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Is history a myth?

Updated on November 13, 2012

Sri Krishna holding the hill with his little finger!

Archeology, epics and artefacts!

If we consider any part of the world or any time in history, was there happiness or peace in the minds of people anywhere? This is an important and vital question as far as philosophy is concerned. Historians the world over may attribute many reasons for the vanishing of many kingdoms or many settlements from the face of the earth. Nomadic people always wandered in search of grass lands, river beds and other friendly environment to live. When the area of grazing for the cattle dwindled, they had to perforce migrate to some other greener pastures. There is lot of discussions and research going on about the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. Whether those settlements were destroyed due to nature’s fury or by some enemies who plundered those places in the name of conquest is still not clear.

One thing which is very evident is no civilization persisted on the face of earth forever. As those Kingdoms rose from oblivion, it also vanished after a period, leaving only some archeological evidence in the form of artifacts. We witness the huge Pyramids in Egypt and other places which survived nature’s fury due to the gigantic size and geometrical shape. Also, there are some remains of Roman Empire. What happened to the Emperors and Rulers? Why there is none to continue the reign? Likewise, the Kingdoms mentioned in the great epics Ramayana and Mahabarath, remain in name sake like Ayodhya and Dwaraka!

At least we can say that Rama belonged to Treta Yuga, the second in the order of the Yugas. As per the calculations, it may be before some Lakhs of years before Dwapara Yuga and the present Kaliyuga. So, it is natural that we don’t find any remnants of History. Due to many natural calamities, cyclones, floods, many cities and towns the world over got submerged easily! Since nothing is there to vouchsafe its existence earlier, we cannot simply ignore them stating they are myth. Even in recent history, we believe about Jesus Christ since many of the places mentioned in the Bible are seen on earth. It is said that people have preserved the place where Jesus was crucified. Jerusalem and Bethlehem and other important places connected with the life of Jesus are pilgrim center to many ardent Christians as well as historians who love to study places of importance and corroborate them with written records. But mystery still surrounds about the Tomb where the body of Jesus was entombed first. Likewise, there is a gap of few years in the life of Jesus which is left to the imaginations of many. Some say that Jesus has travelled to India, Kashmir and Nepal and he has studied in some monastery. Even there is a record of one named “Isa” who studied in these places. These are all interesting to philosophers as well along with historians.

Several people claim that Krishna’s existence is a myth. The epic Mahabarath is at best a great story etc. But there are places like Mathura and Brindavan, the river Yamuna which are connected to Krishna’s life. Historians say that Kurukshethra where the great Mahabarath war was fought is in Haryana in India. Likewise marine archeologists are having some proof of artifact in the Ocean bed of Gujarat in Saurashtra region. They have taken photos of the same and published some papers regarding the existence of Dwaraka where Krishna resided during the last part of his life. Ayodhya and river Sarayu, and Dandakaranya forests, Srilanka where the final war was fought between Sri Rama and Ravana are there. Even the stone bridge between southern parts of India to Srilanka is seen in the satellite pictures.

We can deduce some facts here. None survived time, however mighty they were. None enjoyed long life of happiness alone in this world. Everything alternates in succession as the monsoon changes. We cannot outright condemn or judge things because there is no visual proof.


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