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Is Religion under attack?

Updated on February 5, 2012

Is religion under attack is a question which can be easily answered yes. The number of groups and sometimes individuals want to impose their beliefs or non-beliefs on others who do not agree with their perspective. I have no problem with individuals or groups disagreeing with my principles and/or beliefs but I do have a problem with someone or groups trying to impose their will on others who disagree with their perspective.

The latest attack on religion is associated with a statue of Jesus in a national park which has been there since 1953. The name of the group bringing this lawsuit does not matter it is the philosophy that it and others like it have. The display of Jesus was granted through a renewal of a park permit which takes place every ten years. The fact that it has been in place for decades did not seem to matter to individuals in this group. I agree there is a principle of separation of church and state which by the way is not written into the Constitution which many of these groups cite in their lawsuits as being violated. In this respect the lawsuit is not based on the Constitution or any law identifying the principle of separation of church and state.

Another point to make is the fact that a statue of Jesus is associated with Christianity but simply displaying such a statue is not an endorsement of Christianity. Another point to make involves our freedom of religion which is guaranteed in the Constitution and freedom of speech gives us the right to express our beliefs. To discuss the point further endorsing a specific religion requires an act by an individual, group or government identifying a specific religion to be the religion of choice. This has not occurred in this situation.

There have been a number of lawsuits in recent years involving the principle of separation of church and state and there will probably be more in the future. What these individuals, groups or organizations do not realize you are not going to change the beliefs and expressions of religious principles/beliefs by their actions. In our country you are free to express your opinion and free to express your religious beliefs but it does not mean others are required to agree with you and you are not required to agree with them. The organization from my understanding that was granted another renewal of their park permit was a Catholic entity.

I strongly believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion as identified in the Constitution. The problem in recent years has been the interpretation that has been applied to these principles. Everyone has the right to their opinion whether it is as an individual or part of an organization. In the case of the lawsuits against what they feel is an endorsement of religion our courts need to step up to the plate and end these attacks on the principles in the Constitution not just the 1st Amendment.

To make another point every citizen has rights granted to them under the Constitution and these rights need to be protected. This involves our freedom of expression, freedom of religion and other principles. When organizations impede or disrupt our freedom of expression or freedom of religion in particular they need to handed decisions through our judicial system. One example involves the actions of groups which whose purpose is to disrupt proceedings such as military funerals are wrong. It is putting forth the principle the wishes of friends and families at military funerals do not matter and is disrespectful to those who give their lives so that they may have the freedoms they enjoy.


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south


      thank you for your comments on my comments.

      I spoke not of atheists, so your rhetoric is wasted on me for the purpose of this article.

      Most atheists i know are peaceful, content, and have no interest in violence or wars as do the religions of the world.

      I am not, not have i ever been, and atheist, but i have never seen any history of atheists waging war on each other, or on any particular religious group for the sole purpose of controlling others.

      There is quite a difference between not belonging to any cult and abhorring modern day cults as evil entities. People seem to think that their religions are God. God is not a religion. Spirituality does not belong to any particular religion and most organized religions lack that trait sorely.

      Christianity should be under attack by all who have common sense, a sense of decency, and a heart filled with love and compassion for other people. Christianity, as well as other cults, must always be lumped into the same category, as they are all the same in their principles of control and hatred for all who do not follow their respective supernatural (superstitious) dogmas.

      Religions control others through fear; atheists and/or spiritualists have no need to control, spread intolerance, or have any fear of "wrathful or vengeful" entities. Spiritual people connect with the universal oneness with no need for a middle man, or subjugation.

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 5 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Well d.william, the people "committed to supernatural and fairytale beliefs because they are emotionally unstable adults who were emotionally abused and traumatized, as children" are mirrored by Militant Atheists who chose rejection rather than acceptance. Some become materialist skeptics, choosing "science2 as an alternative religion.

      If, as the original poster said, religion is under attack, and I think he only meant Christianity, then religion is largely to blame for its own problems. Churches have become big business and the Televangelists take in vast amounts each year in return for spouting nonsense.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Interesting article. And the above comments are exactly why it is imperative for the complete separation of church and state. I, for one do not want ANY superstitious representatives deciding what "moral" laws i must live under, or who try to mandate morality based on their personal fantasies.

      Yes, i believe in freedom of speech, but there are exceptions to every rule. One should not be allowed to falsely yell "fire" in a crowded theater, or interrupt private funeral services to protest against wars, or other ignorant "moral" issues.

      The government attempts to control the behaviors of certain groups of people that are 'hated' by religious groups and that is OK. But when anyone tries to point out just how destructive religious beliefs are to society as a whole they are censured.

      People can believe in anything they want to believe in as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on others.

      Religious zealots tend to be weak minded individuals who are not capable of thinking for themselves, who live in constant fear of their wrathful and vengeful gods, and who blame all their shortcomings on the devil instead of taking personal responsibility for their bad behaviors toward others that they have judged based on lies, fear, and lack of understanding of what is real and what is superstition.

      I feel sad for those who spend their whole lives committed to supernatural and fairytale beliefs because they are emotionally unstable adults who were emotionally abused and traumatized, as children, and had no choices regarding their indoctrination into the occult of any cult (or religion).

      The majority of evils in this world emanate from those 'religious' entities themselves, not another unseen force that fights the unseen forces supposedly behind those fairytale belief systems. It is madness, illogical, and should not be allowed to continue destroying our global society with such foolishness.

