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Is The Devil Real - If so how can we find this being?

Updated on August 19, 2015

Who is the most evil? People with melanin or people with no melanin?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary “evil” is someone who is morally bad or someone that causes harm or injury to someone else.

“devil” - a person who does bad things or causes trouble usually in a way that is not too serious.

For some reason many of us are always pointing the finger and judging who is a devil and who is not. First, I would like to say that we need to take back our racism because it’s starting to get very old. We have to face the facts that there are as many nuts and crazies with melanin as there is without. So to divide into pigmentation groups is just not going to work anymore. Neither is putting the blame on certain religious members.

Heaven on Earth


How about the Jews?

Let's take the Jews for an example, they seem to be very well off and holding their own on this earth, and a good percentage of us do not like it. We tend to say, “The Jews did this and the Jews did that, they are the evil ones because they got the most money, etc.” Well, according to the Old Testament, the book of the Jews, there's no promise of heaven, no slice of some pie in the sky, none of that. So what does that tell them? That they need to get their hustle on a make heaven here on earth. This may be the reason why they seem to be more successful because they are not being trained from birth to want something for nothing. No retirement to a celestial place where you get to do nothing forever once you are physically dead. That type of thinking seems to breed lazy people.

“A person is being lazy if they are able to carry out some activity that they ought to carry out but is disinclined to do so because of the effort involved. Instead, they carry out the activity with a minimum of effort or engages in some other, less strenuous or less boring activity; or remains idle. In short, they are being lazy if their motivation to spare themselves effort trumps their motivation to do the right or expected thing.”

— According to Neel Burton, M.D., psychiatrist, philosopher, writer, and teacher in Oxford, England

So for us, that are a little less motivated than the Jews lets not point the figure at them and call them evil become they have more wealth and possibly may not be willing to share it. Now there might be individuals that claim to be Jews that make money in a shady way that harms the Earth and people but that judgement should be on the individual not the group as a whole.

“Let he who is without mistakes be the first to cast the first stone” Meaning that we need to check ourselves for mistakes, before we can check others or call them something that we just might be ourselves.

Derelicts are devils in disguise.

If this is true, let us get one thing straight. There are derelicts in every race and in every country and we shouldn't think only homeless (house-less)people are derelicts because a derelict is a person, place, or thing that's in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect, a person that is shamefully negligent in not having done what one should have done; a person without a home, job, or property.

Many of us are in poor conditions due to the fact that we have neglected ourselves. We've given ourselves up to many organizations that are doing the thinking for use. We are no longer using our full potential because we've become more exoteric in nature. When we decide not to become aware of ourselves, essentially we've lost our true home (self), true job (knowing self), and our true being or property. When we have lost ourselves it brings about confusion. We will no longer be able to use our OWN intuition to judge people, places, and things individually. We will only be able to rely on a dead system that has not been working for years. Or maybe it has been working, but not the way that we've been told it should work. Be aware………of the smoke screen.

Inner Peace


Is the devil real

Think about it, we are doing bad things to ourselves and causing trouble to our health. Could it be that we've become devils to ourselves? Evil to ourselves? If so, then we must re-ask the question; is the devil real?


Do you think the devil is human or non-human?

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    • profile image

      G Connors Lucas 2 years ago from El Paso, Texas

      Since the devil and his followers are fallen angels they are spiritual in nature and were created by God to accompany him in his kingdom of light. When Satan and his followers rebelled against God they were cast out of Heaven and sent to earth which at that time was created the kingdom of darkness.

      How do we know this for sure. Remember when the devil was tempting Jesus in the wilderness and he told Jesus he would give him all the kingdoms on earth if he would just bow down and worship him? You will notice here Jesus never disputed that statement because he knew Satan was the ruler of this earth and could do with these kingdoms whatever he pleased.

      That was the reason for the blood and the cross. Jesus came to earth in human form to redeem the earth back to God. Jesus was and always will be the last sacrifice that God will accept into heaven.

      Many people today do not believe in Satan and his dark angels and demons today. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just so you know, angels are a spirit with their own names and personalities and never die.

      If you do not believe they still exist just look at the headlines around the world today. Many who commit the mass shootings and murders you see today hide behind their lawyers claiming they are mentally ill but nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality they are without doubt possessed by demons because when you look at a demons personality traits they are demonstrated in human form by the people they possess.

      A third of Jesus' ministry was driving demons out of people. People today have become deceived thinking that Satan and demons really don't exist and that is by design. Well think again. They are alive and well and flourishing in our world today as people today are inviting demons along with their evil ways into their lives in ways you would never think of.