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My Salvation Experience - How I Found the Secrets of the Ancients

Updated on March 19, 2012

Life, The Universe, and Everything Is Connected To God

As a child, I knew there was something different about me. Somehow, I knew something very special would happen to me sometime in my life and it did. It wasn't just the fact that as a child I thought I had supernatural powers. When playing sports, my team somehow always seemed to win, except when I played for the pee wee Raiders. We lost every game for two years in a row. Failure is not an accident.

In 1989, just after graduating high school, I had a supernatural experience with God. This was not an ordinary prayer or conversation with God but rather a repenting experience where God spoke to me. I was on the top bunk bed praying for forgiveness of sin. I was in desperation and crying out to God with conviction when I heard his voice say, "everything is going to be made right with you." I felt forgiveness, love, released from death, God's presence in the room, and felt oneness with God at that moment in time.

The next day I woke up and felt different. I had this weird feeling that I should open a bible and read. I felt moved by the holy spirit to find a Bible asap. When I found one, I opened randomly and read.

Have you ever opened up a Bible and felt like it was speaking to you? This was the case but at a much greater scale. This was God moving my fingers to the exact location I was supposed to read. Coincidentally, it was the exact location that the pastor I listened to the night before was preaching about. You might think my mind knew where it wanted to go but I clearly remember how I opened the Bible which was like when you fan yourself with the pages when you are hot. A fast random act which took me to a specific page where my eyes landed on the exact scripture.

God had a purpose for this as he would complete his work with me this early morning and for years to come. Early that next morning, my eyes immediately focused upon Romans 7:22 "For I delight in the law of God after the inward man". This scripture came back to my life 20 years later, but this time I was to discover something else. A hidden code.

What happened next was very significant and the beginning of my next journey which was to discover a mathematical code hidden within the Bible. It was only 20 years later that I began to discover these interesting hidden number patterns of truth.

My experience was so powerful and I wanted everyone else to have this experience. I wanted everyone else to have this gift. So what did I do? I told all my friends. What do you think they did? They rejected me. The truth is they rejected God.

This was lesson number one for me. There is a spiritual battle that rages on. We live in a world where good versus evil is constantly going on. You can give people the keys to the kingdom but they would rather go to the beach. and I'm fine with opinion and choice but if they only knew what I found. Total oneness and connection to God not like a once in a while thing or a 56k modem but rather a stronger faster connection to God; Spiritual vision, clairvoyance, the door to limitless possibilities and insurmountable opportunities.

What you are about to discover, is that through a secret technique hidden in the Bible, you can have a REAL Experience with God. When you follow what Jesus Christ was really teaching, not what is mostly taught today, God shows up and delivers his true faith to you. Your belief, faith, and trust are rewarded with his faith which is knowing with certainty through a lively experience and real connection. This is the salvation that I found, the secret to life and everything. It is not blind faith but instead, a measurable result and gift of God. It's the real thing, not religion.

The Bible is alive and is the language and word of God. it doesn't matter what language it is translated into, his word and mathematical code produce the same meaning. it is this hidden meaning that Jesus was trying to teach, but the people didn't understand it.

This language is coded in the stars. The ancients understood it and deciphered it first. They knew that a messiah, Jesus Christ, was to come. The ancients were great mathematicians and astronomers, and knew there was going to be an event. They were the first to see meaning in the stars and so they built the pyramids to honor the story of the heavens, the hidden language of God. In the geometric dimensions inside and outside of the pyramids form a code of numbers that produce a hidden text. It's the word of God and instructions to salvation, a journey back to heaven. In Revelation 21:21, the 12 gates of heaven are clues to entering heaven. The Golden ratio discovered by Fibonacci and used in construction of the pyramids and used by sacred geometry architects to build cathedrals and much of Leonardo's Work is present everywhere. Was there something that they knew that we don't? Each clue in the Bible gets closer to the Golden ratio. There is a scripture that hits it right on and it is this scripture that is the key to life. However, you have to keep reading before I can show it to you.

