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Is Our Health Affected By Past Life Reincarnation?

Updated on April 5, 2017
Nell Rose profile image

Nell has been interested in reincarnation for many years. She is also studying genetic memory. Nell is a writer and author.

Past Life fear of fire reincarnation
Past Life fear of fire reincarnation

Do you believe...

that your health is being affected by a past life? Does reincarnation actually transfer your fears and phobias as well as physical illnesses from one life to another? If this is the case, how are we meant to eradicate the problem?

And more importantly how will we know that our last incarnation is actually the one thing that is causing all your mental or physical problems?

Most people who are suffering from phobias or mental illness will go to see a doctor, who will then prescribe medication and some sort of therapy.

But here's the thing. What if the problem is not just your lifetime? Can normal therapy actually help?

Here we take a look at the options to see how and why your are suffering these emotional traumas.

Let's take phobias....

Yes, let's take them. And throw them out of the window! There are some pretty strange phobias out there, some of them are so bizarre you literally couldn't make it up!

I have a friend who has a fear of buttons! Unlikely but true! I would imagine it was something to do with when they were small. Maybe they were helping mom with the button box and a beetle got in the way, the child picked it up and there you go. One big wacking phobia about buttons.

Another friend, yep not making it up! He hated cotton wool buds! You know those cotton wool pads they put inside medication bottles. He could never take a tablet for a headache purely because he couldn't get past the cotton wool! Not sure how that one started, but it could purely be the feeling of cotton wool. Its a bit scratchy and lets face it, it can definitely set your teeth on edge!

Past life memory drowning in waterfall
Past life memory drowning in waterfall

But what if?....

So you live in a city, never really see the countryside, and always go everywhere by car. But each night you dream of drowning in a pool beneath a waterfall. You have this dream many times in your life, and when you are awake the idea of going swimming sends a cold shiver down your spine.

What comes first? Is it the feeling of fear when you see water that manifests itself into a nightmare scenario when you sleep?

Or is it the other way round? Let's get down to basics here. Is this the way you died in your last life? Is that why you dream it over and over again?

And what if it is true? How are we going to stop that dream, and make you feel better about swimming?

Here's a thought. Maybe the dream is still with you for a reason. If you believe in Fate, or Karma, maybe this is the way for you to learn your mistakes.

You need to learn to swim! Let's face it, if you could swim in your last life, you wouldn't have drowned now would you? But, that's easy to say isn't it?

But what if you wake up in a sweat after dreaming that you are caught in a house fire?

How do we cure that fear?

woman sitting outdoors in nature
woman sitting outdoors in nature

Regression therapy or meditation?

First of all you can always book an appointment with a regression therapist. He or she will take you back to your past life through hypnosis where you can confront your fears and see why and how you were so frightened.

This may take a few sessions as you may find that you repel against that horrible memory. Hopefully after a few sessions you will be able to confront your fear and actually control the memories so that you understand why and what started them.

On the other hand meditation at home is a really good way to open up your mind and just let the memories flow. Choose a good meditation tape that will gently take you into a relaxed state of mind.

You should then start to concentrate on your phobias. Ask yourself out loud, 'Why am I so afraid of'? Then add the phobia. Say this out loud. Your mind will then start to process the question. Our minds are amazing little tools. The are constantly trying to figure out problems for us, so by speaking aloud you will start the process of remembering.

Of course a phobia could be something that happened in this life too. Either way, you should start to get those memories popping into your mind.

Einstein was a real follower of this method. He would take himself into the countryside and just let all his problems fade away. He would then allow his mind to wander around the Universe trying to find answers but not allowing his conscious mind to get in the way.

By the time he was back home he had virtually solved his problems. You can too.

Here's a few more ways to help remember and learn from those memories.

  1. Always take a notepad to bed with you, so when you wake you can scribble down your dreams and see what is relevant.
  2. After taking down those notes, try to put them in some sort of order, such as; Is it a reincarnation memory? Maybe a symbolic meaning? Or just plain rubbish churned up by the days events.
  3. Face your phobia, literally! Stare at it, whether in reality or on paper or screen. See what it feels like. Is it fear, awe or disgust? Ask yourself why.
  4. If its pain that you feel instead of a phobia, obviously get it checked out. I am going on the assumption that this has already been done and nothing has been found that is physical such as an injury.
  5. Once you realise that your pain is not caused by anything physical, try to remember if something happened when you were a child, or bring forth that reincarnation memory.
  6. This is the main object of your tests. And its going to take a lot of Imagination. Here goes. Imagine that you are within that dream of drowning in a lake or pool under the waterfall as I mentioned above. But this time, instead of running away from the feeling, try to 'write' the ending of the story in a different way. For example imagine that actually you are not drowning. You manage to swim to the surface and head for the bank of the pool. You then 'see' yourself laying in the sun with a smile on your face.
  7. If its pain you feel then imagine the pain going away. You never got shot with an arrow. You never fell of that cliff in your past life, and if you did, well, you recovered and healed well.

If you do these exercises over and over again, you will train your brain to understand that you needn't feel the pain or have that phobia. Your mind will believe the new memories, and they will soon be part of your subconscious mind.

Just remember, you are dreaming, feeling or remembering those past life memories for a reason! The reason is so that you can heal from them in this lifetime.

'If you're a really mean person you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”

— Kurt Cobain

The trouble with reincarnation

Is that however hard we try we can never really access all of the memories. Rather like a faulty TV set our memories come and go in small bites. I have had some real humdinger dreams, obviously most of them are either pure rubbish or wishful thinking. I mean who else would dream they were sitting talking to David Beckham? Yep, wishful thinking!

But some of my dreams have been disturbing and downright real, for example my article A Dream of Cavaliers Reincarnation Or Genetic Memory? Shows that sometimes our dreams are so much more.

I think the answer is that we have to open our minds. We are so brainwashed if you like, into believing what we are told by people who think they know all the answers.

The amazing thing is that science seems to be the way to go! They are always looking at new evidence of how atoms work, how our bodies carry energy which as many of us know never ever dies, so maybe one of these days they will find the answer to reincarnation too.

But as I said above, the trouble with reincarnation is that we have to trust our own judgement.

Is it a real reincarnation memory? How can we tell? And if it is what should we learn from it?

'For the first forty days, a child

is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys winding paths

a hundred small lessons

and then the past is erased'

— Michael Ondaatje
1920s love was this you in a past life or did your ancestors pass on their DNA memory?
1920s love was this you in a past life or did your ancestors pass on their DNA memory?

Memories and Adrenaline.

I always believed that memories were triggered by adrenaline. While researching this article I was surprised to see that scientists had already come to this conclusion. It makes sense. Think back to all your early memories. Which ones do you remember the most?

Its usually the good ones, but much more likely, the bad memories. So it makes sense to think that if you did live in a past life, and now you are reincarnated again, you are going to take those memories with you.

Genetic Memory.

Genetic memory is believed to be our race memory or ancestral memory. As babies we learn from our mothers, but many things are known automatically.

These days scientist believe that we can also remember certain things that our biological parents did in their lives. Its still pretty new, but it does make sense. If we have our mother's nose, or our father's temperament then why not certain memories?

Whether our phobias or freaky pains come from our past lives, or this life, sometimes we have to retrain our brains. And maybe that's the reason why we remember them. This time round we are here to learn, and this is part of the process.

© 2015 Nell Rose


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