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Is It Time For A New Spiritual Eyeglass Prescription?

Updated on August 18, 2014

Is It Time For A New Spiritual Eyeglass Prescription?

Throughout the scriptures there are various references to people having eyes but not being able to see. This refers of course to the spiritual meaning of perceiving and comprehending truth. It is about being able to understand the deeper meanings of the spiritual point or principle being spoken about.

Can we really see, perceive, and fully understand the context and hidden mysteries of our Christian Bibles? Yes, but not by trying to view them through the eyes of our Western culture, English language and modern day church traditions and understanding.

Jesus Christ, our Messiah was not a blue eyed, blonde haired, modern day beach boy type of individual. Jesus was born a dark eyed, olive skin Hebrew. According to Isaiah 53, He was to prophetically blend in with a crowd of His peers, not physically stand apart.

It was His Godly nature, character, wisdom, kindness, passionate and deep understanding of the scriptures that made him stand out in a crowd. It was not his fancy suit, TV make up, Hollywood hairdo, charismatic preaching or theatrical antics that attracted people to Him. Jesus was the real deal, the living Word of God. Jesus fulfilled some 300 or so Old Testament prophesies of what the Messiah would do when He came to bring redemption to His people.

When Jesus spoke out and said to the blind "See," the deaf "Hear," the lame "Stand," the leper "Be cleansed," the sick "Be healed," and to the dead "Arise," they did. They did whatever His spoken words told them to without doubt, wavering or hesitation. Jesus declared that whosoever truly believes and trusts in Him "..will do even greater works than these..." His followers and disciples went on to fulfill those prophetic words of destiny through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is a two part word, it means to first "trust in," and then to "act on" that trust. Just believing in Jesus isn't enough. The demons in Hell all believe in Jesus and tremble in fear when His name is spoken, but that won't get them into Heaven. We need to put action to our belief.

Jesus was raised up into the Hebrew culture, lifestyle and spiritual traditions of His forefathers. He would have mainly spoken Hebrew and Aramaic. There were no English printed Bibles then, people learned about God's commandments from hand copied Torah scrolls.

They say it takes an experienced Hebrew scribe one year at a full time pace, to hand copy one single translation of the Torah. The Torah is also referred to as the Books of Moses, which are the first 5 Books of the Old Testament. The word Torah in Hebrew means "God's teachings andinstruction." The Torah is the expository version of God's original 10 Commandments.

In recent years, an original Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew was discovered. It had been scribed in Hebrew onto an old scroll and found hidden away in a Jewish community in Europe. There is hope that other New Testament Gospels written in Hebrew, will also be discovered someday.

Needless to say, our modern day English Bible translation of Matthew has seen a few subsequent change since the original Hebrew version was first written. Even just one altered, added, missing, or mistranslated word, can and will effectively change the meaning of a thought or concept. It can also thereby, alter the intended meaning of an entire section of scripture.

To follow up more on the Hebrew Matthew, visit Michael Roods website which is called The Rood Awakening. Michael worked very hard with a team of Hebrew scholars, digging very deeply into that original Hebrew Matthew writing. They discovered some very interesting facts about certain errors found in the Hebrew to English translation.

For us to effectively grasp or as they say, "wrap our head around" something, requires total focus and concentration. There is a Far Eastern term referring to becoming "one" with something or someone, which makes the same point. It is a process of walking in the shoes of, or seeing through the eyes of the person that you are trying to study, learn about and fully understand.

Placing ourselves into that other persons world and learning more about their personal culture, lifestyle, language and mindset, is important. It helps us to better grasp the deeper meanings of their thoughts, concepts and teachings.

I believe that is what God would like all His believers to do. We can choose to totally rely on what other people tell us and accept it all as truth using blind faith, or search things out for ourselves. II Timothy challenges us to, "Study to show thyself approved unto God."

God wants us to personally verify that what we are seeing, hearing and believing is His divine truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When we stand before God on Judgment Day, the excuse of "But, my pastor said...," won't cut the mustard.

Our eternal destiny and those of our loved ones, must become our absolute priority. Please don't turn your eternal destiny over to another man just because he's wearing a black robe with a white collar and studied theology.

God has indeed sent us many great shepherds and teachers. There has been only one however, who's shed blood redeemed us from curse of the original sin of Adam. His name was Jesus Christ, Y'shua our Messiah, the Anointed One, the sacrificial Lamb of God.

I have purposed to allow the power of God's Holy Spirit to be my new set of spiritual eyeglasses. To be like the Berean's and diligently search the scriptures for new spiritual truths and hidden mysteries. To continue searching out and studying the Hebrew roots of my Christianity. To find answers as to why preachers so often skip over seemingly controversial sections of scripture.

Please join me on my life's mission of seeking out God's truth, balance and wisdom. Let's join our hands, hearts and prayers together with the Lord's and act in "One Accord," like they did in the early church of Acts. Let's purpose to invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives, homes and church's.

The average new Christian convert loves to read about the early church in the Book of Acts. They try to envision watching those same type miracles they read about, happening in real time. Then they begin to ask themselves, "Why am I not seeing those same signs and wonders happening today in my church?" Great question, which if pursued too hard, often grants them the honor of receiving the "left foot of fellowship."

I believe in and have experienced personally, many Holy Spirit inspired miracles. Sadly, these types of supernatural events rarely happen in the modern, life as usual traditional church. Not when watered down, user friendly, politically correct, hand me down traditions of men teachings are prevalent. The Holy Spirit is usually a highly esteemed point of reference, but often left sitting uninvited, on the front steps of the church. This needs to change.

Let's all purpose to find those missing puzzle pieces. To allow God show us the glory, honor and magnificence of His Heavenly Kingdom. Let's find and feel for ourselves, the unfathomable love that Jesus Christ has for us. Let's allow the miracle working power of God's Holy Spirit to dwell within us, empower us, and then teach us how to accomplish those same works and greater, that Jesus promised we could do if we activate our faith.


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    • Jane Maarpell profile image

      Jane Maarpell 2 years ago from Smalltown USA

      Excellent post. I try to explain the concept like this:

      What would you think if you had designed and planned out your dream house. You bought the land, hired the contractor, gave him your dream house plans and went away while they were building. Upon completion you returned and found that instead of your dream home, there was a scaled down double wide on your land. The contractor reminded you that the new house had the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet and would technically work for you.

      You would never be satisfied with this house because you knew the original intent and plan. This watered down house was abhorrent to you, so you sold it.

      The new buyer was content with the double wide. But then, they never knew how rich the original plan was. Modern Christianity is like being really happy with a scaled down double wide and missing the master plan.

      My two cents.