The ancients, after deciphering the code used it for self advancement rather than to worship God. They wanted to become their own Gods and bypass the True God that had given them this knowledge. This knowledge was passed down through the ages but kept secret from the people. It was mostly only the elite, religion, and government that had access to this information and was used to control the masses.

Thousands of years later, this knowledge became known as the working of Alchemy and Ascension to become God like. Sorcery and magic ruled the earth. The world became evil and so he chose to destroy it except for Noah's family.

All I can tell you is that the ancients were masters of the universe able to do anything they wanted using God's secrets which he allowed at that time. They mastered meditation to be able to center the sun in their heart and let the moon wander around and then eclipse the sun to stop time and be able to travel the stars and planets within their mind but actually be there at the same time. The pyramids in Egypt when activated, resonate a frequency that helps the brain reach the destination frequency for this secret meditation to work, and get super powers.

The earth is like a brain where information is stored and computed. The Bermuda triangle is an example of the strange energy on earth. Hundreds of pyramids and ancient structures including the seven wonders of the world are located at precise locations in order to tap into this vortex energy and be able to meditate at a desired frequency and produce a certain result opening up a doorway to the mind's eye. These were sacred locations to the ancients.

When you are asleep or awake your brain operates at different frequencies which is why you dream. The dreaming state is the only time you can create and perceive perfectly at exactly the same time. If you can do this when you are in meditation you can create the most inspirational music or engineering of anything you want. Today, drugs are used to get to this mind state. Amanita Muscaria, known as the sacred mushroom, opens the mind's eye (the pineal gland in the brain) to see with clarity. Although the mushroom is a shortcut, it is only temporary until it wears off and the pineal gland is atrophied over time where the meditation practices strengthen the gland and enlarge it to become clairvoyant and able to focus and materialize almost any thought into reality.

This is just one of the secrets of the ancients which today is being sold to us as personal power books in the self improvement sections of most bookstores but they only know a piece of the truth. Also, it is being used incorrectly for self achievement, success, and personal power which is against what the Bible teaches. It should only be used to worship God and to be in God's will and under God's power, not man's power which is lust and greed for power.

Listen to Led Zeppelin "stairway to heaven" it has some clues of the ascension practices used in the east still today. The human brain can do so much more. It is an incredible instrument.

According to the catholic church, using energy channeling and the Kabbalah was blasphemy and so the church burned down the library at Alexandria holding the secrets of the ancients. You have to wonder if they kept any of those books.

More importantly, this knowledge became a hidden knowledge from the people in order to keep people ignorant and dominate and control. Now, it is important to understand that any technology can be used for good or evil. Although God originally gave it to man as a tool to worship him, and to have access to God, it was Man that used it for evil and started the whole personal power thing to become God like. The church got rid of it all together because they knew man would use it for evil practices. Human nature is to think of yourself first. What's in it for me. Self centered, instead of God centered meditation. Man will meditate for the things he/she wants rather than for God's Will to be done.

In any case, the original knowledge was destroyed and copy cat counterfeits were created.

Life Through The Spirit Romans 8

1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. 3 For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in sinful man, 4 in order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit.

Now, I was living through the spirit. I could feel it and I was given the spiritual vision to see what this life and universe was all about. We cannot live the law because there is another law inside of us that counteracts God's law. We are chained to our sinful flesh and if we could completely trust in God and allow him to release us, we would become free of that flesh but more importantly we would have opened our eyes and have spiritual life.

I felt connected and fully understood that the Bible can only be understood spiritually. It is the fiber and code that makes up life, the universe, and everything. it is the language of God and is the secret that's been hidden from people today not to be confused by the book "the secret" which is a counterfeit and diversion to what I found. The book, gets you to focus on material things where the Bible secret is to Focus on God and his word.

We are distracted of this by television and Hollywood but nevertheless it is real. There is a war for souls every minute of the day. Our flesh is weak and our ego's are mighty, so we do things our way and live in a pretend world. A robot's life.

Why do people have such a reluctance and resistance of total surrender to God? It is this resistance that lives in our flesh, that keeps us from finding the truth. This resistance is futile and keeps us away from the power source unless we totally surrender to God's will and purpose. In other words, it is like a circuit board and energy cannot flow through us until this resistance is removed. Once removed, everything changes in our lives because we are free.