    • profile image

      The sheep of the shepherd 5 years ago

      “PEOPLE OF THE LAST DAYS” 2 Timothy chapter 3 ( vs ) 1-5 “ But know this, that in the LAST days critical times hard to deal with WILL be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, LOVERS OF MONEY, self- assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [ with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of god, having a form of godly devotion, but proving false to its power and from these turn away… Do you know anyone that falls in this category and does common sense tell you that these people will not inherit god’s kingdom or have any favor with god. If you know someone like that and if you hate it, then let them be them, and you be you. This bible verse that I have quoted is a prophecy and inevitable and there is nothing you can do about it. That is why god’s word says “ from these turn away “you need to focus on your relationship with Jehovah our true god first before you are able to have the knowledge and blessing to teach these people and before your able to have a chance to reason with these people to repent. I have noticed when talking about the Bible and spreading the good news of gods coming kingdom and sharing what I know with people they seem bored and not interested in god’s word and learning about him. Instead they change the subject, or they clearly show they are bored with the subject, the phone will ring, or a child will interfere causing a distraction… stuff like that. It breaks my heart knowing few people truly care about god by their actions considering the magnitude of people on earth. The Bible is about continuous improvement and to repent and to try not to make the same mistakes. Remember that you can’t fool god. And you can’t fool yourself. Only you and god know if you are truly living as right as possible and doing YOUR best… I want to emphasize on your best, because every ones best is different. You may be better at serving god than someone else, or someone else may be better than you. But only god has the right to judge the heart, because only he knows your best. So don’t let anyone discourage your growth and personal relationship with Jehovah God.

      Have you ever wondered what makes you happy? Is it the love of money? Is it hanging out with your friends? Is it drugs? Drinking? Sex with someone you’re not married to?, Porn? Is it entertainment? Is it causing drama? All those things are sins. The word of god says that sin is fun but very temporary. So if there is no future in any of those things then why do we continue to do them? They will be brought to an END very soon. The average person’s daily life… you wake up. Go to work. Work for 8 hours plus. Come home. Do what you need to do around the house. You want to be popular and noticed by people so you hop on face book because for some reason you give a $#@% about what everyone has to say or is doing! When really all you’re doing is telling Satan all about you and making his job easier, then your favorite show comes on like American Idol, “witch we all know how much god likes Idols” and then go to bed. We tend to repeat this 5 days a week. Then on the weekend we do fun things with family and friends. Then come Sunday instead of going to church we watch the game, drink and catch up on current events that we see on tv, radio, news and on the internet witch we now know is poison to our thinking and judgment. This is what the world does on a regular basis. Notice that not one time did we do anything for god. But yet when something bad happens we pray to god and ask for his help. That is like your kids only visiting you because he or she needs something. When that happens how do you feel? God created us in his image so the way you would feel about that is probably the way he would feel about it. The way it makes me feel is not important. And if you can count how many times we prayed to him… You’re not praying enough. Why do we wait for a crisis to pray to god or to ask god for his help? Or suddenly have the want to do right? Is it because we are selfish? If you don’t truly know god then how can you love him? What is god hoping that we do? What does god want us to do? Do you know? Well, I bet you have an idea! Based upon what? What you have been told? Has what you have been told come from a credible source. Has what you have been told come from your upbringing. from your parents? You surly trust your parent’s right? What if your parents thought that what they learned was true and passed it along to you? Could they have been misled by false religion, and simply did not know it? Who runs false religion? And why would someone in false religion want to mislead people? Are they secretly in bed with the governments of the world? Are the governments working with a secret society called the illuminati? Does the illuminati control music, movies, money, entertainment, media ,television the internet and men who have already failed claiming to be god or a prophet also known as (blaspheming)in false religion, all this to influence and brainwash your judgment, you’re thinking and to mislead you. Is this super rich and very powerful illuminati helping Satan with his agenda knowing he has a appointed time to devour every human to turn away from Jehovah God? If we want to live a life of righteousness and live right to the best of our ability to have our portion of the tree of life, then how do we know what is right and where can we get credible knowledge of doing right and having favor of god? The answer is shocking! It’s called the Bible! It’s the word of our god. The only way we have a possibility of true knowledge and information without getting tampered with is by reading the Bible yourself. The Bible is its own interpreter. Think about it?... When you are standing at the thrown and god asks you why you did not give his word the time of day? Do you think he is going to accept us saying to him ”Well god I was to stupid and I am not smart enough to understand it. It was too complicated for me. so I just did not read your word and will for me… sorry!” God did not wright his word for only the wise and educated people to read it. He wrote it for all of us to understand. He wrote it for all of us to teach it once we got the knowledge and lived it and believe it and repented from our sins and gives us the opportunity for forgiveness and to have faith that he is coming for those exercising faith in him. After you search for him and by doing that is by reading his word in the bible and we will find the more we read it the more he will bless us with the understanding of it. He will do that because he sees the effort and for that he will bless us with the understanding of his word. When we do finally decide to get off the fence and pick a side we want to be on get a Bible you can understand like the NIV or a translation of the Holy Scriptures. I recommend not reading the King James Version. King James was government and it was his version of the Bible and it has been tampered with. Ironically it is the most popular bible in the world. No wonder why people are confused and don’t want to read something they have a hard time understanding. It was written and spoken in a different tong of old English. Please note and have a sense of urgency that our God’s Grace (undeserved kindness) has a time limit. That time is almost up. The truth is there are only 2 sides. You’re on Gods side, or on Satan’s side. The middle is not a side. The middle is the time you have to choose. Freewill gives you that opportunity to choose. Nobody knows the day or time that the wrath of god will be unleashed on the world of sin. The son of Jehovah God Jesus Christ nor do the angels of the heavens know when the last day is, but only Jehovah god knows. So lets prove ourselves ready… What are we waiting for? Can you imagine one day we are going about our daily business at the mall shopping or at the park or work and all the sudden you hear an irie