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Is Facebook a clone of God?

Updated on June 5, 2020

The Evidence.

The physical existence of Many thousands of Brick and mortar Churches (and many wooden ones) throughout the word adequately demonstrates, proves Gods existence.

The only real question is, where is he, she, or It?

When someone stands up and says "(God is fiction)" someone religious will stand up and shout


Same on Facebook If you write something along the lines of "I eat Meat" some Facebook user will write in return


It was only when I understood this that I understood.. Facebook is a clone of God. People quote the Bible, People Quote Facebook.

Well Done, Facebook, You have Copied Perfection.

The answer is simple.
God lives inside the believer's mind.
Inside the mind, is the genuinely perfect location.
Only from this location can God efficiently deliver a personal message or thought that is correctly directly and personally tailored.

I think this observation is easily verifiable by merely asking a well-heard question.
I understand that this is a very harsh question. But consider. There should be only one answer if God is universal. But there is never just one answer.

God varies the answers to this question individually and personally. By doing this, Gods location comes into question.
To an atheist 'God must be a Bastard' makes perfect sense.
So I shall accept the proposition that God is a Bastard, with the stipulation that I am talking about your God. The God you speak to, The God that helps you through trials and tribulations. Not necessarily My God.

I suspect that God can only talk to us personally if he lives inside our head; this is the most logical place to be, enabling the ability to speak to us personally.

This sole location is most likely be the reason that I could stand beside you and only hear silence, while God is talking to you.
God is not moving any air (no sound waves) No physical contact, extremely efficient. (as one would expect God to be)

My thinking is that if there is only one God. Then God must be split up into Billions of different minds. Created at the dawn of time and only recently re-created in a physical form by Facebook.

Facebook One entity. That we all have access to (if we are inclined) Where we can personally choose the conversations, the threads, the people we wish to follow: our own beliefs, our truths.

We can accept our friendships. We have a total choice.

Well done, Facebook.

I do believe in wondrous things

I have seen miracles performed. Not assigned to either God or Facebook

Interior Alchemists

Before the 19th Century, it was widely believed alchemy to be 'magic' and 'science'.

Later, when 19th-century scientist were beginning to understand the nature of metals and the periodic table, alchemy was supposedly disproved.

At least this is what Google will tell us. But Google does not know who, what and where the new Alchemists are, because Google does not have a brain. (definitely not a thinker).

Google is the reason why this web page is here. This web page is here to put Google straight. ( simply because somebody needs to)

Consider this

If you had a household problem, for example, the floor in your home is Scraggly, Scruffy, worn, untidy. The paint on your walls is grubby and worn. Your kitchen looks and feels like something from a disaster zone. You cannot find your shirt because the wardrobe in the bedroom is a hopeless mess, small, a waste of space,

are you getting the picture?

Consider; your need is to have your home transformed into something of beauty, of value, Optimise. (Optimised is a word used a lot these days.) I am not sure if this word was used a great deal in the 18th century.

YES! What you need is the equivalent of an 18th-century Alchemist. You do not require an Alchemist to turn lead into gold. But you will require one to turn Drab, boring worn out, dated and Dull home into an alive, vibrant.and exciting place. (This is the same thing that alchemists did, or attempted to do )

Your real need is for A MODERN ALCHEMIST.

A person, that specialised someone with the Magic touch. An 'INTERIOR ALCHEMIST. sometimes mistakenly call Interior decorator, or Interior Designer (whatever)

You hurriedly do a google search for 'Interior Alchemist'. Google has NOTHING - ZILCH - Google cannot help; Google doesn't have a clue.

Just for interest's sake.

Some people could almost describe Alchemy as a philosophy. You know the type. They hold a small stone in their hand and state arrogantly " If I hold a small stone in my hand, and I feel it as being precious. Then it becomes Precious"

We all recognise a Wanker when we come across one.

When a true alchemist changes something, it is not just the Alchemist or the philosopher that can see or feel it.

Visitors and onlookers say "WOW" Simply because it is real, it can be seen, touched, If you can feel see and touch something. IT IS REAL.

I write this message simply because recently, I came across an Elderly woman that had inherited an old house.

When I talked to her, she said, "When I first went there; the house looked and felt like a pile of junk. That was until An Interior Alchemist turned it into the most precious place".

"An INTERIOR ALCHEMIST?" I asked with great curiosity.

I quietly Pointed out that the word Alchemy, according to Google describes Alchemist as 'comes from alchemy; this name had its origins in the Greek phrase khemeia, meaning "art of transmuting metals" and . "Alchemists were considered early chemists because of their attempts to transform base metals into gold."

"YES!" she answered, nodding her head. with the biggest smile.

". An INTERIOR ALCHEMIST. An Interior Designer.

Whatever she touches turns into purest gold."

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly,

you cease forever to be able to do it.”

― J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


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