bad exercise.

      Any thoughts about the "suspension of disbelief"? You know, the human practice that enables us to enjoy a movie, a novel or an artwork etc.