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Is Jesus a Liberal?

Updated on June 22, 2011

Whose fight is this anyways?

The history of groups of people claiming "God to be on their side" is a lengthy one and will undoubtedly continue until the end of time. The current debate about labeling Jesus Liberal or conservative is merely a relatively new offshoot of this trend. Personalty i had never considered the issue until i heard some liberals commenting on how Jesus was a liberal and supporting these claims by using out of context bible verses or the occasional "phantom bible verse". When i started doing research into this debate i was struck by the fact that the debate is mainly in the liberal side of the court and the issue is for the most part overlooked by conservatives. To emphasize this point you can simply do a Google search for the term "Jesus liberal"; of the top ten results, nine of them boldly proclaim Jesus as a Liberal. For the search term "Jesus conservative" of the top ten results, eight of them boast of how Jesus was a liberal. This begs the question, " is Jesus a clear cut Liberal because the most outspoken group claims he is, or is this issue simply more important to Liberals than it is to conservatives?

So whats the deal?

One thing is very clear from the things Jesus said in the bible; he did not have a political ideology and never will. Jesus plainly stated what was right and wrong and never put a political spin on the issue. Labeling Jesus either Conservative or liberal would be a waste of time at best but for for the sake of argument one can simply make a list of the Do's and Dont's that Jesus set forward as the way we should live. This list should be self evident about whose political ideology comes closer to fitting this list. Ive seen such lists proffered by liberal writers on this, but the best they can do is to throw out generalities and out of context verses as though liberals somehow have a monopoly on the virtues Jesus advocated and never partake in the vices/sins he condemns.

Is this compatable with Jesus?

There are many concepts that are generally accepted by most liberals that are completely incompatible with the teachings of Jesus; and the Bible as a whole. Here are just a few.

  • Your sexual preference is %100 fine no mater what your chose.
  • God should be completely ostracized from public life; especially when the government is involved.
  • Any way you chose to reach god is acceptable.
  • Believing that God does not exist is preferable.
  • The wealthy should have there wealth confiscated and given the the poor.
  • It is acceptable and sometimes preferable to kill children before the are born.

I realize that some of these generalizations do not fit every liberal and that some people would quibble over wording but these tenants are pretty standard for modern liberalism.

Irony Galore

The most Ironic thing about this whole debate is the fact that it heavily involves liberals "bashing" conservatives for claiming Jesus is on their side and then proceeding to list all the ways that Jesus is on the side of liberals. Take a look at the debate going on; How many conservatives are boldly claiming "Jesus is a conservative", i'm sure conservatives like that are out there, but i haven't seen any. Where are all the Conservatives saying Jesus is a conservative? Liberals not only say that Jesus endorsed some liberal viewpoints they straight out claim him as a full blown liberal! Who is then more presumptuous?

So is he liberal or concervative then?

The obvious answer to the question, "is Jesus a liberal or conservative" is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Jesus was very apolitical and dragging him into the political arena is silly. He certainly put forth many principals to live by which can be compared to one ideology or the other but the plain truth is that Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life" and no man-made ideology can every fully be compatible with his standards.

What do you think?

Are the teachings of Jesus more compatable with Liberalism or conservatism

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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      You are absolutely right. Asking if Jesus was a liberal or concervative is akin to asking was He a Sadducee, Pharasee or Scribe?


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