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Did You Miss Your Boat? God Answering Prayers..- Remembering an old fable and how it stands true today....

Updated on July 20, 2014
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An Old Fable

Ever since I was a little girl my Dad has told me the story of the old man in a flood. This is how it was told to me.

Once a town was devastated by flooding waters. Families crawled to their rooftops waiting to be rescued. An old man who had clung to his faith sat on his roof and prayed. "Dear Lord, Please save me from this flood" After a while a boat came by loaded with rescuers and victims. "Come with us, we will take you to safety", they cried. The old man told them, "No Thank you, My Lord will Save me". Once more the same boat came by. "Please sir, let us save you". Again he turned them down. "My Lord will save me" he said. Hours went by and the old man looked around. All of the other families had been taken from their roofs to safety. "Where are you Lord?" He prayed. Just then a helicopter came and lowered a basket. "Please sir, get in the basket and let us take you to dry land" they yelled. "My Lord will save me" he told them and pushed the basket away. The next day the waters rose over the rooftops and the man was swept away and he drowned. When he got to Heaven he asked his Father, "Lord I prayed and prayed, why did you not save me?" The Lord replied, "Old man, I sent you two boats and a helicopter."


God works miracles everyday using people like you and me. He also works through the hands of professionals. Doctors, Counselors, Teachers, Firemen, Soldiers : to name a few.

I believe God uses us to do His work sometimes. He uses people as tools to answer prayers. This is why it is important to me to always offer to help someone in need. When you see someone whose car is broken down on the side of road, you could send up a little prayer for them. "Dear God, please help those people." God may just reply, "Are you going to turn your car around and help?" God sent YOU at that moment. Equipped with a running vehicle, maybe a few dollars cash they may need for gasoline, a cell phone.......

We think God is a magician. Though I believe He is powerful and CAN work miracles, I also believe we as humans don't always listen when he ask something of us. It's not enough to just pray for that family that lost everything in a fire. We pray for them, but what are DOING for them? I can imagine God's sitting up there, looking down at us and shaking his head. He's thinking, "Daughter, I've blessed your family with more than you require. This family is need of neccessities so why wouldn't you give up what you don't NEED for them?"

I'm challenging myself to start obeying God when he asked me to help. I'm not a doctor, a firemen, or anyone with skills, but I know I don't have to always be fully equipped to do some good in this world. I just have to be willing to help.

Do Something - Matthew West


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    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 5 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      thank you so much for the comment on my hub..God bless you

    • profile image

      Lem Wells 5 years ago

      I like to tell people "Prayer can move mountains, but you're going to have a looooonnggg wait if you don't get to digging."

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