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Is God Religious? My Subjective Opinion

Updated on October 8, 2014

Come to think about it, yes God must be religious!

Before now I had this absolute conviction that God can’t be religious. But, I arrived at this my new afore stated conclusion about Him (though with a spin to it), after reading these words written by Steve Shiffrin while discussing Ronald Dworkin’s book Religion without God:

"I think my own life goes better if I try to act as if a loving God (not an angry-hell-threatning God) exits that I am called to follow, if I work within a religious tradition in which thinkers over the ages have addressed life issues from a moral perspectives (though I would not say this of all religious traditions), and if I encounter others who inspire me in the ways they try to live religious lives (not that there are no humanists to be inspired by)."

From this Dworkin's assertion, it became clearer to me that the reason many of us are quick to disassociate God from religion, is His supposed gross religious demeanor. Often presented as a big, boorish, obnoxious and mean spirited being. On one hand, He’s powerful and loving, yet He caved under pressure, in the age-long turf between good and evil. As a result, allowing the Devil (His created adversary) a share of the soul of His most precious creations (humanity). In a deliberate attempt to teach them generational lessons through cruel punishment (which for some the misery of it, ends in this life and for others it continues after this life, into eternity).

But, ask me, this isn’t a true description of God. And, if this is the typical teachings and perceptions of most religions about Him, then He isn't religious.


God's Religious

Though He desires, we express ourselves individually, He still considered it worthy for us to subject to certain authorities (when they don’t through indoctrination or forced institutionalization interfere with our individuated virtues) in humility, so as to demonstrate we appreciate being part of something bigger than self. Authority as is used here isn't intended to suggest those subjugating entities, who deny us our God giving privilege to discover our true selves. Rather, the ones that inspire us into spiritual awakening and maturity.

Those God was referring to in (Jeremiah 3:15) when He promised: “I will give you leaders who will be faithful to me. They will lead you with knowledge and insight”. Those who truly understand that, “Authority is exercised through our spoken word...: Proverbs 18:21, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”” The ones, who are gifted and love expressing Truth within them by speaking and preaching, and do realize that the power in their words is meant for edification of others and not for destruction.


If subjecting self to such authorities, in an attempt to be inspired means being religious, then I now understand the reason for this scriptural injunction: “Let every soul be subject to the authority of the great, for there is no authority that is not from the same God, and those authorities who are from God are under orders” (Romans 13:1). And if there is gain in being inspired by such people, then God must be religious. But, He can't be of all these religions that thus far have failed to direct humanity into recognizing that God is simply concerned about our personal relationship with Him. A privilege He made available to all, irrespective of who we are, what we choose to belief or not. As opposed to Him being concerned about the extent of our strict adherence to stipulated creeds and doctrines, with the implication of failure being eternal damnation.


Shiffrin, S. (2014, October 06). Religion without God. Retrieved from http://

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