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Is God a Jewish God?: The question answers its self

Updated on December 28, 2012
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Degrees: 1) Oakland U., 2) Michigan State U (College of Human Medicine), 3) George Washington U. (Medicine), Vanderbilt U. (Divinity School)


Whose god is god? Does it matter?

Only humans would fight a battle, in order to reach a decisive conclusion, to settle the question, "Whose God is God?" Only a scholar, the likes of me would dare ask the question, "What difference does it matter?" Going even further, one may ask, "Can a man or a woman own God?" Does it make sense, to even ask the questions? I don't know. But I tend to doubt it.

When I was a child, studying Physics from a master, he taught me, "Substance is that, which makes a thing, to be, what it is." I asked him, "What thing?" And he replied, "Anything!"

He said, "Take water. Water is a compound made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The substance of the water is the two hydrogen atoms and the one oxygen, that, make up the water molecule in such a manner, that when this substance is at the freezing point, of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it's a solid (ice), between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it's a liquid (water), and at 212 degree Fahrenheit or above, it is a vapor, or a gas (we can call it steam). The point is, no matter what is happening to the water, that it, no matter the state (solid, liquid or gas), the "substance" of the water remains the same, because its substance is "that which makes water, to be, what it is." We can't change the substance and still have water. If we break up the molecule, then we have something else, not water anymore.

I am thankful that we cannot change God, or who God is, or what God is. It is tough enough grappling with the Nature of God even when God never changes. Thank God, that God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Oh no! I forgot to mention that latent heat is involve in all the "changing of states" business that I talked about with water changing from a solid, to a liquid, or to a gas (not necessarily in that order). Latent heat is the heat that is liberated or absorbed by a substance as it changes phase at a constant temperature and pressure. This sort of complicate things, when it comes to understanding "the changing of the state" of water, but it does not change the meaning of substance.

Talking about God can be a little complicated also. For example, God is omnipotent, that is, God is all powerful. God is also, omnipresent, that is, God is present, in all places, at the same time (old Bible scholars used to teach, "God is, everywhere, present, at the same time!). Stuff like this used to blow my mind.

And finally, God is omniscient, that is, "God has infinite knowledge, knowing, all things."

It is amazing to me how we all, that is, Christians (this includes Mormons too, by the way), Jews and Muslims (adherents of Islam), all agree upon what I have written above about God, which is some of what makes up the "substance of God." It is sort of like what I said about the substance of water, we all tend to agree with "the Laws of Physics."

At this point in my discourse, I could write a lot more, and I would never convince anyone that Muslims, Jews and Christians worship the same God, so, why should I waste my valuable time.

I suppose what I am really saying is, "What difference does it make?" No matter what, "God is God!" We cannot change the substance of God. Who God is, what God is, or essence of God, that is God's substance, is a given. Take it or leave it. And these are the thoughts that I leave you with.


Dr. Haddox


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    • Dr. Haddox profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr Freddie Haddox 

      6 years ago from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

      Thank you, boyatdelhi, for your encouragement. Of course, it is not easy talking about God, in a way that limits God's reach, or involvement, within the greater global community. We have more that 7 billion people on this earth, some of whom do not have a concept of any god yet. This is what caused me to see your question as a very important one.

    • boyatdelhi profile image


      6 years ago

      interesting thoughts about God.


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