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Is Religion Dying?

Updated on January 7, 2019

Religion today is a remedy for many people ; a support system for many whom the world has wronged. But the new wave of anti-theism which has engulfed the world today is probably threatening its existence.

Christopher Hitchens was probably one of the first to address the growing distance between religion and science. Is religion the root cause of all evils or is it just the human nature from which evil emanates? There is no doubt that humans are ruthless beings and when it comes to their self interests they tend to take all the steps necessary to make sure their interests don't get hurt. Evil is a necessity as Nietzsche puts it. Pure altruistism, characteristic of all religions, is just damaging to the society because it's not just against human nature but also removes the obstacles, the hurdles and the resistance humans need to thrive ; to aquire power. This is somewhat reflective of his famous doctrine 'Will to Power'.

If it's the human nature that's, by default, cruel and merciless why is religion standing in the line of slings and shots of modern thinkers. The reason perhaps is the fact that many hideous crimes today are being committed by people in the name of religion. The scriptures of all the Abrahamic religions are extremely malleable. Doesn't matter which religion one's talking about there is always an interpretation that one uses to justify one's vile acts.

Abandoning religion is not an option either as it wipes the sense of accountability, the belief in an afterlife is crucial to keep in check the desires of a vile mind. Without religion we fall into the deep pit of moral relativism which breeds a world full of chaos and turmoil ; a world nihilistic to its very core.

We all have a dark side to us, Carl Jung called it the shadow. Is it possible that the devastating acts of violence we see today are a mere reflection of that shadow? Is it possible that religion is being used as a tool to express our savage instincts? People blame the Taliban and not the AK-47s they are using. Is it possible that the 'intellectuals' today are leading us down a path of misery and self-deception? Logically explainable or not, religion still holds the fabric of a moral society and continues to provide a sense ; an illusion to billions of people in the world ; an illusion that makes them believe in a higher power ; an illusions that makes them believe in an after-life and hence accountability which in turn tames the beast inside them.

© 2019 Zain Ul Abidin


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    • Jessie L Watson profile image

      Jessie Watson 

      15 months ago from Wenatchee Washington

      Big topic.

      Religion holds a tight relationship to the evolution of the human psyche. It won't be eradicated anytime soon.

      Quasi-religious secular movements (WWI/WWII) have killed more people in the last hundred years than anything else we've seen in recent history.

      I actually feel like the tides are turning. More and more academics are coming out (even secular academics) and defending the validity of religion in certain contexts. I recommend watching the debate between Richard Dawkins and Bret Weinstein.

      Thanks for sharing


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