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Is The Name Of The Top Hat Man, Cane?

Updated on October 13, 2015
Creepy, scary dreams
Creepy, scary dreams | Source

The other night I had a really strange dream. It wasn’t the only one, as I am known in my family for having really weird and scary dreams, but this one was the most recent and it was one that I could find something online that might be related to my dream.

The Dream

I dreamt that I was in my room, on my bed, with the bedroom door opened and I could see the inside of my bathroom. The only difference was that instead of my door and bathroom to be on the left side of the bedroom wall, it was on the right side. That was the only difference.

I was standing on my bed watching the bathroom mirror, which I can see from my bedroom when both doors are open, and I was seeing two young girls that in my mind I was saying they are me and my sister. We were talking about something, then exchanging something and then I don't know if we were fighting or what was going on. The girl who I was thinking was me, was around 10 years old, and of course my sister was five years older (around 15), the same age difference we have in real life. The background was something bright, maybe a blue sky, maybe a green grass, I can't remember exactly.

I was really surprised to see those girls in the mirror. I couldn't understand how this is possible. Suddenly I had a young man in front of me and two or three other people, I can't really remember who those were, and the young man kept changing into an older man with a belly and bold head. This change was going back and forth. When he was young he looked like a local singer we have in my country.

My sister passed by me and I asked her amazed if she saw the two people in the bathroom mirror, and how is that possible? She didn't say anything, or if she did I don't remember.

The conversation I had with the man got at some point, I don't know how, from talking about what I was seeing in the mirror at talking about a man who knows everything about everything and everyone. Everything that was, is and will be. And, at some point he asks me: “what do you think inspired Buffy (we were referring to the Vampire Slayer TV show)? The man who knows it all”. This is when the man leaned over and I felt like I could see the man he was talking about. The man was dark, with either red eyes, either really dark, scary eyes which you couldn't really see, but you could feel them, and they were inspiring terror.

Then, the man in front of me told me the name of this man who knows everything was Cane. I didn't think I got it right so I repeated what he said and he told me again the name: Cane. He pronounced the name with an English accent.

A feeling of terror and frighten came over me and it was like I knew that if we kept talking about him, he will appear, and this is when I woke up. I was still having that feeling, so I did everything I could to stay awake, thinking that if I will go back to sleep I will continue the dream and the next thing would have been to see that dark man.

I looked over the Internet “Cane, the man who knows it all”, and I came across some interesting and spooky things. Someone was saying how abnormal it is for someone to dream itself in the exact place they are actually dreaming, which happened to me. People usually dream of themselves in familiar places, but never in the place they are actually sleeping.

Than I came across various websites and blogs that were talking about the visit of a Top Hat Man, or a Shadow Man, which was dark and creepy and seemed to appear all over the world to people who had no connection to one another. Sometimes it linger on longer, sometimes was a very short visit, sometimes it talked and other times was just standing there. It seemed to appear to different members of the same family, but especially when the members were in their childhood years.

Do you think that maybe in my dream I was told the name of this man? Could his name be Cane? This is so creepy, and I did have scary dreams in the past, but this one confused me for longer than the other ones. Not even the next night (which was last night), I couldn't walk through my house without being a bit scared I might see this man, after the corner, behind the curtains, once I open my eyes after washing my face, and so on. I had this strange feeling that he might appear and it was really frightening me.

Other Scary Appearances And Dreams

As I said, I am no stranger of scary, to say the least. Ever since I was a child I had all these dreams about bad people following me, trying to catch me, and most of the time I was thinking the one following me, was really the one whose name we should not mention, or his henchmen. In one dream he told me that no matter how much I run from him, he will still have me eventually. That was unbelievably frightening and it stayed with me years later (around 20 years).

A member of my family went to a temple with a picture of mine to understand why I was having these dreams and the monk there said that my soul is pure and this is why I am being followed by the dark man (this is what really happened – I am not showing off or inventing to make things interesting).

Besides these dreams I also had strange encounters to call them like that. I saw my dead godfather while I was going to his grave days after he died. I looked at him and he smiled at me, and I was so happy to see him. As I turned around to tell my mother he is there and why are we going to his grave if he is still here with us, he disappeared.

Once I was in my room, with light out looking at my PC's screen while next to my bureau appeared a family: a woman, a man and a young boy. You can imagine I stopped breathing and jumped to turn on the light and they disappeared.

Another time I was in my parents' house (I don't remember if I was just visiting them after I moved, or if I still lived there), in the kitchen with my mother, talking, and the kitchen door was open. Through the hallway that was passing in front of the kitchen a girl or woman (I couldn't see her face) passed. She was wearing a long, white, night gown and had long dark hair. That was so scary you can't even imagine, unless you have experienced something similar.

I told my mother what I saw, I was the only one who saw her because I was facing the door. We both went through all the rooms, until the very last one because my mother was trying to convince me there is no one there expect us, and I was trying to convince her we will find that girl/woman.

What do you make of the dream with the name Cane? What do you think it might mean? Do you think that maybe it has nothing to do with the top hat man and I just dreamt of this person because I have to find him? Maybe he is the answer to my questions? I don't know any Cane, and where I live we don't have these type of names. We have some English names, but some more easily to pronounce like: David, Rebecca, and others like that.


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