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Is Revenge Considered Evil, or Just?

Updated on September 17, 2015

vengeance is more noble than what is preached

In today's society, there are many articles, blogs and questions on the concept of revenge and the ideas and reasonings behind it. Revenge these days is being touted as more of something that is unnecessary, and almost even morally wrong. Is revenge or vengeance an unjust, and immoral concept that really is done by those who are influenced in a evil or malicious way, or is it a concept that is about seeking rightful justice for a wrong or ill deed done to another person or creature?

Revenge is a very controversial topic. The dictionary's definition of revenge is "the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands." The definition of vengeance is "punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong"- which of course is just a synonym for revenge. The concept of revenge and vengeance really is about doing wrong or a punishment geared towards a person or action that was wrongly done on another person. The real concept of revenge is about exacting justice for something that was unjustly done to another person place or thing. These days, you find a lot of drama concerning vengeance and why this concept is so wrong, evil, pointless and even extremes as far as claiming that those who seek out vengeance are in fact committing evils or wrongs themselves, or doing exactly what the 'perpetrators' did in the first place. That would be accurate except, it isn't.

The perpetrators who did the ill deed in the first place, did so for no reason, and out of their own evil or spiteful notions which stem from their own actions or immoral deeds. They were not avenging a wrong done to them, seeking out justice, or doing anything noble- they were committing an evil or abuse, callously and without any logical or valid or moral reason. They were seeking to hurt harm abuse or do bad to another person place or thing. Committing an evil deed or action against another is purely an immoral act. It is an act of evil, hostility and malice and the damage it does is far greater than anyone can comprehend. Immoral acts of evil abuse and wrongdoing are done every single moment on this planet, creating a deep pattern of more dysfunction, evils hatred, wrong, abuse, damaged people, anger, hatred, and sociopathy. These evil and immoral actions breed more dysfunction and wrong in this world, to such degrees that there is no stopping or measuring the level of damage it does to society as a whole and to the morale of society and to the human soul. And yet, in most cases, many of these evil actions are done without a single bit of repercussion, justice or punishment.

Evil people are able and allowed to get away with their very wrong ill or immoral actions and deeds and leave a trail of damage and mess that even a lifetime of healing or help can't clean up. And yet, the very concept of wanting to stop, harm, punish or avenge their actions or deeds is touted by some as being wrong itself, or an evil act. How can stopping or wanting to punish those who do wrong or harmful things to others be considered an 'evil' act in itself? Truly, NOT stopping or wanting to get justice for a wrong done would be the far greater of the evils. Because you are allowing these evil deeds to not only occur, but go unpunished, with no repercussions and with no stopping it. You are only allowing more bad to occur and teaching those who commit these actions that they are free to do anything they want without any fear of repercussions or punishment, and worse, you are now punishing those who have been wronged hurt, damaged, abused or destroyed and only punishing those who are justifiably angry or seek revenge and stopping them from getting justice they deserve, and stopping evil. The goal in this society, should be to 'stop all evils in any way possible.'

We need to redefine vengeance and it's purpose

By claiming that vengeance is wrong, and seeking out punishment or justice for wrong done to a person is a bad or immoral act, you are halting the justice system altogether and allowing the abuser, criminal or perpetrator to get away with these actions. Jesus said to 'turn the other cheek' yes, however, many religious figures fought tooth and nail for their rights and freedoms, after being persecuted, abused, murdered and outcasted from their very communities and societies. They fought for their lives and for their religious beliefs, and for their families and followers. They didn't sit by as they were abused, persecuted, mistreated harassed- they took action. They had to take action. They had to fight wars to defend themselves and their lives and rights. Of course, it's not wise to go around wanting to hurt someone or seek out actions against them being of a wrong done, however, if a person does not get some form of justice against those who attacked or did wrong to them, then that person will go around doing it to others, and evil and immorality will prevail. That person will get away with their crimes and that will be one more triumph for the bad.

we need to fight against those who do wrong deeds, fight against wrongful actions, and fight against anything that is immoral wrong or evil or unjust done to another person. Whether we fight with our mouths, our hands, our souls, our words, we must fight to stop any form of evil abuse or wrongdoing on this planet- if we don't do this, we are no better than the very people committing these atrocities. There are always bystanders, who don't care. They allow any wrong to occur, and sit by and watch as if it doesn't matter. Humans were not created to be bystanders and not care about the immoralities of this society. We were created with a soul and with a conscience and the ability to discern between that which is right and wrong, moral and immoral- we possess these superior faculties so that we may teach one another to eliminate immoral actions in our society and on this planet, and promote kindness, caring and love, over evil abuse and wrong. to teach that vengeance is wrong or bad, is only promoting to allow those who commit atrocities to be able to get away with their crimes, herald no punishment or repercussions and be allowed to do these as they want, since no one will take action against them. The very people preaching that 'vengeance is wrong' are the very people committing these atrocities. Because they do not want their actions to come back to haunt them through any form of anger or karma. We need to redefine vengeance and it's purpose in our everyday lives. If we ignore the concept of vengeance as being justice, and attempt to thwart it in many cases, we're only halting the criticism and condemnation of evil actions and deeds and allowing the perpetrators to get away with the crime while focusing on those 'seeking vengeance' as being those who are in the wrong, when this is not the case at all. The focus of treating those seeking vengeance as evil or immoral, is only giving way for the actual perpetrators to get away with the wrongs or atrocities they committed and paving the way for an overall societal decline in the true concept of morality and justice. While vengeance may not be the overall solution for every situation that occurs, the stopping of it is only the unnecessary focus on the evils of it, when the real evils lie in the wrong or evil acts that were initially committed by the perpetrator.

Vengeance may not be the most noble act, but it is only masked by this word that is misconstrued and misunderstood. Vengeance is only the act of getting justice against a wrong done and usually inflicting punishment upon those who committing these acts, as a way of exacting justice, and creating it. Our society may not be in dire need of vengeance, but it is in need of the concept of justice and the promotion of the elimination of wrongdoing and evil actions, and stopping the bystander effect of those who stand by and take no action against serious and severe injustices or bad actions. We need more people to promote and preach how important it is to emphasize the importance of stopping any kind of bad actions or wrongdoing, not being a bystander, and not stopping those who want to get justice, but in a moral and just manner, not through any kind of violent or evil means. Vengeance is a very important part of this society and life, and rather than it being stopped, it needs to be redefined by what it truly represents, and that is the moral repercussions against those actions that were done immorally and through malicious and evil intent.


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