All I can tell you is that religion, and many of our pestering parents, have done a good job of keeping us away from the truth. They have increased the resistance as does the world. When we run, we think we are getting freedom but instead keep increasing the resistance.

Our whole purpose in life is to have total trust in God's will so that we can move and live freely but rather we become stagnant and immobilized - Frozen.

In the moment of my salvation experience, I was able to get a glimpse of total trust, and freedom, and in that is the key to life and everything; The True Secret To God's Kingdom.

God is all powerful and carries us with love and mercy for his glory and honor but he does not allow us to control him because our human nature would just use him as a tool in the shed for our worldly advancement. Total trust is the key and we cannot trust without love.

My life would change and I would now be part of the kingdom of the free.

The Bible Is Alive!

It was as though scriptures in the Bible were coded by numbers to produce a hidden language. Certain numbers repeat themselves and add up to the same group of numbers. It didn't matter if you divided, added, subtracted, or multiplied, somehow you end up with the same numbers when talking about certain topics. one of the numbers is 7 and the other is 11. Now that you are aware of this number, you will see it everywhere on every clock. It is significant as is the number 911 which is one of the most interesting numbers mathematically speaking. It appears hidden over and over in the most bizarre places. If you add 911 you get 11. If you subtract them you get 7. If you add Romans 7:22 you get 11. This is only the beginning and it put chills down my spine when I started to find more clues and patterns to something very interesting.

Even more interesting, I believe now that I have found that these numbers put together form some kind of of image in the sky. In other words, The Bible is the code to the stars and are somehow connected which form some kind of a doorway to the Holy Cross in the sky at the star of Bethlehem which unites three stars to form the trinity.

In Romans 7:22 "For I delight in the law of God after the inward man". 22 divided by 7 equals 3.14 Pi, which is how the ancients calculated it and is in harmony with how the sun, moon, and earth intersect at certain times which has spiritual significance. Adding these three numbers equals eight, which is the number of the new testament, It is the symbol of the new Life, the final Resurrection.

There is a truth that is hidden from man. There is a mathematical code that when applied within us, gives us access to the true living God that created the heavens and the earth. Jesus was God and mastered a technique using this code and God is saying that only through this technique can you get rid of the resistance and sin, and have True connection with God. Jesus was God in the flesh so he was the only one that could do this perfectly. When Jesus speaks in the bible, he is revealing God's information in parables. When you are in the spirit and read it, it speaks out to you. It's alive!

When you have a connection with God it's like having a connection to the internet on a super fast connection but even better because he's the living God not like Google which is algorithm based. This Godly connection is the door to ALL Possibilities. When we use this code, we connect with God unlike anything you have ever experienced.

If you want the sea parted in your life and access to eternal life follow Christ because he has the answer, technique, and code, which is written in parables, hidden from the deceivers. You will only find this secret through Jesus and it has to come through the heart which is through love which will fill the mind and soul. So, seek and you shall find has a whole new meaning.

The law (10 commandments) are to show man that he/she cannot complete because of the law of the flesh which is against the law of God. By design we cannot do it so it is futile to even try. But there is a way, an easier way than to try to fight your flesh. Instead of trying to be perfect and live out the commandments which are impossible to do, follow Jesus Christ (believe in him and live in him) + (believe him or believe that this works my friend) and he will unveil the truth and open your eyes to see.

John 3:14 is the first key to the connection source. John 3: 14 "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; 15 that whoever believes may in Him have eternal life."

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Jesus was trying to tell us something and we totally blew it off. We missed it!  If you meditate around the scripture above, you will find a whole new meaning.  I bet you are starting to see new meaning as you read this.  You have to believe but there is a law in our flesh (blood), like gravity, that holds us back, but through Jesus Christ, this law can be removed.  So, we must have Jesus remove the resistance.  Our faith or belief alone cannot achieve this.  If you pray and meditate around Jesus Christ, "God's Faith" the Faith of "Jesus Christ" will be given to you as a gift of life and you will experience it and feel it.  Jesus had the faith to walk on water.  When Peter looked to Jesus, he was able to do it to.  When he took his eyes off, he fell into the water. 

