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Is Witchcraft Dangerous? Is it Safe to Practice Magick?

Updated on December 9, 2015
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Jo is an eclectic witch with a degree in Psychology and an obsession with novena candles. She primarily practices hoodoo and angel magick.

With great power comes a 300k-page safety manual.
With great power comes a 300k-page safety manual. | Source
Caution: Objects in mirror may be more magickal than they appear.
Caution: Objects in mirror may be more magickal than they appear. | Source

Will Anything Bad Happen If I Practice Witchcraft?!

Witchcraft is to magick what the scientific method is to nature. When we use the craft, we are not manifesting wholly new truths. we are simply uncovering and manipulating the forces and realities that are already there. To use "dangerous witchcraft" is to tap into the depthless reservoir of knowledge and truth and power that is just waiting underneath the paper-thin surface of perceived reality.

One of the most common concerns of the uninitiated is, "But isn't magick dangerous?" My answer, simply and honestly, is yes. Magick is undeniably and unimaginably dangerous. However, so is the ocean. So are the caves beneath the surface of the earth we know and traverse daily. So is the magma beneath the earth's crust. Magick is dangerous because magick is in the earth, in nature, and nature is the most cataclysmically dangerous force in the universe.

"I can haz equivalent exchange?"
"I can haz equivalent exchange?" | Source

How Witchcraft Really Works

The problem of understanding that makes people associate magick with only dangerous witchcraft is that they are accurately assessing the dangerous forces we work with whenever we do our rituals, incantations, and spells. Unfortunately, they mistakenly perceive the danger to lie within those rituals, incantations and spells, rather than within the very forces of nature we use them to call upon.

Consider for a moment the skydiver. He jumps out of planes on a daily basis, sometimes taking adventurous and unsuspecting tourists along with him for the ride. If all goes according to plan, his expertise and muscle memory gained from repeating the jump so many hundreds of time will serve him as well as his parachute. When the skydiver lands unharmed on the ground, we're all impressed. we have an innate understanding of the forces of nature he's overcome to complete such a task.

Now, consider the witch, the magician. If you've ever practiced "positive thinking" only to find the very blessings you instilled so much of your hope and imagination in manifest before you, you've practiced magick. Magick is the use of correspondences and objects imbued with certain energies to channel your intentions into the universe. The only way the universe can give you what you want is if it knows what you want, right? The most dangerous witchcraft is human desire.

Magick Is All Around Us

The underlying logic behind the belief that magick is dangerous is that using any force to get what you want is in and of itself a dangerous thing. Think about that for a moment, and consider whether magick is really any more dangerous than the spoken word. Surely, you have the ability to put your intentions out there with your voice. You can tell people what you think, even when the words you choose hurt them deeply. You can demand something you have no right to, but you are the one responsible for the consequences. We project our intentions onto others in the mundane world every day. Magick is simply doing the same thing with energy. Most of those who use magick do so with far more consideration and understanding of the potential consequences than most people ever show before speaking or acting in their daily lives.

Energy already exists. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your every thought and action results in some form of energy exchange. Isn't it safer to understand that cosmic currency and the rules behind its exchange than to wield it blindly? Knowledge is power, and a proper understanding of magick can be both empowering and sobering. One thing is for certain, and that is that practicing magick will give you a deepened appreciation of cause and effect in the universe and in your daily life.


Consequences and Conjurings

The simple answer to the age-old question is yes, dangerous witchcraft and magick exists. Like a sword or a pen, magick is as dangerous as the mind and hand that wields it. If you are a good person at heart and you project good, positive intentions out into the universe, you will better the world. If you are a good person and you speak kindness, you will do the same. Likewise, if you are a malicious person with no regard for the feelings or autonomy as others, you will do as much harm with your words as you will with a spell or a magic wand.

Witchy Protection

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    • profile image

      Fat Albert 19 months ago

      The thing with magick is that you really can't control what happens. And if, just for argument sake , if the Bible is accurate, magick is something that could only be safely practiced by beings who aren't "fallen" ( effected by sin and the resulting imperfections that sin causes ). In a way, messing with magick could be like trying to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. You may have considerable problems controlling what happens. If you do not know EXACTLY what you're doing, .... !!!...

    • profile image

      Gadfly 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

      Greetings my little Darklings

      The best advice ever given me was 'Do not try to contact the dearly departed, they will contact you if the need arises!

      sweet dreams


    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      Think of 'only good things happening to me' and stay in this universe.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      Time to mention one of the most powerful practicioners of the 'craft' that i've ever met. Olga Dorne Sambell inherited clairvoyant powers through the matralineal line going back for generations. A poetess and accomplished illustrator this Wiccan High Priestess keeps a horde of cats among them her witches familiar Calpurnia. Psychic self-defence being the main form of protection she also holds the black belt in karate as back up.

    • profile image

      Gadfly 3 years ago from Olde London Towne

      Greetings my littl Darklings!

      For me the initiation into 'the craft' stared at an early age. I was constatantly given sound thrashings by my farther for perceived misbehavior. As i grew into adolecence these thrashing became even more frequent as i graduated from the paddle to the belt and eventually a length of rubber hose with several stingers attached. Now the thrashings became floggings. He seemed to be out of control absolutely in a crazed mind. t the time that the floggings ceased i actuqlly missed them. They were some sort of ceremonial ritual.

    • profile image

      Gadfly 3 years ago from Olde London Towne

      'Karma is the key'

    • modernalchemyst profile image

      Josephine 3 years ago from New England

      Protection for pagans and/or witches against everything from physical harm and burglary to spiritual warfare. :) The video covers mostly Asatruar methods of spiritual protection.

    • Disappearinghead profile image

      Disappearinghead 3 years ago from Wales, UK

      Watched the video...well fast forwarded much of it. But protection from what?