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Is God merciless towards mankind

Updated on August 13, 2012

Is God merciless towards mankind

Every man in his life at some stage will surely think of this thought." Is God very tough towards man". Infact I also thought of this at many instances.But you should go into spirituality a little to understand God.He is not partial towards anything of his creation.He has created a set of rules to be followed and he himself never crosses it.

In the eastern religion,Hinduisim, there are some answers for this behaviour of God.It says we are ruled by our "Karma" of our previous births.We come across many examples for this.In this world we see that many good people suffer a lot when the notorious and criminals enjoy what an ordinary person would not even think of.I call all the bad politicians,businessmen and lawmakers who take the pleasure of using and extracting others for their own well-being and still live a good life as if their way of life is the right way to live.

We come across murderers,politicians,gangsters and all kind of evil minded people to prosper,when the good ones like the social workers,enlighted peoples,spirititual souls etc., suffer like anything.Its a strange fact that the law which was framed to protect such peoples are the ones which punish them and discourage them .

Why?.Modern man tried to answer this question in many ways.But his answer was artificial and it showed that he never even came close to the answer.Only spiritualism can answer this clearly and soundly.

In "The Gita" Lord Krishna says "You are now in this present form or position because of your karma in your past births and you future births will be decided based upon your present birth".

Nothing more direct can be given other than this.What is Karma ? . It is the deeds of a person whether good or bad committed in his previous births based upon which he gets a good life or a bad life in this birth.Even the nationality,colour,and race are decided upon this.So,God has formulated a set of rules and whether we like it or not we are in its circumference.Even the non-believers are ruled by this factor.

Now,I think you understand why some suffer inspite of being good.Its their karma and they are burning their karma by undergoing suffering.The bad people who have done some good karma in their past lives are enjoying their fruits in this life,but they will have to face the bad karma which they do in this life either in this life itself or surely in their next birth.That is for sure.The noble and the spiritual masters always say never go against the "Will of God".If he gives us some suffering,that means we are reducing a bad karma which has to be done only by the person who has attained it and there will be no substitution for it.

So, karma is the deciding factor of all our good and bad things in life.Of course, we cannot alter our past karmas,but we can be careful in our future and present deeds and try to get some good karmas and have a better life in our next birth.

So,God is neither good or merciless towards mankind.He simply does his duty by executing our karma and whether we want good or bad things in life is ultimately in our own hands and not in God's hands."Be Good and Have Bliss". 


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    • profile image

      lunacy 5 years ago

      God is fairy tale for children, all this is rubbish.

    • profile image

      Mathew 6 years ago

      I believe that every man has a destiny and this destiny is predecided. God is the author of this destiny and he has given you various tools to predict the destiny he has written for you. The tools are vedic astrology, western astrology, tarot cards, numerology etc. These tools can give you a broad outline but can never be meticulously accurate because it is being interpreteed by an imperfect human. So use astrology to work around your defeciencies and prepare for shortcomings.

      Now coming to the actual question...i too believe in Karma. It helps in soothing many wounds in this life.

    • profile image

      Real 7 years ago

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    • profile image

      dave 7 years ago

      It is total BS. god does not exist. Survival of fittist is the key. Weak always suffers and gets eliminated...

    • profile image

      janani 7 years ago

      i believe neither in god nor in rebirth.....

      we like kids try to giv explanations for sumthng that doesnt exist