In Romans 7:23, Paul writes: "But I see another law in my members, warning against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members."

God is an all powerful loving source and love is the power that runs the universe and every atom. From love comes everything else. Love is the fiber that connects everything. This Godly Love has the power to light up the sun and all the stars.  All matter arises from God's love energy.  All matter is conscious information frozen in relative time, responding only to thought. Every thought arises from memory or new perceived information.  Logic is the ability to organize information.  It is only inspiration that arises from pure conscious information.  Meditation is how you fill your subconscious with pure universal conscious information, in order to create at a higher level.  Meditating on God and Jesus Christ, is how to have access to this God source, love and energy for eternity.  Most people only seek riches on earth but God's hope is that we seek after this true source and have it for eternity but we can't see past ourselves. 

At the center of everything is God's love and this love is hidden but always there for us. It takes a salvation experience to see it, and feel it. It takes total surrender and total trust to experience it. It is a Godly love that changes people. The meaning of life is to reconnect with this Godly love, which is the true power source of everything. Instead, we are taken astray by a worldly love which is only temporary, counterfeit, and illusive.

Why Do We Trust Anything?

We were made to trust in something. We either trust someone or something. Sometimes we trust our friends and family, sometimes we only trust ourselves. In any case we trust something. We are inherently made to believe and trust in something. When we lose this ability through moral violation or something someone has done to us, our trust factor goes down and we begin to get anxiety and depression symptoms. Lost faith, belief, and trust, is an ugly life experience.

We have been trusting since we were born. Trust is important. A good life is having great friends and family we can trust, a job or career we can trust, or a system we can trust and have faith in. When this trust is broken or falls apart, we become broken.

To have a happy life we must have a high trust factor. Otherwise we are looking over our shoulders with constant worry. To Trust in the living God is the greatest gift you can receive. If we fear God and trust him, we never have to fear anything else again.

God designed trust into our beings so that we could find our way back to him since we are separated from him in this world. When we are lost, when we are lonely, we can trust God that he will get us through it and that there is a divine purpose for it.

Now, why do you think God designed Trust into our lives? Is it for a purpose? I truly believe that it is the essence that helps us get back to where we belong, which is in God's kingdom.

Trusting in God goes deeper than just words or thoughts. To truly understand it, you have to be in a life and death situation internally. Then, it is revealed unto you. When it is revealed to you, realization that God exists because plausible. Otherwise it is just intellectual.

You have to feel it in your heart, mind, and soul. All the early Christians in history talked about having a salvation experience and before that they had a heavy heart full of conviction and death. Death comes before life and life after death.

Jesus called the religious hypocrites and told them they were a generation of vipers and that their father was the devil.  He was bringing them the truth but they didn't want it.  They wanted power instead, and so they betrayed him. 

If you want to know more go to my blog God Perfect Love. I hope you that you trust in God.

The Secret of Finding God (Without Religion)

Turn it up! The secret is to increase the voltage. Turn up the wattage so to speak. If you decrease the resistance through trust, and turn up the juice, more current runs through the pipe and you get more of God's love and power not man's power which is filthy and weak.

There are many false power sources that work but only one is the true living God that will give you access to the true kingdom of God which is heaven. All others are a diversion of the truth and work only temporary to get you to buy into it but underneath is false power and false promises.

It's plain physics and truth that's been hidden from the people which has life altering effects for the good without drugs or antidepressants which are OK when necessary but are making people numb so they can't feel anything. Who is behind this?

I will keep on fighting


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    • profile image


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Interesting hub rickzepeda! I am not a Christian. But that does not matter much. I enjoyed your description and feeling of that incident. True or just a feeling. It does not matter. It was very clear to you and very nice beautiful and enjoying. Wish you all the good luck.

    • Dardia profile image

      Darlene Yager 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      I have had plenty experiences of feeling God's presence and feeling that the words I put to paper are not mine as they can be so inspiring at times. I am happy for you that you have had this holy experience. I pray more people can feel it.

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      To me...this was a very beautiful glad that God has reveiled Himself to you...


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